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Safety Tips for Working at Height

Mon, 18 Jul 2016

Working at a height involves more risk than working at ground level. In order to ensure the safety of the employees and workers, businesses must ensure that they adhere strictly to the safety guidelines and use proper equipment for accomplishing the task. Falling from a small height can also lead to fatal injuries, so it is necessary to be very careful when working at a height.

Whether you are fixing windows on a high commercial building or repairing the roof of a residential apartment, here are some safety tips which will ensure you accomplish the task safety:

1. Proper Planning

In order to ensure safety, proper planning is crucial. It is necessary that the job co-ordinators analyse the site to determine the kind of equipment that will be required and what level of safety would be necessary. It is also necessary to train the workers before embarking on the project or hire workers who are already experienced in working under such challenging conditions. Make sure the workers are well accustomed to work with the equipment they will be using to minimise risks.

2. Use Proper Equipment

Depending upon the type of project undertaken, it is necessary to hire or buy the right kind of access equipment. A large variety of equipment are available with varying capabilities, so you need to choose the one that is appropriate for the nature of work. Engage highly qualified engineers to evaluate what kind of equipment would be best for the job – cherry pickers, ladders, or other kinds of access equipment. 

If you are hiring equipment, make sure you hire them from a reliable tool and equipment hire company to ensure you get safe and well maintained equipment. 

3. Use proper Safety Equipment    

No matter how well trained or experienced the workers are it is always best to use proper safety equipment when working at a height. If you need to work at a height temporarily, you can consider hiring the safety equipment. A large variety of safety equipment such as full body harnesses, etc. are available so that you can choose the best suited one. You can take help from the professionals at the equipment hire company as to what kind of safety equipment you should hire depending upon the nature of work.

4. Have a Rescue Plan

Accidents can happen any time, no matter how well prepared you are. So it is necessary that you have a rescue plan in place before you start the work. Familiarise the workers with the rescue plan, so that they can act instantly in case of an emergency. Have a rescue and medical team ready who can act quickly in case something wrong happens. Erecting safety nets is crucial if the workers have to work at a considerable height.

Ensuring a certain level of safety is important to ensure safety of the workers who risk their lives to get the projects accomplished. So use the right equipment and make sure you have taken enough safety measures to keep your workers safe from mishaps. 

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