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·         Our Access Aluminum towers provide multifarious-start along with square threaded flexible legs, integrating full nut for optimal security.

·         The heavy-duty splined shaft and spigot are devised for optimal durability and robustness. It also makes assembly of the tower less difficult.

·         The distinctive ten-impression crimped joint, uniquely designed to upgrade resistance to mishandling and cut down costs of repair.

·         Assembly of Brace hooks, integrating double torsion stainless steel spring for long-term and safe usage.

·         Platforms with integrated bolted hook platform and extrusion profile crafted to offer minimal deflection and enhanced strength.

·         A variety of base plates and trail/non-trail castors are available for hire.

·         Expanded trapdoor access for ease of usage.

·         Multi rung frames for even improved expertise.

·         Our scaffold access tower comprises of the intrinsic ladder system, ribbed tubing for enhanced deck board edge protection and grip. Our access towers even have dual action trigger regulated with locking claws and self- sterilization flexible legs.


Our Scaffold Access Tower ranges from sloped roofs to bridges and differs in sizes and heights. These tools and equipment are fully safety checked and ideal for any type of construction sites. Eros Hire tools offer optimal strength and security in hazardous as well as unsafe environments.

So, do you want a suitable equipment to assist you to work at height? Then you don’t need to look further. Contact Eros Hire tools to hire the state-of-the-art Access Tower at your nearest depot.

Benefits of Tool Hire to Meet an Array of Needs
Mon, 02 Apr 2018

According to our tools hire portfolio we provide a comprehensive range of services from cleaning and floor care to excavators and plants to accommodate the diverse demands in all types of projects. Eros Tool Hire is a specialist in providing safe and authentic Tool Hire services to customers across the UK. In-depth customer research and understanding of their needs have led us to gain the accreditation from clients across many industry verticals. Each sector is distinct from each other based on their needs with the existence of several barriers and challenges to surpass. Our gained industry knowledge and comprehension regarding customer preference lead us to offer an unmatched plant hire service.

Why hire tools from Eros Hire?

Easy process of ordering and diversified range of products:

You can easily browse through our website to explore Eros Tools Hire catalogue and when you spot the item of your need, you can simply order online or give us a call to organize collection or doorstep delivery. We can arrange next day delivery as well as exclusive early deliveries as per the demand. We have a versatile and professional team in-house to provide guidance if you are not affirmative about what item would suit the best to finish your job. Our equipment and machinery are perfect for any kind of implementation at any season of the year. We offer a diverse range of tools on hire to help where the daylight is unable to function optimally or the weather conditions are adverse. With the help of our high-performance dumpers, diggers, drillers, generators, welding equipment, you can carry out the outdoor projects without any interruptions.

Availability of credit accounts for regular buying:

We cater to different customers with a variety of needs such as one-time customer as well as the regular customer. If you consider yourself to in the latter category you must open a trade account with us to simplify the ordering process. Opening a trade account with us will help you to order the required tools easily. The credit application form is available on our website to cut short the long process.

Easy price availability:

At Eros hire tools, you can easily find about the prices of your required tools online such as Breaking Tools, Diamond Drilling, Power Equipment Welding Equipment, Pipework Equipment, Plumbing Tools, Gardening Equipment, Landscaping Equipment, Trimmers, Lifting Equipment, Excavators Machinery, Diggers, Dumpers, Forklifts, Plant Machinery, Skip Loaders. There is no hidden cost of our tool hire services.

Maintenance of tools and equipment:

If any kind of fault arises during a job or project with machinery or equipment hired from us, we either replace or repair the tools on an urgent basis so that your work doesn’t get affected.

Fast track and accurate delivery: 

If you are looking for a fast-track solution for your job, then Eros tool hire is the solution. Working alongside with the Eros hire aids you to access your required tools as soon as possible.

The advice of our team – With Eros Tool hire you will get the advantage from our specialist’s extensive experience in tool hire domain. If you have any doubts, we have the possible answer.

