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Drying Tools & Equipments Hire

Keeping your home and office dry is important to prevent various health hazards. Too much moisture can lead to mould growth that affects your health adversely. Eros Hire is a specialist in tools and equipment hire in UK and we offer the best drying equipment that help you get rid of the moisture quickly.

We offer the most extensive range of domestic and industrial drying equipment to help you save yourself and your products from the adverse effects of moisture.

Keep Your Home and Office Dry with Eros Hire

Whether you live in a flood prone area or your workspace is suffering from damp, our advanced drying equipment will help you remove the moisture from air and keep the air healthy. By having Eros Hire by your side, you do not need to hire professional drying contractors; just hire the best fitted drying equipment and keep your home and office free of moisture.

Our technical staff will help you get accustomed with the mechanisms of the domestic and industrial drying equipment, so that you can operate it without hassles. Take advantage of the vast knowledge and experience of our staff and choose the best drying equipment to keep the interiors of your home, office and warehouse completely dry.

Benefits of Partnering with Eros Hire

Being a leader in tools and equipment hire in UK, we offer the latest and most advanced drying equipment. We will do everything to ensure your property is free from moisture and its ill effects. We offer 24X7 support services, so that you can reach us at any point of the day. Need a drying equipment? Just give us a call!

8 Effective Tips to Save Your Home from Water Damages after a Flood

Flood is a devastating phenomenon that occurs and resulting in destroying human life and its properties. This is usually caused by overflowing of water level from certain water bodies or else results due to movement in tectonic plates underneath the ground surface. It not only results in devastation but also leads to damage of buildings and other man-made structures that comes in contact with such huge water force. Here are few tips that might be helpful in protecting the house against such natural calamities.

Here are 8 tips to dry-out immediately and thus prevent loss or damages of your home:

   1.    Move Air Naturally: This technique is used for removing the air blocked inside the room opening all the doors and windows and thus resulting into removal of blocked air space. This procedure is quite time taking and requires patience for complete water disposal.

   2.    Move Air Mechanically: This involves sucking and removing the air by high motor pumps. Depending on the requirement and the amount of water is stored various motor pumps are available that will help in removing the water blockage.

   3.    Dehumidifying: A dehumidifier is a simple device that helps to remove the moisture content of a particular area. This portable device is pretty useful and thus is more accurate when applied in a closed room.

   4.    Pump Water: Pumping the water from the room is been an old school technique for water removal since ages. And with using motor pump this becomes rapid and the entire is been removed through a pipe.

   5.    Wet/Dry Shop Vac: This device absorbs the moisture content of object and thus removes them by using suitable techniques. Being faster in real time scenario this technique is quite effective and handy.

   6.    Remove Sodden Objects: Using this process the object containing are been removed and been dried in the sunlight and thus resulting into complete disposal moisture from various water absorbents.

   7.    Freeze Papers: This technique uses freezer compartment as a measure for freezing the water content in several books and papers and then removing the moisture by various techniques. Further this procedure involves wrapping the objects in polythene bag and then freezing it to avoid further damage of the goods.

   8.    Absorb Moisture: Water absorbing object like sponges absorbs the excess water content and thus helps in water disposal. This requires keeping the small moist object present inside the room in air tight container along with sponge for some time. Later the moisture present in those objects are been sucked by the sponge and which can be later disposed.

Saving various necessary goods during flood is a major cause of concern for the people. This is due to the fact that water slowly degrades the objects thus resulting into huge loss. One of the major areas of concern is to remove water from the house. Hence, by using these suitable and easy techniques one can easily removal the water blockage and thus result in clean and dry environment.

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