Beginners Guide for Gardening & Landscaping Tools Hire

It is generally simple to go overboard when opting for gardening & landscaping tools hire for beginners. While they can take a great lot of space as well as cost a lot, but remain concentrated on the basics can keep your storage or shed space from getting overcrowded, even though the gardening & landscaping tools hire are for a limited time. 

Here I will list some basic essential gardening & landscaping tools hire, which beginners should first consider before going for the heavier tools: 


While gardening is a great hobby, it quickly can turn into a splintery and thorny hassle if you do not have the correct pair of gloves. Your gloves should be durable and definitely not bulky, especially when working with transplanting seeds. Fit is crucial, as poorly fitted gloves can create blisters or lead to accidents ranging from slipping off during work. The fabric should not only be water resistant but also breathable, which would help you keep your hands comfortable and cool. The gloves should have longer cuffs, which would protect your forearms and wrists from scratches & keep the soil or any dirt from getting into it. Ensure to store gloves out of the sunlight, away from water. 

Pruning Shears

Hand pruners are also known as secateurs assist reign in plants that get out of control. Anvil styled pruners cut with sharp blades and thus meet flat surfaces, which are similar to knives on board. Bypass pruners cut with sharp blades pass by sharp edged flat surfaces, similar to scissors. Anvil pruners are a prudent object for deadwood as they can cause crush injuries to green, fresh stems and branches without requiring much manual pressure. Bypass pruners are best for green wood and live plants. Pruners must easily fit in the palm of your hand. Ratcheting pruners provide you with enhanced cutting strength, which is just perfect for anyone with lowered hand strength as well as arthritis. For cleaner cuts & reduced injury to plants, pruners must be sharpened regularly, which we assure our hire company does regularly. 


Next cutting instrument, loppers are generally long handled pruners brought into use to trim hard to reach locations and cut thicker branches. Long handles in them provide leverage to cut through the branches up to an inch or even more than a diameter. Bypass loppers are less precise in the cut location in comparison to anvil style. Longer handled loppers are usually heavy. Thus, you should know what is an appropriate length for you. 

Garden Fork

A Garden fork is an efficient instrument for turning your soil as it can dig into the soil better than a spade. Forks that are slightly curved to spines are best for scooping mulch and turning compost piles. Straight tines are recommended for digging, great for rocky, compacted, or clay soil. 

At Eros Hire, we provide you with a wide range of tools that include log splitter, post driver electric, and turf/sod cutter. Contact us today for gardening & landscaping tools hire at affordable pricing.