Cherry Pickers

The cherry picker was initially designed to help farmers harvest fruits from tall trees. Later, engineers and designers worked on the cherry picker to make the latest versions that can access tall buildings. A cherry picker refers to an aerial work system with a bucket and a hydraulic lifting system that sustains it. The cherry picker’s bucket is attached to a telescopic arm that can be positioned and raised.

How high can it reach?

Cherry pickers can attain a height of 55 meters or 180 feet. In addition, they can extend in several directions, which makes them ideal for several tasks.

What is a boom lift?

It has a platform or bucket at one end and a hydraulically extended arm attached to the base. The components allow the machine to extend to the left or the right. The bucket carries people and materials to different heights and positions.

Boom lifts are of two main types:

Articulating boom lifts– have knuckle connects connecting several arms, enabling the unit to reach its optimal ability.

Telescopic boom lifts– a stick or straight boom lift has a single-hinged extendable arm that stretches over a distance.

Uses of Cherry Pickers

Tree trimming

Cherry pickers are necessary for pruning tall trees in private and public spaces. The activity keeps trees from taking up too much space.

High-access cleaning jobs

cherry pickers have lowered the need to use ladders and scaffolds to clean high windows and roofs.

Maintaining utility lines and poles

The cherry picker is significant in maintaining power poles and lines. The machine offers vertical elevation, which assures workers of their safety.

Fire and emergency services

 Since cherry pickers can reach various heights, they have been used to evacuate people from burning houses. The machine also helps firefighters to put out fires.

Fruit picking

 Cherry pickers were initially developed to pick fruits. Regardless of their modification. They are still used on farms to determine fruits. In addition, it offers greater access to tall trees.

Construction work

Some construction tasks need the cherry picker to allow workers to perform their duties at elevated levels, such as roofing, installing gutters, and other construction practices.

Signwriting and installation

Signs are placed on high buildings or locations that are well-visible to people but awkward to reach. The role of cherry pickers is to ensure that people install the signage at those tall structures easily.

Filming events

 The machine helps filmmakers to shoot from a high angle. The director can get various shots when they use the cherry picker.

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