Hire a Carpet and Vacuum Cleaner to Keep Your Floor and Carpet Squeaky Clean
Fri, 23 Mar 2018

Everyone is well acquainted with the idea of utilizing a cleaning machine to eradicate dirt from the floor or carpet on a regular basis. A vacuum cleaning session on a regular basis may seem to sustain a comparatively dirt less carpet as well as a floor but it is not always capable to remove the deep-rooted stains, dirt, bad odours, and bacteria persistent to the fibres of the carpet. So, a general vacuum cleaning is neither enough to maintain a fresh look of the carpet nor it is able to offer a healthy and hygienic environment in your house. You can hire a carpet and vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and carpets in your house and maintain a healthy and hygienic environment.

Up keeping carpets in best condition can pose a great challenge. It is more difficult to keep it dirt free along with the presence of pets and children in the house. It is very important for a house owner to keep the carpet hygienic and clean for the welfare of the family members, especially the children. You must always resort to a professional cleaning machine to stay away from any type of hidden bacteria, dreadful mites and allergens in your carpet. Otherwise, it can be the source of health-related problems, especially for the older people and children. People who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems must also keep the carpet pristine clean to avoid such health hazards.

Choose from a Range of Equipment Available:

At Eros Hire, a tools and equipment hire company, you will get a wide range of equipment to choose from. Considering the amount of dust and dirt collected on the floor of your house you can choose an equipment to achieve deeper and effective cleaning. You can opt for a steam carpet cleaner to clean your carpet with chronic dirt, harmful bacteria, and bad odours.

Clean Your Carpet and Floor on Your Own with Rental Tools:

It might seem easier to hire a carpet and vacuum cleaner. But for that, you will need to pay them a hefty fee. Taking up the project of carpet cleaning yourself will help you save a lot of money. Moreover, it is also an easy process and the professionals at the tool hire company guide you on how to use a particular equipment. So, you can eradicate the harmful allergens and bacteria by yourself and that too by paying very less for the tools and equipment hire companies to charge on a day-to-day basis. You can return the machine accordingly so that you do not need to pay them any extra.

Choose a Professional Tool Hire Company:

At Eros Hire, you could always hire a hire a carpet and vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner at an affordable rate. We have an array of extremely efficient and easy to use professional cleaning equipment, such as Cold water pressure washer petrol, Cold water pressure washer electric, Hot water pressure washer, Vacuum wet / dry twin motor.  Using a professional carpet cleaning equipment will also transform your carpet`s appearance as a brand new and will remove deep-rooted grime and bad odours. It will also convert your living room to a much nicer and fresher place to be.  At Eros Hire, we offer some of the cheapest hire rates available in the UK, our professional carpet cleaning equipment offers a great value for money.

Importance of Diamond and Drilling Hire
Mon, 19 Mar 2018

The basic diamond & drilling hire equipment are small but is said to be an essential part of any assignment. Moreover, premium-oriented quality equipment can bring about a great level of difference in between the disappointed customer and successful rentals. The diamond and drilling hire machines are hired by the utility contractors, mechanical workers, stone masons and plumbers for the purpose of drilling holes in the floors, roads, ceilings, and walls.

Different kinds of diamond & drilling hire equipment:

    Impact drilling is also called the rotary hammering or hammer oriented drilling which utilizes the pulsating function so as to do the job of a miniature sized jackhammer. These bring forward short pulses which obliterate softer or mushy materials which edge on the drill swiftly through the much-desired object. The impact drilling is a machine utilized to drill through solid and harder objects like the concrete slabs. For example, the impact hire drills include Hilti Quick Release Chuck, Bosch Cordless Drill, and Hilti TE16.

    The core drilling is most commonly utilized by the daily contractors or DIY individual alike. The major objective of the core drilling equipment is to render a hole which is cylindrical in shape in the desired object. The desired object might include materials like plastic, wood, and metal. By efficiently utilizing this function, you can ensure the ultimate core of the object is well preserved for an intended utilization. The feasible examples of core drilling equipment are Hilti DD130, Hycon HCD50-20, and Hilti DD200.

    The Magnetic base oriented drills can definitely make a drilling project relatively easier due to the stability and extra precision offered by the tools. The magnetic base of the tool ensures that the drill is placed in a particular position for a considerable duration to do the work. This assures accuracy, stability and creates a high-quality product. Apt examples of magnetic drills include Eco 50 and Eco 100/3.

Why must you hire tools from a good drilling company?

    Variety and feasible options: The equipment and tools offered by the hire company are generally up to date. The equipment offered by them assist you to construct, develop, improve, maintain and renovate anything right under the sun as it is the finest and best quality tools available to you based on your requirement and budget.

