Learn the Benefits and Usage of Wrenches Hire

As the name suggests, Eros Hire is an all-time service shop now giving supplies at Aylesbury as well as High Wycombe. Starting early from 1969, Eros Hire has the potential to fulfill all the needs of its customers. We at Eros Hire, believe in ‘you get what you ask’ system, and hence we are loaded with all sorts of your daily needs, as well as with the stuff you use rarely. From bottles to portable heaters, we even give wrenches on hire. The prices we offer are extremely low when compared to the general market price. The quality and standard of our equipment go through regular tests and hence our stuff is extremely reliable, as well as cost-efficient!

What Is A Wrench?

As you know, wrenching itself means to twist or pull something violently or forcefully. A wrench is nothing but a mechanical tool used to tighten any screw, nail, nuts or even bolts. We provide our customers with wrench hire service at the least rate but not compromising on the quality at all! A wrench ensures the workability of the object so that it continues to work as fast and effectively as before. It is basically used to provide a strong grip; it is also known as a spanner. Using a wrench is extremely easy. All you have to do is estimate the size of the nut and then adjust the mouth of the wrench accordingly. After that, you have to fix the wrench’s mouth around the nut and turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise according to your requirements. We at Eros Hire provide wrenches on hire for multiple sizes. We have the latest, most developed wrenches in stock.

Some Interesting Facts about Wrenches:

  • The term wrench has been in use since 1790, while the term spanner was used from 1630.
  • Being sharp in nature, it is important to use wrenches cautiously in order to avoid accidents, or by not using the correct size of a wrench for the relevant nut.
  • Though there are many types of wrenches, there are 5 main categories of it. On the other hand, there are only 2 types of spanners namely, ring spanners and combination spanners.

Types of Wrenches

Eros hire now gives wrenches on hire too. To know more about the 5 distinct types of wrenches, continue reading:

  1. Open-End Wrench: It is a type of wrench that comprises u-shaped openings at both the ends. These two openings are of two different sizes of bolts or nuts.
  2. Combination Wrench:As you can guess by its name, a combination wrench consists of an opening used for tightening/ loosening nuts at one end. While, the other side is a box end which is used to apply a firm, strong grip to the nuts.
  3. Allen Wrench:It is an l shaped or t shaped wrench with hexagonal ends used for the purpose of nuts or screws with hexagonal ends
  4. Socket Wrench:It consists of a socket at one end to tighten or loosen, as per your need. The socket is detachable which makes it useful for any and every size of a nut.
  5. Adjustable Wrench:Adjustable or crescent wrench is used when you have an exceptionally odd size of a nut. It adjusts according to the dimensions of the nut

We will be obliged to see you at Eros Hire applying for our wrenches hire service, as well as other facilities!