Safety Precautions to Follow While Using an Access Tower!

Construction business doesn’t stop working ever and always has some project or the other overboard! An Access Tower is essential equipment that is exclusively used for construction works. When you need assistance to reach a height, in such a place an access tower comes in the scenario. An access tower is a stable and secure platform for conducting work at a definite height. Not only is it used for commercial purposes, sometimes home projects also requires you to have an access tower handy.

But do you think it is feasible to buy an access tower? Definitely not! It’s an expensive deal to buy it when you can rent it easily from us. Available at an affordable rent and for the desired time period, access tower is a must-have equipment for any sort of high altitude work. It guarantees safety if used properly. Here is the guideline of certain precautionary measures that you should follow while using an access tower. Let’s have a look at these guidelines!

Safety Precautions

  • There are several types of access tower available on hire and you should choose them wisely according to the use and type.
  • Weather plays an important determinant and when you are using an access tower and sojust make sure you are avoiding extreme conditions like wind, rain, storm, etc.
  • Consider the place of your project and avoid using this equipment in places of obstruction, overboard wire lines, and other dangerous places.
  • One prime precaution to take before the use of access, tower is to make sure it stands firmly on the grounds. Be sure to make it stand on a level surface rather than a rough and irregular ground!
  • The tower providers have certain guidelines regarding the proper use of the tower, assembling and dismantling its parts and so on. This instruction manual should be correctly read before starting up with the usage.
  • Intermediate check-ups are necessary for on-going projects and if something unusual is noticed, the work should be ceased then and there.
  • Make sure all the screws and bolts are secured and in place to avoid any mishaps.
  • The access tower is needed to be built to some height and it should not exceed the recommended level.
  • Last but not the least, if you are considering hiring an access tower make sure you do it from a reputed company. Eros Hire Tools is a recommended name in the market as we provided the latest tools that provide the maximum efficiency for your work.

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