Powered Access Hire

We are an established high quality tools and equipment rental provider located in Buckinghamshire. We offer the widest range of safe, modern and cost-effective powered access machines to help professionals work efficiently at the desired height. The powered access tools offered by Eros Hire are extremely well maintained, so you can be assured of safety and accomplish your work without delays.

UK`s Leading Powered Access Tool Hire Company

Being UK’s leading provider of various powered access equipment rental services, we help our clients choose the best equipment for their projects. Our team of professionals will discuss your requirements and advice on the best suited powered access machines based on your individual needs. We also ensure you have the most efficient and reliable machines without the possibility of malfunction or breakdown.
The major types of powered access machines offered by Eros Hire include:

  • Scissor lifts
  • Boom lifts (cherry pickers)
  • Vertical Mast lifts

We offer the latest and most advanced powered access machines to ensure your work gets done quickly. So whether you are changing the light bulb or installing something, we can help you get there. Apart from top notch powered access machines, we also offer a range of accessories that include safety harness, wheel covers, etc.

Take Advantage of Best Customer Services

We have a team of experts with a vast knowledge and expertise of wide range of industries, so we ensure that you receive the best suited machinery for your work. Our dedicated customer service team will advice you on the best powered access machines so as to help you improve your productivity.