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Quick House Painting Tips Give Your House a New Look

Tue, 31 Jan 2017

Regular maintenance is necessary to make your house look good. Giving your home a make-over at least once in a while is also necessary to increase the overall appeal and value of your home. However, painting may be stressful as well as cumbersome. Therefore, before you embark on a house painting project, there are a few things you need to know to perfect the art.

It is easier to get the house painted by hiring professionals, but what if you don`t have enough budgets to hire a service? You cannot only save money by painting the house yourself but you will also feel proud. Here are some quick tips which will help you master the techniques and achieve a professional like finish:

Choose the Right Paint Type

Paints are available in two types – oil-based and water-based. You must choose the right type of paint to get the desired finish. Make sure you buy branded paints over cheap quality paints to ensure the best outcome. You also need to determine how much paint you will need. Consider the amount of area to be painted and then calculate based on the measurement - one gallon per 350 square feet of surface area.

Get Rid of the Flaws

Use fine grit sanding papers to get rid of the dirt and oil from the walls. Sand the walls horizontally from the baseboard to the ceiling to even out the flaws. Do not exert too much pressure while sanding, since too much pressure can damage the wall. Sanding prepares the wall so that the adhesion between the new layer of paint and the wall is good.

Do You Need a Primer?

You need a primer only if:

If there is no such condition, you can paint the walls directly after sanding.

Choose the Right Painting Equipment

Having the right kind of painting equipment is necessary to ensure professional quality finish. You need to choose the equipment depending upon the type of paint used, the area to be painted and your specific painting needs. Hiring painting and decorating tools is the best option, since you will be painting your home only once in many years.

Finish One Wall before Moving to the Other

Finish painting one wall, before moving on to the other. The house painting pros will roll the wall immediately before staring the next. This helps them get a flawless look. Another quick tip: cover the paint bucket, tray and container when switching between brushing and rolling to prevent the paint and tools from drying.

Painting is the easiest way to give your home a complete new look, but it might seem a tough job. With the right equipment and plan, you can quickly paint your house and achieve a flawless finish.

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