    Heavy duty machines: The equipment offered by the hiring agency ideally suits for the utilization in the factories, sites, farms, homes, roads and more.

    Great deals: The hiring agency offer great competitive prices suiting the requirement and budget of the individual.

    Meets deadlines: The hiring agency focuses on the agenda of getting your work done in the best and possible way, by delivering the required tools on time, which enables you to meet your required deadlines.

Hence, when it comes to hiring diamond and drilling tools, you must make sure to take the assistance of Eros Hire, a top class hire agency exhibiting the widest range of best machines. Whether you require impact drills, core drills, earth drills or magnetic base drill, we have got it all at an affordable range suiting your requirement and budget.

The Essence of Mini Digger and Mini Dumper Hire for Construction Project
Sun, 11 Mar 2018

In the blog below we have compiled four distinct things which you must consider at the time of Mini Digger and Mini Dumper Hire. Listed below are the possible aspects of requirements which you must effectively think when dealing with an assignment of construction work. Therefore, it is worth considering these pointers into account:


    Is there any kind of utility-oriented services in the prescribed area required to be excavated?


At the time of planning your work which includes digging, you must remember that the gas pipes, the communication cables of fibre optic, water pipes, sewers and power cables – all of these are present underground and might fall in the pathway of your project. It is essential for the internal safety and the ongoing overall maintenance that these services are assisted at the beginning stage of the assignment so as to neglect any such nasty or expensive surprises at the time of the digging phase. Tools like the cable detectors must be utilized or hired as they ensure you to check the utilities of the company or agency before you begin with the job.


    How much in depth do I require to dig in?


How much deep must you dig is controlled or characterized by on what you actually make an attempt to attain. In case, if you are making an attempt to level up an existing garden or arrange footings regarding the conservatory requirements for digging, then it is going to be way distinct to a particular folk who is constructing a swimming pool or basement extension with a deep end which is eight foot.


Eros Hires exclusive fleet of mini diggers caters to a wide range of a digging depth which is of about 1800 mm achieved by the diggers who can dig and reach deep down to eight-tonne midis. The digging widths and the bucket sizes must also be considered. For instance, if you require digging a long trench of 6 inches then you require a digger of about three tonnes as anything larger in comparison to the quick hitch and bucket linkage is way too wide so as to accommodate the small bucket.


    What is the root condition of the area which is to be excavated?


At the time of Mini Dumper Hire to throw away the material which you have dug, it is essential to have a knowledge about the basic conditions which you are about to tackle. For instance, if the floor is way too soft, you require digging deeper in comparison to when it was firm and hence the depth of digging might convey the digger with greater depth. In case, the ground is hard and sticky with clay, you require three-tonne mini excavator with a bucket digging force of about 22kN instead of a 2-tonne digger.


    What do you intend to do with the excavated matter?


Digging various holes displaces the inner soil which requires going somewhere. You will have to place the dug matter somewhere else on the site where the work is being conducted. This is particularly simpler at the time of landscaping but considerably not desired or possible for other small projects or plots. Hence, you can maintain and manage the waste matter or can indulge in Mini Dumper Hire so as to dump the waste matter. This is a machine which is easily loaded by the essential digger with a tonne of matter for a particular time and then finally emptied into the skip.


A Complete Guide for Mini Digger Hire
Fri, 02 Mar 2018

Compact excavators or mini diggers are considered a must choice utilized in the construction-oriented projects of various sizes and types. However, you require availing a clear grip on which job would actually enhance them in the best way. A mini digger can be utilized in various situations, making it an essential equipment piece that is destined to make the jobs cheaper, safer and easier. There are several hardy tasks which can be performed by mini diggers or compact excavators.

What are the benefits of using a mini digger?

Contrary to it name, the mini excavator or compact diggers are not compact or mini. Indeed, the machine is relatively bigger in size and is extremely powerful in nature which needs to be utilized or driven by an expert or experienced operator. In relation to its older siblings, the digger is considered to be smaller. However, the mini digger can be extremely dangerous if it is not utilized in the correct manner.

From their systematic or methodical counterparts for being lighter and smaller, mini diggers differ greatly. But, even then the mini diggers can weigh about seven to eight tonnes. The mini diggers come with strong hydraulics and engines clubbed with distinct attachments like the breakers, trenching buckets, clamps, compactors, rippers and many more.

