Mini Max Tower – Single Width

The Minimax Tower is a versatile, lightweight system capable of providing an easy solution to working at heights. Available for hire in several sizes and quick to assemble, the minimax is an excellent option for working at height both internally and externally. See below for a list of available options.

Base Pack0.6 m0.9m 1.7 m2.7m3.7m4.8m5.8m
Platform Height0.6 m0.87 m1.65 m2.70 m3.70 m4.80 m5.80 m
Platform Width0.60 m0.60 m0.60 m0.60 m0.60 m0.60 m0.60 m
Platform Length1.89 m 1.89 m1.89 m1.89 m1.89 m1.89 m1.89 m
Safe Working Height2.6 m2.87 m3.65 m5.7 m6.7 m6.8 m7.8 m
PriceFirst Day£64.00£64.00£64.00£64.00£64.00£78.00£84.00
PriceAdd. Days£25.60£25.60£25.60£25.60£25.60£31.20£33.60
Price1 Week£128.00128.00£128.00£128.00£128.00£156.00£168.00

·         Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

·         Fits through standard doorways & corridors

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