Scissor Lifts

What are scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts are machines that move people and devices in a vertical direction. Instead of doing expensive scaffolds and ladders, scissor lifts help personnel performs different tasks at different heights. In addition, the lifts are safe and save time since they are easy to install and dismantle.

How do they work?

Scissor lifts are made of steel beams. The lift has a railing and a platform. The rays resemble bar-style struts. These beams hinge together, and they form a design of connected scissors. When the lift is in operation, it opens and closes in a movement similar to scissors. 

What are the advantages of a scissor lift?


Scissor lifts are safer than ladders and scaffolds. The lift operator is professionally trained, and you will not endanger your life when using it.

Makes work easier

Scissor lifts carry more weight and to higher heights. The lift can help your personnel work in areas 10-60 feet above the ground. Other new models can reach higher.


Scissor lifts are efficient since they can move forward and backward. This movement allows you to do more work than when using a ladder or a scaffold.

Easy to compress and store

They can be folded and stored in a small space.

Uses little power

You can power the scissor lift using battery, electricity, or diesel. It has different energy options, which makes it versatile.

Low Noise level

Most of the scissor lifts are environmentally friendly. You can use them indoors since they emit low noise levels while in operation.

How high can a scissor lift go?

 Depending on the model, a scissor lift can reach 60 feet. However, newer models go up to 100 feet or more.

Scissor lift use

Building and Construction

Scissor lifts help construction workers pour concrete, lay bricks and roofs, and install windows in tall buildings.

Cleaning companies

Cleaning companies also use scissor lifts to clean the windows and perform other maintenance.

Overhead signs

Advertising companies use scissor lifts to install signage and billboards on tall buildings and structures.


Most railyards’ jobs involve picking goods and stacking them to different heights. Scissor lifts make the stacking job easy since they can reach further heights.


Scissor lifts are used when replacing roofs, cleaning roofs, and installing gutters, among other jobs.


Most retailers have scissor lifts allowing workers to arrange their goods in narrow spaces. They also use the lifts to retrieve goods from higher shelves.


In warehouses, goods should be stacked well to save space and time. Most warehouses use scissor lifts to arrange and retrieve all the gods.

Power and cable line installation and maintenance

 Scissor lifts are used to perform power line repairs. These lifts reach high enough, allowing power personnel to examine the lines and restore power and other cable services.


The lifts help lift heavy weights, bricklaying, and chemical and food processing in the manufacturing industry. In the automobile industry, the lifts help vehicle makers to lift heavy car engines and chassis.

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