Access Tower Hire and the Benefits Associated with It

An access tower is a useful piece of equipment used at homes to reach a height, which was inaccessible earlier and fix issues at that height. This is a modern replacement of the traditional form of a tower which comes with a platform where you can stand and work without the fear of falling.

Using an access tower helps you to reach height easily and work accordingly to fix things that are not easily reachable. However, such issues do not happen regularly, thus purchasing them might not be a good option. Instead, opting for access to tower hire is a suitable choice. You can fix the issue by yourself without having to call an expert, which is usually available at a high rate.

Here, in this article, we will explore the reasons for opting for access tower hire. Let us first define what is an access tower and how you can utilise this in various situations.

Benefits of Opting for Access Tower for Your Project:

Can Be Carried Anywhere for Being Light Weight

Access towers can be used for commercial, industrial, as well as domestic purposes. They are very light in weight and can be carried anywhere without putting much of an effort. The reason being the ease in assembling and un-assembling them at any time. So, you can utilise them anytime and finish your job with the best of its efficiency.

Less Maintenance Required

Access towers being the choice of the hour is made of good quality material so that less maintenance is required. Also, these are made from non-corrosive metal which makes them durable inthe long run. Going for access tower hire from a reputed tool hire agency, you can rest assured about the quality of the access tower.

Safer Option Than the Traditional Ladders

Access towers are a lot safer option as compared to using ladders to do a job at height. They have no stability issue as they offer a platform where you can stand and work safely. This makes them highly convenient to use at any height. Also, you can choose different designs and heights to make your work more efficient for both commercial as well as DIY projects.

Here Is A List of Access Towers That You Can Rent from Eros Hire

  1. Access Tower 3.2M – 3.7M

Access Tower 3.2m – 3.7m, single width 850mm x 1.8m to 850 mm x 8.2m, double width 1.4m x 1.8m to 1.4m x 11.7m

  • Access Tower 08.7M

Access Tower 8.7m, for internal use only.Double width 1.4m x 1.8m

  • Access Tower 09.2M

Access Tower 9.2m, internal use onlydouble width 1.4m x 1.8m

  • Access Tower 10.7M

Access Tower 10.7m, internal use only, double width 1.4m x 1.8m

Contact Eros Hire now and let us know your requirement for access tower hire. We will give you the best rate for the best quality access towers while giving you the option to choose from a list of access towers.