All About Painting & Decorating Tools Hire

Painting and decorating work play a significant role in making a space aesthetically beautiful. Whether it is a residential building, a public one, a commercial space, or any factory, the right kind of painting and decorating work makes the space apt as per the functional value that space offers.

Whether you are going for a DIY project or you want to finish a commercial project, the best way to go about it is to hire painting and decorating tools. The whole process of painting & decorating involves a lot of steps; hence, it requires different kinds of tools to do the job perfectly. If you use the right kind of equipment for the job, you will be able to ensure a lot of efficiency at work. You will also be able to reduce the labour time and ensure a high-quality finish from the job.

Suitable for DIY and Large Commercial Projects

Whether you want to go for wall painting, decorative coatings, or achieving the final finish, the right kind of tool will offer you the expected results. Opting for tools & equipment rental services ensures value for money. You can hire specific tools and get your job done efficiently and pay for only the time you keep the tools with you. You can save money on the cost of the tools and utilise the same on other aspects of the project.

Partner with the Best tool Hire Agency

At Eros Hire, we offer a whole range of painting and decorating tools on hire at great pricing. Here is a list of rental tools that we offer on hire.

  • Compressor 240V UP TO 14 CFM – Electric C/W Airline
  • Spray System Airless
  • Spray System Apollo
  • Spray Gun Hopper Feed
  • Tyrolean Roughcast Machine – For Applying Cement Textured Finishes
  • Damp Course Injection Machine
  • Hot Air Gun Electric – For Stripping Paint and Varnish Without Burning
  • Wallpaper Stripper – Speeds Up Removal of Wallpaper Incl. Woodchip
  • Wallpaper Perforator
  • Plaster Mixer 110V
  • Line Marker

These tools are suitable for both home refurbishment work as well as for commercial or industrial development work. You can redecorate your home, garage, warehouse, workshop, and achieve a completely new look and finish with the efficient tools from Eros Hire.

Eros Hire is one of the preferred tool hire agencies based in Aylesbury. No matter what kind of painting and decorative work you want, we will have the right solution for you and that too at a reasonable cost. Associating with us for painting & decorating tool hire services will help you to get value for money. Also, our customer service will assist you at every step of the tool rental process, should you have any queries.

Connect with our representativesif you have questions about the process of how to hire painting and decorating tools from us and we will offer you the right solution to all your queries.