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Quick Tips for Proper Use of Rental Equipment

Fri, 19 Aug 2016

Now once in a while who doesn’t like to feel self-sufficient? The odd jobs that you never really do in your day-to-day routine! If you’re in for a Do It Yourself (D. I. Y.) project for your garden space or making something for the living room, you might be needing machines that you don’t own and frankly, unnecessary expenditures if you’re not in that line of work.

So, what to do? Hire some workers to get it done? But then, why call it a D. I. Y. project if someone will do it and you’ll simply pay for their handiwork? Again, you may not be looking for mechanical machines for your little project but for a large scale project. 

You’ll need bigger machines, smaller machines for each of your hired construction workers. You might be looking for air tools, compressors, nailers, backhoes, generator, concrete, tiles, manlifts, forklifts, airlifts, painting equipment, trench rollers, skid steers, bobcat loaders, etc.  Now, it will be heights of illogical if you buy equipment that are used in a large scale construction just for one single project. During those times, we use the other option: RENTAL EQUIPMENT. 

There are several companies who buy equipment and put it up for rent. However, you wouldn’t get to just stroll in and hire tools and equipment which are for rent. You would need credit/debit cards for billing your rent and an identification proof, i.e., driver’s license, etc. Following are a few tips which would help you guide through proper and safe usage of rental equipment.

Why bother with machines which won’t exactly be using? Ask the people who are working at the rentals to know what tool and equipment should be hired. You might just end up taking the last one and the next man who comes in is the one who really needs it. Also, unnecessary hiring of tool and equipment will make you lose more money than required.

Read the user manual by heart. Tools can be extremely dangerous if one is unaware of how to use them correctly. Ask an employee from the equipment rental company of how to operate the machines if you are having problem decoding the user manual.

Be alert for any sort of damage on the equipment, warning sounds or lights. 

Look out for any sort of unguarded equipment which has a moving part/s. Unguarded tools often end up causing accidents to the one who is operating them.

Check the maintenance log of the hired tools and equipment. Unless they have properly been kept with good oiling, they will cause hindrance to your work.

It is prudent to check if the loading capacity of your lifts. The lift will end up causing casualties if the load is more than their capacity.

Make sure that emergency exits are there if working in a large construction site. First aid box should be kept close for any sort of injuries and protective gears must be worn, like helmets and gloves, to ensure safety.

Lastly, make sure that the equipment you just hired isn’t the wrong equipment for the job.

Happy construction!

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