With an experienced and qualified driver, a mini digger is likely to accomplish a great deal in a period of some time and decisively in a small little space. The number of attachments available, the more efficiently the mini digger is likely to work and complete a wide line up of tasks. Most often, mini diggers are utilized for work related to small operations like forestry, landscaping, smaller demolition, and light construction assignments. Typical work for compact based excavators is garden landscaping, demolishing of small structures, trench and subsequent digging for the drainage channels and footings, removal of the undergrowth of tree stumps, insertion of the fence posts and digging of various sized holes. 

Attachments which is utilized for demolition or digging are the most essentially needed in Mini Digger Hire assignments or projects. The attachments required include augers, buckets, compaction wheels, compactor plates, rippers, and buckets. 

Are you thinking to opt for Mini Digger Hire?

There are several things which must be considered before you take the actual decision of Mini Digger Hire. The attachments utilized in mini digger include powerful tools and small footprints that make the machine incredibly versatile and useful in nature, but however, the machine has its own limitations.

Firstly, you must consider the various conditions regarding which the digger operates. The overall weight of the mini digger can be the main factor on the terrain which is generally steeply sloped or unstable. The mini diggers or compact excavators come with tracks or wheels. Wheels are considered an amazing choice on the surface ground which is flat and smooth like the tarmac or concrete. At times, when you are indoors, the toughened rubber or the tracks of the steel installed in the mini digger is considerably better in terrains which are rough like the rock, gravel, and dirt. However, you require making sure that the attachment of the boom takes quite long to finish the task in totality. Distinct compact diggers have different attachments representing dig depth. Therefore, you require knowing how far it can reach.

Hiring mini diggers endow you with general guidelines for safety so that you can perform the operation via a mini digger with ease and comfort. Therefore, if you want to hire a mini digger for a limited time, contact Eros Hire, a renowned and trusted hire company in the UK. 

Reasons Why You Should Rent a Pressure Washer
Thu, 22 Feb 2018

To rent a Pressure Washer is an effective decision as it allows you to clean those surfaces of your home which might be dangerous. Here are the points which will assist you to take the decision of renting a professional washer.

Have you got a drabby driveaway? Or has your roof become strained and streaked? Do you wish to restore and reinstate the natural beauty of your fence or deck? In all these cases, you might require the assistance of a Pressure Washer to help you get rid of the unwanted strains.

Though Pressure Washers can be bought for the home use however it is a risky affair of buying rather than renting. If you buy the machinery you might not get the required assistance and you would have to use the machine on your own which can turn out to be dangerous. With a considerable amount of water pressure inflicted on the machinery, it can damage them. Moreover, the pressure stream generated from the machinery can pierce through the eyes and skin if exposed. Therefore, if you take the decision of purchasing a pressure washer without taking the assistance of professionals, then you must be extremely cautious. However, if you take the decision of renting the Pressure Washer from Eros Hire then you avail end to end assistance along with a professional guide to help you operate the machine with ease without causing any injuries to yourself.

Here are a few relevant questions which you must ask yourself before taking the decision of renting the Pressure Washer:

    Ask yourself how much pressure will be required and measure it by gallons or pounds per inch. There are experts who certainly believe that more pressure is not generally better, especially on surfaces like grout, roofing, and wood.

    Ask whether you can use environmentally amiable solutions along with the machinery for cleaning.

    Ask whether you require hot or cold water for cleaning. Hot water has certain benefits while cold water is not generally effective for cleaning the greasy or dirty surface.

    At the time of renting as for estimates, insurance, references, license, and bonding.

Benefits of renting Pressure Washer:

It is a major cleaning expertise:

Pressure Washers can remove stubborn or unwanted dirt with ease and comfort, thereby adding charm and tinge of sparkle to your home. The Pressure Washer implies distinct approaches for cleaning different surfaces. The water pressure must be regulated well at varying pressures so as to clean the dirty surface.

