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Breaking & Drilling Hire

Whether you are looking for breaking and drilling equipment on hire for heavy works such as construction and demotion or light domestic works, you will find everything at Eros Hire, the leader in tools and equipment hire in UK. Breaking and drilling equipment offered by Eros Hire are well suited for DIY as well as professional projects.

Top Quality Breaking and Drilling Equipment

Get access to a wide range of electric and petrol powered breaking machines that can be used on a wide range of surfaces. We offer lightweight breaking machines for light breaking jobs, medium weight machines for wall demolition and heavy weight breaking tools for heavy works such as breaking concrete floors.

We also offer a large range of drilling machines that include diamond core drills, etc. You can also choose from corded or cordless machines, whichever suits your work the best. If you have no idea about which breaking or drilling machine is ideal for you, our team of experts will help you select the right one based on your specific requirements.

We make sure that the tools and equipment make your job easier and help you complete it quickly and efficiently. All breaking and drilling equipment offer highest efficiency and performance, so that you have to out in less effort to get the work done. With Eros Hire you can save both time and energy.

Get access to breaking and drilling machines from the leading brands. Give us a call to check out our fleet today!