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Working in Heights Gets Easier With Access Tower Hire in Scotland

Tue, 12 Mar 2019

An access tower is used for a free-standing, stable working platform up to a maximum height of around 10-12m.The light alloy components they are made of can be self-assembled, portable, providing a relatively convenient option when prolonged periods of work at height are required. With access tower hire in Scotland accessibility to heights of a construction site, mobile tower, camera, light settings in a film set have become a lot easier than before.

How to Construct the Tower?

The tower needs to be dismantled and erected in accordance with the supplier’s instructions with all the pieces available. Improvisation can be dangerous. The tower should be placed on a firm and level ground; where it’s not possible, footplates, chocks,and spread boards can come into rescue in order to keep the tower vertical. The necessity of head protection is high for those building the tower or working underneath. The tower requires to be thoroughly inspected prior to use to ensure it meets the supplier’s safety instructions and regular inspection is of utmost importance to ensure this remains true.

The Risks Attached To an Access Tower

How to Use the Tower with Safety

Ensure the positioning of the tower is away from the pedestrian, vehicle routes or any overhead power lines to avoid mishaps. When in use, lock any castors to prevent its movement. You need to identify the safe means of access to the top, maybe via internal ladder or re-closing trapdoors, if required talk to your safety adviser. Raising and lowering the equipment should be done using an external rope and pulley system. Make sure not to stand on anything to gain extra height when working at the platform level. Lastly, maintain an exclusion zone around the base by fencing or boarding and if left unattended, take steps to prevent unauthorized access by removing the ladder, adding netting et cetera.

Ensure your tower is sourced from a reputable supplier like Eros Hire in the UK, who are able to confirm the tower is in serviceable condition, meets all the safety standards, provide a clear set of instructions for its construction and use. Access tower hire in Scotland has become easier with this agency as they can also provide you fit and confident workers to erect your tower or build the structure through the trap access if you yourself are unable to do it. To know more visit their website right away.

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