Things to Keep in Mind During Access Tower Equipment Hire in Cublington

An access tower is a free-standing, stable working platform to work for a prolonged period at a certain height. These towers help you to prevent fall while working at height. Selecting a tower which is suitable for the particular work and the dismantling or erection should always be done by a trained and competent professional or under their supervision. With access tower equipment hire in Cublington, getting in touch with the equipment experts has become a lot easier.

Taking Precautions Is Must before Using an Access Tower

Each year many people get injured whether by falling off the tower or when the tower overturns. Taking professional help and proper safety measures are required while using the tower for your project.

Inspection of the Tower

When the tower is hired, it should come with all the necessary components to ensure stability and prevent falls along with a safety manual. A tower can only stand strong when all of its parts are in place, if any section is left out, it will collapse in no time. All towers must be inspected in a regular interval by a competent person and somehow, if the result shows it is not safe to continue, you should stop working in an instant. The result of the inspection should be recorded and kept until the next one.

Using the Tower

The access tower mainly involves two things, erection,and dismantling. The manufacturer or the supplier should provide you with an instruction and safety manual explaining everything step by step or you should seek the help of the experts from the concerned agency if you are not confident enough to use it yourself.

Stability of the Tower

The tower should always be resting on a firm, plane, level ground with the locked castors or base plates properly supported. Stabilizers or outriggers must be installed when required and the tower should not be erected above a certain height as recommended by the manufacturers.

Simple Rules to Follow

Everyone accessing the tower should be aware of a few facts, never use a tower in strong winds, with broken or missing parts or with incompatible components. While moving the tower you should always reduce the height to a maximum of 4m. You should check out if there is any power line or obstruction overhead; the ground should be firm, level and free from potholes. Never move the tower while people or material is on the tower.

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