Helps you to save money, time and effort:

The overall process of cleaning your home takes a great deal of time and effort. Doing the work yourself with your own hands during holidays or weekends might not be an easy job. It might consume a lot of effort and time, taking away the precious time which you could have utilized to be along with your family members. Taking the assistance of pressure cleaner helps you do your work easily and fast without hampering your time. Bottom of Form


Reasons Why You Should Opt for Welding Hire Equipment
Thu, 15 Feb 2018

To get started with welding can be an intimidating choice for all who are in this field. For the welders who are experienced, you always encounter the need to purchase some or the other tool for your new project. The selection of the apt welding tool can be a staggering choice to make. Welding Hire Equipment is way better than purchasing each and every tool individually when the need arises.

The Welding Equipment needs are divided into three categories:

1)    Utilization Requirement

2)    Volume Requirement

3)    Technological Requirement

Utilization Requirements

In a construction based industry, a primary thumb rule is that if you do not utilize the piece of equipment at lease for 70 to 80 percent of the time, then you must take the decision of Welding Hire Equipment.

However, if the rate of utilization surpasses a particular threshold, you must purchase the equipment but if it does not then hire the Welding Equipment is the best option available. Other factors that weigh in favour of the hire option is that if you do not have the correct welding equipment and you require it immediately and if you are facing significant cost consequences as the estimated days for the completion of a particular project are being wasted. Therefore, in such cases, for the immediate requirement, most of the contractors would choose to partake in the decision of Welding Hire Equipment.

Volume Requirements

Volume Needs may dictate the supplementing equipment you personally own by renting the additional welding equipment. For instance, for the purpose of building a power plant, or for working on a scheduled plant, that may easily demand 200 to 300 acres. Therefore, to meet the sudden increase, most of the contractors opt to partake in the decision to hire than incur capital expenses for the purchase of equipment.

Technological Requirements

Technological needs might influence your decision. For instance, if you require an engine drive with a carbon or stick for gauging relevant output, you will consider the decision of hiring.  On taking the decision of hiring, you have the choice and valid options to choose the leading and latest Welding Equipment which might be available at an expensive rate if bought. Hence, working with the up to date rental offices like Eros Hire can allow you to sweep in the experience of working with new welding equipment before purchasing them, thereby allowing you to head to head compare the old with the latest welding machines.

Thereby, with enormous pressure on the construction houses to increase their efficiency and productivity, the contractors on a constant basis analyze what it takes to set them apart from the present competition. The welding supply distributors are very well aware making it easy for the business by offering them with the latest equipment at a justifiable rental rate.

Why Choose Eros Hire?

Out on a hunt for the best Welding Hire Equipment? Eros Hire offers a comprehensive range of welding equipment to assist you to get the work done quickly and effectively. Being a leading hirer of power and welding equipment, we make sure you find the perfect welder and welding accessories to suit your requirements at justifiable rates.


Whether you want to hire a welder for domestic use or you are looking for heavy duty welders, you are sure to find everything at Eros Hire, one of the best Welding Hire Equipment Company. From small electric welders to heavy duty welders such as 600-amp diesel driven units, we are sure to assist you to get the correct welding equipment to suit your needs, purpose, and budget with ease and comfort. Therefore, do not fret to take the decision of hiring the welding equipment. Choose Eros Hire for all your hire needs for tools and equipment.

Reasons to Indulge In The Decision Of Sanding Equipment Hire
Thu, 08 Feb 2018

Floor Sanding assists to keep your hardwood floors clean, beautiful and pristine for decades. This is a quick home amelioration remedy that assists to increase the value of your home. Clean, pristine hardware floors portray an enviable and gorgeous feature, making your home look all the more elegant and beautiful. Utilisation of sanding equipment assists to add the tinge of warmth and luxury to the flooring of your home.

Aging and tired floorboards of your home can mar the overall attire and appeal of your home making it look unpresentable. Therefore the easiest and the most convenient way of making your floor look better is by spending a little. By indulging in the decision of Sanding Equipment Hire, you can elevate the level of beauty and transform the overall look within a matter of two to three days. Moreover, by taking the decision of Sanding Equipment Hire, you can get the best and the latest model of woodworking tools which are advanced in nature so as to ensure best results which can help you to accomplish the work effectively and quickly.

