Here is Why You Need Plant Hire Insurance!

Damage and thefts are unpredictable circumstances that can land you in trouble. No one has control over these unfortunate events but what you can do is take some preventive measures to safeguard yourself. Insurance, as we all know, is a financial guarantee undertaken by a third party in case you encounter some monetary loss. Similarly, plant hire insurance covers all your liabilities arising from renting equipment from a tool hire company. An insurer agrees to compensate for any damage or loss of your rented machinery!

Here Is Why You Need Plant Hire Insurance!


Nothing can beat the security feelings that insurance can provide. When you hire construction tools or equipment, they are mostly kept outdoors owing to their large size. A plant hires insurance acts as a guard against any loss or theft that may result in a huge financial shock for you. The cost of plants and machines are never cheap. It is due to the heavy costs involved that people often opt to hire these from a tool hire company. But what if you end up paying that cost for no fault of yours! So a plant hires insurance safeguards you from such a situation.

Affordable Costs

Insurance comes in lieu of some payment. Plant hire insurance can be procured for a negligible amount of money that is affordable. If you need to pay a huge premium amount for insurance compensation then that would not make sense and you will end up feeling cheated and disgusted. Eros Hire Tools have direct collaboration with Tysers so that you get affordable plant hire insurance packages without much market hunting. At the time of renting a tool from us, you can choose to get it insured and we will provide you with all the necessary pieces of information and provisions.

Anxiety-Free Hiring

Your high work quality and your mental calmness is the result of insured machinery. Once you decide to get a plant hire insurance, you can keep the stress at bay and put all your effort and concentration on your project. We advise all our clients to secure their hiring process so that they do not land up in trouble in case any misfortune strikes. If a nominal payment can give you a security that is much needed, no point neglecting it at any cost!

Eros Hire Tool- We Are a Part of Prestigious “HAE”

HAE, the Hire Association of Europe needs no introduction and we proudly announce our association with it. We are the No.1 Tool Hire Company in the entire UK. With all our gathered experience since 1969, we always suggest our clients get the rented tools insured with a plant hire insurance so that they are secured against any odd situation. We would never want our loyal customers to face any mishappening and suffer due to that. So we have tied up with Tysers who give them appropriate advice regarding plant hire insurance and the benefits they would get from it!