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Scissor Lifts Hire

With years of knowledge and experience in providing the best equipment for various applications, we guarantee to provide the best equipment for hire at the best rates. At Eros Hire we also take pride in offering our customers with the most extensive variety of scissor lifts that are ideal for high reach work under any condition. We provide the latest and well maintained scissor lifts to ensure fast and efficient accomplishment of the projects.

Get the Best Scissor Lifts at the Most Affordable rates

At Eros Hire, you will find both electric and rough terrain scissor lifts. The first type is generally used for indoor applications, whereas the second type is mostly used for outdoor applications where the terrain is uneven or unstable.
When it comes to scissor lifts it is essential that you hire the right machine according to your specific needs. We ensure that the scissor lifts provided by us are safe enough and most appropriate for your working environment. Scissor lifts available at Eros Hire are designed to reach varying heights to enable you to reach any desired height. The electric scissor lifts are characterised by quite drive along with platform extension, non-marking tyres,
narrow aisle capability and varying working heights. Whereas the rough terrain scissor lifts have four wheel drive with positive traction that ensures you can move smoothly on uneven ground safely and efficiently.
So get access to hassle-free scissor lift rental of your choice at Eros Hire. To hire the best scissor lifts for your work, get in touch with us today!