All You Need to Know About Powered Access Equipment

Boom Lifts, cherry pickers and boom lifts are work platforms that provide elevation. They can be used to elevate tools, supplies and even workers to complete installation and maintenance tasks. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two if you have come across them but have not used such platforms before. However, below, we share everything you need to know about these tools.

Our Range of Access Powered Equipment

Cherry Pickers

A cherry picker is a type of crane that comes with a platform or bucket mounted on a truck. They lift people to heights that a ladder cannot reach, enabling them to do complex things like fixing powerlines and trimming trees.

Uses of a Cherry picker include:

  • Utility work
  • Tree trimming
  • Farm work
  • Window washing
  • Filming
  • Signwriting
  •  Fruit harvesting

Boom Lifts

A boom lift is an aerial lift that lifts workers on a work site off the ground. There are two types of boom lifts-the telescopic and articulating boom lifts. The telescopic boom is alternatively known as a straight boom. It stems straight from the boom hoist and can reach 185 feet high. Articulate booms are also known as knuckle booms as it has a lit arm with multiple separated sections, thus the use of the word knuckle. They give less reach than telescoping booms but are more horizontally and vertically flexible.

Vertical Mast Lifts

A vertical mast lift is an aerial work platform that gives you access to tight-fitting and high-reaching areas. Vertical masts are only 2 to 3 feet wide, making them the most compact aerial lift you can find in the market.

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is construction machinery used to elevate loads and equipment off the ground. While this machine reaches a shorter height than a vertical mast lift and only moves vertically, it can be useful for projects that need to lift more than a single worker at a time. They vary in size, fuel type and application and prices.

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