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Tips to Prepare the Yard for Winter

Fri, 16 Sep 2016

As the temperature start to fall outside, it is time to prepare the yard for winter. In order to maintain the yard, and help winter plants grow, there are some things that you consider doing.  Fertilisation, raking, pruning, mulching and cleaning are some of the common tasks that every homeowner must perform to allow the yard to thrive during the winter season.

You can hire a landscaping professional to get the chores done, but there is another cost effective way of getting it done – ‘Do-It-Yourself’. Taking care of your own yard will give you a sense of pride and will also help you save a significant amount of money. But not all tasks are as easy as picking up the leaves from the yard; you might require some specific gardening tools and equipment to accomplish the tasks smoothly and efficiently. But there’s nothing much to worry about, you can rent the tools from a local tools and equipment rental shop. The staffs at the rental will also help you choose the right tools and operate them safely.

In order to help you prepare the yard for winter, here are a few quick tips:

Keep the Yard Clean

As winter approaches, the leaves start to fall making the yard look cluttered. In order to keep your yard clean and tidy, you can mow over them and turn them into nutrients for the yard. You can rent a lawn mower at an affordable rate from any local tools and equipment rental shop. But if there are too many leaves, raking would be a better option. People often spend an entire day raking leaves and then disposing them; to make things easier, you can rent a leaf vacuum or blower.

Prune the Trees and Shrubs

Pruning trees is important so that they can grow well as spring arrives. But pruning can often be difficult since trees grow in odd areas and reaching the high branches can be difficult. A wide range of pruning tools are available, so you can choose one according to your specific needs. However, buying a chainsaw can be quite expensive; so consider renting one instead. If you are unaware of how the chainsaws work or how to operate it, you can ask for a demonstration from the rental staffs. They will help you learn how to operate the tools safely.

In case you have to remove a tree altogether, it is best to hire professionals since a lot more risks are involves. You can injure yourself or damage your property if you can’t fell the tree properly. But you can surely take care of all the other aspects of preparing the yard for winter.

With so many tools available, it might sometimes become overwhelming to choose the right one. So take help from the professionals, since a low grade tool will take longer to get the work done; whereas a high power tool (than what is required) might pose various risks. So work with the right tools and equipment rental agency and prepare the yard for winter without hassles.     

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