Keep Safety in Mind During Access Tower Equipment Hire

An access tower or scaffold tower is a very useful equipment to work at a height for a long period of time on construction sites. With a right hand, the access towers are easy to assemble and dismantle, it can be moved from one position to another with ease and it can provide much more accessibility to the heights which are otherwise difficult to reach.

Working in heights does pose some risk factors if the access towers are not handled correctly, the chances of dangers increases. Here is our guidance on the precautions to be taken while you go for access tower equipment hire. 

Top Safety Tips for Access Tower

This is very important to take part in proper training and be knowledgeable about all the safety measures and regulations before using the access tower for your project. Here are some of our safety tips before you go for access tower equipment hire from an agency.

The type of tower you choose is very important to carry out your construction project.

The access tower needs to be properly checked before use and if there is anything wrong, the work should be ceased.

A manufacturer instruction manual would be provided with the access tower that must be followed to the letters while assembling and dismantling.

Access towers must always be placed on a plane and in the level surface in order to make it stand firmly.

The access tower should not be built to a height greater than what is recommended by the manufacturer. As only the right height serves your purpose the most, you should opt for the right access tower equipment hire.  

The areas should be avoided where there are overhead power lines, obstructions are present.

Avoid using the tower in extreme weather conditions such as fast wind, storm,etc.

The scaffold tower workers should get enough rest and breaks to avoid any hasty made by them while folding and unfolding the tower.

To have all the required safety measures, ensure that you go for access tower equipment hire only from a reputable supplier like Eros Hire in the UK. We will confirm you, the tower is in serviceable condition, meets all the safety standards, will provide a clear set of instructions for its construction and use afterward. Using access towers has become easier with us as we can also provide you confident workers to erect your tower in case you are unable to do it. To know more, visit our website and contact us to get the proper insight into all the equipment available in our agency.