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Hire Mini Dumpers for Construction or Landscaping Project

Fri, 01 Jun 2018

Mini dumpers are used to carry materials to short distances. This is an important equipment used at construction sites. Mini dumpers are easy to handle for being smaller in size as they can be steered through uneven and narrow space while carrying materials. There are various types of dumpers available and you can use one based on your requirement and the type of work you want to do. Whether you have a construction company or a landscaping company, you can hire mini dumpers of various load capacities. And, based on the functional requirements, you can either opt for a battery, petrol, diesel or an electricity operated one. Mini dumpers run on electricity are preferred for indoor work as they make very less noise. This equipment can be used for various purposes and on various working conditions. Let’s discuss a few of them over here to help you decide on hiring one for your work.

Compact in Size and Offer a Lot of Functionalities

Mini dumpers, being smaller in size, can be used easily in the construction sites or landscaping areas for carrying loads and dumping them off to a nearby location. They come in various load capacities, so can be used to carry building materials during building construction or can be used to carry loads while a building is razed off or for carrying garbage. Eros Hire offers high-quality mini dumpers of 1 – 3 tons of load capacity which you can hire for performing various types of work. The multi-purpose mini dumpers are sturdy in nature and they provide a superior grip on the ground, hence avoiding any kind of trip-off. There are self-loading mini dumpers available which require minimum manual help to load materials, carry them to a nearby location and dump them off accordingly. They ensure a smooth operation. There are hydraulic mini dumpers, which offer great performance in uneven surfaces and can carry a load of high volume while ensuring no trip-off.

Provide Good Performance

A high-quality mini dumper with more load capacity provides great performance while carrying materials in a construction site or a landscaping area. The petrol or diesel-powered ones can be moved faster even on uneven surfaces with a heavy load on them. When you hire mini dumpers from Eros Hire, you can be sure of the quality of the equipment. All their machines, tools and equipment are of good quality and they are well-maintained by doing a regular maintenance of each one of them. Moreover, if there is a breakdown of any of their tools or equipment, you are sure to get a replacement soon to avoid any delay in your work by curving the breakdown time. Moreover, the professionals at Eros Hire help you in choosing the right equipment based on the performance capacity which is required for the job to be carried out. These are easy to operate by even amateurs. However, you will get operational help and training by Eros Hire professionals when you hire mini dumpers or other equipment from them.  

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