Safety Measures to Keep in Mind for Electrical Equipment Hire

Electrical equipmentis anything that is run by electrics and there are few precautions to take before handling any electrical gadgets. Electrical safety requirements for electrical equipment hire are as same as it is for purchasing them. So, before you go for renting any electrical equipment for domestic or industrial use, you should know the rules and regulations beforehand.

When an Electrical Gadget Is Safe to Hire?

Each electrical equipment, especially the level 3 electrical gadgets should have a current certificate of conformity of being safe to use and should be registered in the national database. Electrical equipment hire can be continued even after the certificate is expired if the dealer is dishonest. The purchaser should ensure the equipment meets all the safety standards and should get the supply from a responsible supplier.

Safety Measures the Hire Company Should Take

It is not always the customers; a reputed hiring company should also be responsible for ensuring the safety of the gadgets and its clients. 

Before each hire, the company must ensure that the electrical gadget is tested and inspected by a competent person. Otherwise, it should be connected with a safety switch that cannot be disconnected, deactivated or removed. The inspection or testing does not involve disassembly of the gadget.

The electrical equipment should also be inspected and tested every six months by a competent person and each time gets a renewed certificate.

If the equipment to be hired is permanently connected with a safety switch, the company should ensure the safety switch is being inspected and tagged every six months.

Although, for the domesticpurpose, the rules and regulations for hiring electrical equipmentdo not apply so strictly, in case of business or industrial use the safety rules are very much applicable. The owner of the business or industry has additional requirements for inspection to follow depending on the type of business activity the gadget is used for.

Which Company to Rely Upon?

At Eros Hire in the UK, we have superior experience in the rental and management of electrical equipment. We follow each and every rules and regulation for the rental of electrical gadgets and the safety of the clients is our first priority. We have built an incomparable reputation for quality and dependability allowing us to become a trustworthy supplier to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.