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Reasons Why You Should Opt for Welding Hire Equipment

Thu, 15 Feb 2018

To get started with welding can be an intimidating choice for all who are in this field. For the welders who are experienced, you always encounter the need to purchase some or the other tool for your new project. The selection of the apt welding tool can be a staggering choice to make. Welding Hire Equipment is way better than purchasing each and every tool individually when the need arises.

The Welding Equipment needs are divided into three categories:

1)    Utilization Requirement

2)    Volume Requirement

3)    Technological Requirement

Utilization Requirements

In a construction based industry, a primary thumb rule is that if you do not utilize the piece of equipment at lease for 70 to 80 percent of the time, then you must take the decision of Welding Hire Equipment.

However, if the rate of utilization surpasses a particular threshold, you must purchase the equipment but if it does not then hire the Welding Equipment is the best option available. Other factors that weigh in favour of the hire option is that if you do not have the correct welding equipment and you require it immediately and if you are facing significant cost consequences as the estimated days for the completion of a particular project are being wasted. Therefore, in such cases, for the immediate requirement, most of the contractors would choose to partake in the decision of Welding Hire Equipment.

Volume Requirements

Volume Needs may dictate the supplementing equipment you personally own by renting the additional welding equipment. For instance, for the purpose of building a power plant, or for working on a scheduled plant, that may easily demand 200 to 300 acres. Therefore, to meet the sudden increase, most of the contractors opt to partake in the decision to hire than incur capital expenses for the purchase of equipment.

Technological Requirements

Technological needs might influence your decision. For instance, if you require an engine drive with a carbon or stick for gauging relevant output, you will consider the decision of hiring.  On taking the decision of hiring, you have the choice and valid options to choose the leading and latest Welding Equipment which might be available at an expensive rate if bought. Hence, working with the up to date rental offices like Eros Hire can allow you to sweep in the experience of working with new welding equipment before purchasing them, thereby allowing you to head to head compare the old with the latest welding machines.

Thereby, with enormous pressure on the construction houses to increase their efficiency and productivity, the contractors on a constant basis analyze what it takes to set them apart from the present competition. The welding supply distributors are very well aware making it easy for the business by offering them with the latest equipment at a justifiable rental rate.

Why Choose Eros Hire?

Out on a hunt for the best Welding Hire Equipment? Eros Hire offers a comprehensive range of welding equipment to assist you to get the work done quickly and effectively. Being a leading hirer of power and welding equipment, we make sure you find the perfect welder and welding accessories to suit your requirements at justifiable rates.


Whether you want to hire a welder for domestic use or you are looking for heavy duty welders, you are sure to find everything at Eros Hire, one of the best Welding Hire Equipment Company. From small electric welders to heavy duty welders such as 600-amp diesel driven units, we are sure to assist you to get the correct welding equipment to suit your needs, purpose, and budget with ease and comfort. Therefore, do not fret to take the decision of hiring the welding equipment. Choose Eros Hire for all your hire needs for tools and equipment.

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