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Reasons to Trim and Prune Trees

Wed, 04 Jan 2017

As winter sets in, it is time to prune the trees and shrubs in your garden. Pruning not only makes the yard or garden look beautiful and well maintained but it also aids healthy growth in trees and shrubs. Pruning refers to the method of sawing off limbs and it should be a part of the regular garden maintenance programs. You can either get in touch with professionals to get the job done, or get it done yourself.

Pruning is not a tough job, so you can easily hire gardening tools and prune the trees and shrubs yourself. You just need to know which tools would be required, since pruners are available in a large variety of sizes. If you are still thinking why you need to invest in a pruning program, here are the reasons why:

Maintain the Aesthetics

Overgrown trees or out-of-shape shrubs make the garden or yard look ugly; by pruning them you get rid of dead limbs and the limbs that grow at a faster rate. Regular pruning ensures the trees and shrubs maintain good shape, making the garden look beautiful. It also enhances the overall appeal of the home and increases the value as well.

Healthy Growth

Proper pruning makes the roots stronger, which means the tree can withstand harsh weather conditions. Stronger roots also mean the overall growth of the tree would be healthy throughout the year. new branches with come out making the trees and shrubs look fresh and lush green.

Improved Fruit Production

Any type tree that produces fruits benefits immensely from pruning. By pruning, you get rid of the dead limbs which are susceptible to insect infestation and disease. This means you encourage healthy growth and it automatically means better fruit production. The growth of spurs is improved which ensures better fruit production for the following year.


The most important reason for pruning trees is safety. Dead limbs become weak and fall off easily and cause harm to people and their properties. If someone else is hurt on your premises, you can get stuck in legal hassles. Heavy limbs can cause cracks on your home or break vehicles. Dead limbs running over electric wire So in order to keep people and their properties safe, you must prune trees regularly.

Disease Prevention

Trees often get diseased and it spreads very quickly. By pruning the limbs you can stop the disease from spreading. If left unattended the entire tree can die; so pruning not only eliminates the disease, it also saves the tree.

Pruning once in a year is generally recommended and the best time to prune trees is late winter, early spring or just before the tree begins to open the buds.

Trees provide a number of benefits to human beings and the environment; so in return you should give back the love. Regular maintenance can aid healthy growth and make them fresh. Well maintained trees make the house look good and increase the overall appeal of the property. So call the professionals or hire gardening tools and maintain the trees and shrubs regularly.

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