Boards, Trestles & Steps Hire: Here is How to Choose & Use Them

Working at a height is one of the dangerous tasks and should be performed with great caution. Thus, for those who work at a height, it is crucial to know various kinds of tools and equipment that they can use. You can opt for boards, trestles and steps hire for performing such tasks as they are sturdy and help avoid various risks. 

In This Article, We Will Explore the Uses and Risks Involved in Opting for Boards, Trestles & Steps Hire: 

When stepladders and ladders cannot be used, you can opt for boards, trestles & step hire for tasks where more than one individual is needed or when access is for a wider area. Trestles are generally working podiums that are utilised for getting tasks done at height and usually are utilised by builders and decorators. 

Trestles involve horizontal boards that swiftly span across the sloping legs of trestles. Trestles can either be steel type or a frame type. Boards used are usually for staging or scaffolding purposes. 

Trestles thatcome with edge protection eliminates the potential of any injury from falls and can be used for short term light work. When opting for boards, trestles & steps hire, ensure to choose the one which is completely guarded. For tasks where edge protection of the trestle can act as a barrier, you can choose to hire a trestle without any edge protection. However, note in such situations, when someone hires a trestle without edge protection, other controls should be incorporated like a safety kit, which would protect you in case of any mishappening. 

To reiterate, you should prioritise fall prevention equipment over trestles, staging, and steps. Such kinds of equipment are just for light tasks that are of short duration. 


No Edge Protection: As stated above, boards, trestles, and steps hire without any guard rails come with great risks. To mitigate this risk, one should wear a proper protection outfit. 

Trestles and Steps of Various Sizes: If you use different sized trestles for work and do not extend them to a similar size, it can make the platform very unstable. 

Inadequate Number of Trestles: Trestles used should be spaced adequately and should be adequate in number for boards to support the load. 

Wrong Board Used: If incorrect boards are utilised with trestles, or the wrong length of boards are utilised, the platform can become highly unstable and can collapse. Ensure to use only staging or scaffold boards with the trestles. 

What We Offer You At Eros Hire? 

Boards, trestles & steps hire offered by us are staging board 20 feet – 24 feet, trestles 1 foot 7 inches – 2 feet 9 inches, trestles 2 feet 6 inches – 4 feet 6 inches, podium steps, ladder steps, handrail 8 feet, folding step up platform, handrail 20 feet, and handrail support of between 8 feet and 20 feet. If you require any of the equipment, then please contact us!