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Drills Hire

Eros Hire offers access to the largest inventory of drilling tools and equipment that ensure compliance with operational and regulatory specifications. Eros Hire also works towards eliminating the storage and maintenance costs and hassles.

Our range of drilling tools and equipment can be used for a wide range of applications. Tools and equipment offered by us use the latest technologies and mechanisms that ensure least effort and maximum efficiency, along with enhanced safety factor.

Get Quick Results – Hire Drilling Machines from Eros Hire
Eros Hire ensures reduced cost of ownership and maintenance, while delivering solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We also offer specialist support to help you reduce the risk factors and improve performance. Our team has hands-on experience in using drilling machinery, so we can offer you on-site training as well as efficient breakdown service, to ensure minimum delay.

Eros Hire is a leading tool and equipment hire company in UK that is well known for its superior customer service. Having access to the right drilling equipment is the key to success for any project. So choose from our range of drilling machines that include SDS Max Rotary hammer, SDS Hammer drill, cordless hammer screwdriver, magnetic broaching drill and many more.

All drilling machines are serviced and checked before they leave the workstation to ensure the machine does not breakdown while you are working. No matter what kinds of assistance you require, we will be there for you.
To know more about the drilling equipment hire, give us a call today!