Why opt For Welding Equipment Hire

Welding equipment is used to join two or more metals such as steel, aluminium, brass, thermoplastics, etc. by fusing them with the application of very high heat and pressure. The welding process is used in many industries and workshops for forming tough joints between two or more metal parts. The welding process is different from brazing and soldering as these two processes use low temperature during the metal joining process.

In a typical welding process, the metals are melted with the application of heat, which forms a joint when cooled. Also, a filler material is added to form a pool of molten material and form the joint after it cools down. The process also involves the use of a shield to protect the filler material from being oxidised or contaminated.

If you are running a workshop where you require different types of welding equipment, you can opt for welding equipment hire from a reputed tool hire agency and go on about the forming tough metal joints.

The Process of Welding Can Be Subdivided into Four Categories:

l  Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG)

l  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG)

l  Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

l  Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

Types of Heat Used for Welding & Necessary Precautionary Measures to Reduce Damages

Welded joints are made by using heat from different heat sources such as electric arc, gas flame, laser beam, electron beam, ultrasound, and friction. A welding process is carried out in different environments such as open air, under water, or even in outer space. And, necessary precautions should be taken to eliminate chances of damages such as electric shock, burns, vision damage, Ultra violet radiation exposure, inhalation of poisonous fumes and gas which forms during the process.

Where to Go for welding Equipment Hire

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Options in Welding Equipment Hire by Eros Hire


This MIG Welder Gas 250 amp is the most preferred tool for the ease of handling and efficiency it offers. Going for this MIG welding equipment ire will help you to get the required efficiency easily.


Portable petrol engine welder generator. This equipment comes with welding leads &a mask as a safety and precautionary measure for the welder.


This portable welder comes with leads & mask, as shielding equipment for the welder so that they can save themselves from damages during the process. You will get welds sheets, sections& plates up to 6mm.

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