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Checklist before Hiring Equipment

Wed, 15 Jun 2016

Tools and equipment hire has made lives easier. Whether you are an individual or a professional, tools and equipment hire offer a number of benefits. You can make use of the tools and equipment without making hefty investments and you also need not worry about maintenance and repair. In case of heavy equipment, you need not worry about storing them or transporting the equipment from one place to the other.

However, before hiring tools and equipment, you must check them thoroughly to ensure you get the best tools and equipment for the money you spend. Oftentimes people make decision based on the description provided by the tools hire companies, but it is always best to inspect the tools and equipment personally to make sure there are no discrepancies. Mostly the tools hire companies provide photos, detailed descriptions and even customer testimonials, but these can be misleading at times. So it is best to try the required tools and equipment, before hiring them. 

Here is a quick checklist for inspecting tools and equipment before hiring:

Manufacturing Date

Before hiring tools and equipment, check the manufacturing dates. You should try to hire the latest tools and equipment, since modern versions are more efficient and are energy efficient as well. So compare tools and equipment from a number of companies and see who offers the latest versions.


Since the rental tools and equipment are used by a number of people, they need to undergo extensive maintenance to upkeep the condition. Not everyone handles the tools and equipment with care, so the chances of wear and tear are high. If you hire tools that are not maintained or repaired in time, you might be taking a lot of risk.  Ask the tools rental company, how frequently they check the tools and equipment and get them repaired. 

Test Drive

Just in the manner you would test drive a car before buying it, it is necessary that you test the tools and equipment before you hire them. Ask the company staff to operate the tools and/or equipment in front of you, so that you know they are working properly. In case you are hiring mechanical equipment, check the levers, joints, etc. and if you are hiring electrical equipment check the wiring, circuits, etc. in case of heavy equipment, you might need some professional help to make sure you hire the right equipment. 

Read the Safety Guide

All the tools and equipment come with instruction manual and safety guides, so read them carefully before using. Reputed tools rental companies make sure they provide the safety and instruction manuals along with the tools and equipment to ensure safety of the users. 

By following the above checklist you can make sure you hire the best tools and equipment and get the best value for your money. In case you find something wrong, you must get in touch with the rental company immediately. Get the tools and/or equipment replaced or repaired by the rental company immediately, to ensure safety.

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