Your Search for The Best Cleaning & Floorcare Tools Ends at Eros Hire

Tools & equipment hire is a great way to get many of your work done easily and within budget. Thanks to the professional tool hire agencies in Aylesbury that offers the latest tools on a rental basis. People can now avail of a variety of tools from such a tool to hire companiesto finish their DIY projects successfully.

Whether you require tools for personal use or commercial use, you can obtain rental tools to get the job done efficiently. Or example, if you need cleaning & floorcare tools, you can hire them from a reputed agency such as Eros Hire at great pricing and return the same after you finish the job and pay a nominal price for the time you use the tools at your location.

Here Is What Eros Hire Offers under the Category of Cleaning & Floorcare Tools

  • Dust Extraction System

The dust extraction system is very important to keep the interiors of a building dust-free. An efficient dust extraction system helps in maintaining a healthy and germs-free environment.

  • Vonarx Floor Planer

This electric scaler is a very useful tool foreffectively marking and getting your floor planning work done easily and conveniently.

  • Diamond Floor Grinder 10″

This tool comes with a diamond grinding disc of 10″ 110V. You can hire this tool @ £30 per mm (min 1mm) chargeable.

  • Floor Scrubber / Drier

This floor scrubber offers a very high degree of efficiency during use. This is a heavy duty machine having a built inwet pick up vacuum in it. Using this machine is easy and can be done by anyone with no prior experience.

  • Floor Tile Stripper

This electric floor tile stripper comes with an adjustable blade angle and can be used to lift lino or carpet floor tiles easily without putting in much of an effort.

  • Floor Machine 16 Inch

This machine can be used as a scrubber as well as a polisher. It is suitable for pads for sale. You can also use this tool as a scarifier by using wire brushes and remove grease from hardcore surfaces easily.

  • Carpet Stretcher

This carpet stretches comes very handy and can be used by anyone to get their work done effectively. 

Why Partner with Eros Hire?

Eros Hire is a reputed tool hire agency based out of the Aylesbury area. You can avail of a variety of tools & equipment at an affordable rate. You can also hire all the above-mentioned cleaning & floorcare tools at great pricing.
The best part about associating with Eros Hire is that you will get all the latest tools and equipment which will offer the best of efficiency in each category. Also, if a machine breaks down during operations, you will get a replacement for that. So, if you are looking for any kind of tools & equipment, contact the representatives of Eros Hire now and book your dates for the latest tools available in the market.