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Benefits of Using a Garden Roller

Mon, 06 Mar 2017

Having a hard time maintaining your garden? Get a garden roller on hire. Garden rollers can be used for a multitude of tasks that range from maintenance of the garden to seeding a new lawn. They look similar to small steamrollers that are rolled across grounds. Garden rollers are used to level the soil and improve the overall appearance of the garden along with preparing the garden/ lawn for seeding.

Several varieties of garden rollers are available in the market; however, the manual rollers that are filled with water are the most popular. People have varying opinions about whether one should use a garden roller or not; however there are many benefits of using garden rollers. Some common benefits are:

Create an even look for your garden

The garden/ lawn tend to become bumpy with the onset of the spring season. This is because as the snow melts, it pushes the soil towards its direction of flow. Moreover, the uniformity of the garden is often damaged by insects and rodents. If you have children playing on the lawn, you can see a lot of bumps on the surface. However, you can quickly bring back the garden in shape by rolling the soil with help of a garden roller.

Roll before and after sowing seeds

Whether you are establishing a new lawn or want to grow your own kitchen garden, a garden roller can make things easier. Eliminate the low spots and clods of soil before sowing the grass seeds. This ensures healthy growth of the grass. In case you are growing plants, a quick roll up after sowing the seeds make sure the seeds are in contact with the soil which accelerates germination. Once the sod is laid, the roller pushes it deeper into the soil to ensure better growth of the roots.

Maintenance of the lawn grass

Garden rollers can also be used for mowing the grass and maintain an even and uniform look. Lawn mower rollers are available in the market, which can work both as mowers and rollers.

People often worry about maintaining their gardens and lawns, but with the right equipment in hand, the tasks become much easier. However, there are a few precautions that you must take to ensure a lush green and flourishing garden.

Garden rollers should not be used too frequently; you must restrict the use especially during summers. Too much stress on the grass can lead to dead patches. Rolling wet soil can also be harmful; make sure the soil is moist before rolling. Don`t choose a roller that is too heavy since it can harm the garden/ lawn. If you have trouble choosing the right garden roller; take help from the professionals.

Hiring a garden roller can be the most economical way to maintain your garden; hence if you have decided to take up a garden maintenance project this year, hire a garden roller without a second thought. Maintain a manicured garden and improve the overall appeal of your property!

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