Beat the Dark with the Best Lightening Solution in High Wycombe

We know how difficult it is for you to work in dark and carry on with your project. But can you let the darkness bow you down and put an obstruction to your progress? Definitely not! So the best option for you is to hire some lightening solutions that can help you overcome the darkness in the path and move on. Lightening towers or lightening stands are a perfect way to go if you want to enlighten a work field. And the best part is that although lights and equipment don’t come cheap, yet you can avail of all the benefits by merely hiring such equipment.

Lightening Tools Available For Hire

Although the market is flooded with several varieties of lightening gadgets, yet you can choose to have the best suitable option. The work intensity, area of fieldwork, usage timings, etc. all determines the choice of the lightening tool. Here we are briefly discussing a few options that are available with our company that can help you cut through the darkness!

Festoon Lights

Starting from a meagre rent of £6 for a day, these are party lights with oversized bulbs all woven into a garland like structure. These are very trendy and commonly used lightening solutions that are waterproof as well.

Floodlight Gas

These kinds of lights are used to brighten up a huge outdoor area for some big event. These are quite power-packed and are high-intensity lights. You can use it conveniently for any kind of sports event or big concerts.

Plasterers Light

They are fluorescent lights available for easy lighting solutions to a particular area. You can easily avail them on rent @ £9 for a day or £18 for a week

Floodlight 500w on stand Electric

Halogen Floodlight has wide usage in a number of projects and you do not need to buy them permanently as you can avail easy renting option starting right from £6 for a day. (The bulbs are for sale although)

Link Light

Linkable lighting towers can allow up to 4 towers to be powered from a single 32a, 110v generator output. Each 7m tower delivers 1600w of metal halide light.

Ecolite Lightening Tower

These are versatile lighting solution with an added benefit of mobility. You can get a 9m long mast on a mobile trailer with 4 bulbs of 1000w intensity each.

Why Go For Renting Of These Lightening Solutions In High Wycombe?

We always say that renting comes with an added advantage of non-maintenance. You can rent from Eros Hire Tools at a reasonable price and can avail complete usage and benefits without actually purchasing the tools. Renting is a budget-friendly solution and you can get the latest designs and trends. Moreover, you can get easy return options once you are done with your work. Storage, maintenance and other factors are no more going to bother you once you have decided to rent the equipment rather than buying! Call us today and choose your pick!