Hire Desk – Assistant

Working for an independent Plant & Tool Hire company, we are looking for an enthusiastic  individual to join our Team at the High Wycombe site. You will be working as the Hire Desk Assistant, reporting to the Hire Desk Manager..  You will work on the Trade Counter and provide equipment from the warehouse ready for […]

All You Need to Know About Powered Access Equipment

Boom Lifts, cherry pickers and boom lifts are work platforms that provide elevation. They can be used to elevate tools, supplies and even workers to complete installation and maintenance tasks. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two if you have come across them but have not used such platforms before. However, below, we […]

Cherry Pickers

The cherry picker was initially designed to help farmers harvest fruits from tall trees. Later, engineers and designers worked on the cherry picker to make the latest versions that can access tall buildings. A cherry picker refers to an aerial work system with a bucket and a hydraulic lifting system that sustains it. The cherry […]

Scissor Lifts

What are scissor lifts? Scissor lifts are machines that move people and devices in a vertical direction. Instead of doing expensive scaffolds and ladders, scissor lifts help personnel performs different tasks at different heights. In addition, the lifts are safe and save time since they are easy to install and dismantle. How do they work? […]

Why Hiring a Generator is Better Than Purchasing

Do you feel the requirement for a generator? Is it a standby or a prime power option? Should you buy a diesel generator? Or maybe hiring one will resolve the issue? Are you still confused regarding whether you hire a generator or purchase it by making a huge investment? Thus, here we come for your […]

Tips to Follow When Opting for Lightning Solutions Hire

Are you one of those who is massively bored with the dry decoration of the outdoor locations of your home? Do you have the idea of giving your yard a dazzling and charming appearance? In this case, installing festive lights by opting for lightning solutions hire can be one of the best options you can […]

Boards, Trestles & Steps Hire: Here is How to Choose & Use Them

Working at a height is one of the dangerous tasks and should be performed with great caution. Thus, for those who work at a height, it is crucial to know various kinds of tools and equipment that they can use. You can opt for boards, trestles and steps hire for performing such tasks as they […]

Beginners Guide for Gardening & Landscaping Tools Hire

It is generally simple to go overboard when opting for gardening & landscaping tools hire for beginners. While they can take a great lot of space as well as cost a lot, but remain concentrated on the basics can keep your storage or shed space from getting overcrowded, even though the gardening & landscaping tools […]

Why opt For Welding Equipment Hire

Welding equipment is used to join two or more metals such as steel, aluminium, brass, thermoplastics, etc. by fusing them with the application of very high heat and pressure. The welding process is used in many industries and workshops for forming tough joints between two or more metal parts. The welding process is different from […]

Access Tower Hire and the Benefits Associated with It

An access tower is a useful piece of equipment used at homes to reach a height, which was inaccessible earlier and fix issues at that height. This is a modern replacement of the traditional form of a tower which comes with a platform where you can stand and work without the fear of falling. Using […]

Why Should You opt For Gardening & Landscaping Tool Hire

Gardening is one of the best hobbies one can have. The lush green bed of plants along with all kinds of colourful plants provide you with a soothing eye experience and assist in lowering the environmental temperature. While those who are busy with their work might not get sufficient time to endow to gardening, it […]

Benefits of Pump Hire Services for Your Construction Project

Construction projects in the UK have long been committed towards the development of techniques and tools, constant innovation for simplifying the procedure of construction, and get accuracy in work as well as quality. Pump Hire Services draws in all the advantages: Here Are Listed A Few Benefits of Opting for Pump Hire Service: Enhances the […]