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Safety Measures to be Taken When Using Welding Machines

Mon, 03 Apr 2017

Welding machines are required by professionals and DIY enthusiasts for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. While welding machines can fix things in a nick of time, welding exposes people to many hazards as well. So in order to ensure that you or your workers are safe while working with the welding machine, here are some safety measures that need to be taken:

Read the User Manual

The user manual contains the details about the important safety measures that need to taken when working with a welding machines. Everyone using the welding machine must read the manual carefully. In case the manual gets lost, look for an online copy; if it is not available online, ask the manufacture to provide a duplicate copy.

No Part of the Skin Should be Exposed

If any part of the skin is exposed while working with the welding machine, it can get severely damaged due ti the effects of the ultraviolet and infrared rays. So it is important that you cover up properly before using the machine. Avoid keeping matches or butane lighter along with you when working with a welding machine since they can catch fire quickly. Avoid wearing clothes with cuffs, since they can catch sparks. It is best to wear flame-resistant protective gear. The modern day protective gears are lightweight and are easy to carry, so you need not worry. Wear full sleeved clothes, protective gloves, eye-wear, boots, etc.

Weld in a Well Ventilated Area

Welding gives out toxic fumes which can pose varieties of health hazards. If you weld in a confined space, the toxic fumes get accumulated and make breathing difficult. So it is best to weld in a well ventilated space. If you need to weld in a closed space, make sure exhaust hoods are installed that will remove the harmful fumes and provide enough fresh air to breathe.

Avoid Seeing the Light Directly

Watching the flash with naked eye can be very painful and the discomfort can last for hours. Wear welding helmets with proper filter shade to protect the face and eyes from the light. Wear safety glasses that are provided with side shields and ear protection to ensure double protection.

Take Rest between Welding Sessions

You can feel fatigued due to the heavy helmet and the protective gear, so it is wise to take rest between welding sessions. You may also feel breathless due to prolonged exposure to toxic fumes. It is recommended that you relieve your neck for some time and breathe some fresh air. Hydrate yourself at regular intervals to ensure you can carry on for a long period of time.

Use the Right Machine

Last but not the least; you must use the right welding machine for the best results. Whether you buy or hire a welding machine, you need to choose the right welding machine. Make sure it is properly maintained and serviced to ensure safety and get the best results.

Following the safety measures is very important to ensure quick accomplishment of the assigned tasks. Keep the above safety factors in mind and complete you job quickly and efficiently.

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