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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Powered Access Equipment

Wed, 01 Mar 2017

In order to ensure the success of your project, you need to hire the right equipment. Whether you need a scissor lift, cherry picker or any other powered access equipment, it is a must that you choose the right equipment. Not only does the right equipment ensure quicker accomplishment of the job, but it also ensures the safety of your workers.

Project managers often make mistakes that lead to workplace injuries, delays, and higher cost; hence by avoiding the following common mistakes associated with powered access equipment rental, you can ensure the success of the projects:

Not Assessing the Potential Hazards

Project managers often fail to evaluate the potential hazards associated with access equipment, which result in workplace related injuries such as falls, electric shocks, tip-over, contact with overhead objects, etc. Oftentimes there are several hazards present at the same time; hence it is essential that you assess the hazards and take necessary measures to ensure safety and security of the workers.

No Training before Embarking on the Project

Providing appropriate training to the workers is important, before embarking on any project that involves the use of access equipment. Training must cover important issues such as potential hazards, rescue plans, introduction to new features of the equipment (if any) apart from the general working principle and precautions to be taken.

Failing to Assess the Project Requirements

Project managers should assess the requirements of individual projects; even if they are of the same nature of the previous projects. Consider the working conditions and specific project requirements, in order to hire the right equipment. This also helps you find better alternatives at lower costs. Remember, no two projects are the same, so by using the same equipment as that of the previous projects, you might be elevating the risk factors. Newer models are introduced frequently and technology advances at a greater speed than you can imagine; so take advantage of the advanced machines and provide a safer working condition for your workers.

Failing to Assess the Needs Regarding the Reach of Access Equipment

Access equipment are specifically required for projects where the workers need to reach a specific height to get the job done; hence assessing the needs regarding the `reach` is very important. A lift with a longer reach than what is actually needed can result in a tip-over; whereas a lift with a shorter reach can result in falls. Hence, project managers must first assess the specific requirements regarding the reach of the lift and then hire the right equipment.

Not Comparing Rates from Different Rental Agencies

Apart from meeting the deadlines, it is important to accomplish the job within the projected budget. Hiring access equipment from a rental agency without comparing the rates from several other agencies might result in higher project cost. Hence it is a must that project managers get quotes from a number of equipment rental companies and compare them to hire the equipment at the best rates.

By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes you can ensure safety and security of your workers and accomplish the work within the pre-set deadline. Hence keep the points in mind when hiring access equipment for your next project.

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