Indulging in the decision of Sanding Equipment Hire can assist you to reduce the operational costs for your business. Like, if you are a contractor in a requirement of a large range of woodworking sanders and tools on daily basis, then you must have the access to the best equipment and tools to ensure that the work is done effectively and quickly without any kind of hassle. Eros Hire is a professional team that can assist you with the best tools available in the market for your industrial and commercial use. By indulging in Sanding Equipment Hire, you can reduce the overall operational cost of your business, since you do not have to fret about the storage space, maintenance or repair expense of the tools. Also, you do not have to lose the remaining working hours due to the unavailability of the equipment and tools, since the company Eros Hire replaces the faulty tools and provides you with the advanced and the best tools for your work purpose at once.

Moreover, by indulging in the decision of Sanding Equipment Hire, you can increase the efficiency of your business with the best and advanced tools provided to you for as long as you require. Eros Hire Tools provide you with various types of Woodworking and sanders like Floor Sander and Edger, Disc Sander and Polisher, Power Planner Electric, Texture Surface Remover, Floor Edger Sander, Sash Cramps, Random Orbital Sander, Floor Sander 200 mm, Triangular Sander, Belt Sander 100 mm, Worktop Jig Cutter, Orbital Sander, Refinish Sander, Palm Sander and Floorboard Cramps.


However, now it is possible for you to renovate and revamp your floor without leaving behind any dust. It is recommended by us to hire services from Eros Hire if you are looking to get virtually dust free floors on the completion of the set project. We are reputable and go to experienced company when it comes to providing high-quality services and advanced tools for floor sanding. 

Trolley Hire And The Benefits Associated With It
Tue, 30 Jan 2018

As and when the seasons change or the count for the number of days for a particular project comes to an end, the requirement for the number of trolleys increases for your retail or construction-oriented business. You might get afraid of the thought that you will need to buy extra ones so as to survive a particular season or complete a particular project. Whether you are working on a construction site or in a retail firm, your worker or customer require moving around the heavy object from one place to another. Luckily, hiring can help you get extra trolleys for a specific length of time for which you need to serve your workers or customers in a quality oriented manner. After the end of the peak season or end of the project, you can simply return back the trolleys. Below are the benefits of Trolley Hire:


•    Save relevant amount of money when you hire extra trolleys for a particular season:

Buying irrelevant and an additional number of trolleys might cause strain to your budget as the purchase will become irrelevant for the other part of the year in terms of a retail company and other small projects in terms of a construction company. Based on the circumstance, taking the decision of trolley hire becomes more cost-effective for the peak of the selling period or for the completion of a huge project rather than wasting money on buying them.


•    Meeting necessary and temporary demand for the peak of the period when a maximum sale is concerned:

Byways of hiring extra trolleys during the peak of the selling period, you can meet temporary demands efficiently. For instance, you can indulge in trolley hire for the months of October, November, and December during the Christmas time when there is a huge rush. Once the festival is over the peak selling period comes to an end, you can return the trolleys back.


•    Try new models of trolleys prior to buying them:

Another advantage of indulging in trolley hire is that you get to try out brand new models prior to buying them so as to replace the worn or the broken trolleys. By trolley hire, you can thoroughly understand that how different models operate and what quality are they of before you make the permanent investment to purchase a new one.


•    Guidance and Expert Maintenance is available all the time:

Alongside other benefits, you are prone to receive professional maintenance and guidance throughout the period of lease. If you face any issue or trouble with the trolleys, Eros Hire is sure to address them all in a satisfactory manner and not demand extra charge. Moreover, you can also consult the company regarding the trolley models that you find ideal according to your seasonal requirements.



For all your Trolley Hire requirements turn to Eros Hire. We are sure to assist you and provide you with the best model at an amiable rate. With Eros Hire, you can hire best quality tools and equipment at the most affordable rates; so no matter what your lifting and moving requirements are, you need not look any further. All the tools and equipment offered for hire meet the industry standards and ensure the safety of the workers who operate them. Thus for the best tools and equipment rental experience, you can only count on Eros Hire. We offer top notch customer service and guarantee customer satisfaction every time. 

5 Reasons to Indulge In Drilling Equipment Hire
Tue, 16 Jan 2018

Drilling Machine is considered to be an essential machinery tool. Primarily, the drilling machine was designed to make extremely small as well as big holes at relevant places. But now the machine is utilized for multipurpose task that includes building a structure foundation, quarrying work, levelling work and boulder splitting task. This is, in fact, an important machine that enables to easily perform a complicated task with ease. Moreover, the latest designed drilling machines run on the basis of automated process and do not require any manual efforts. At present, these highly accurate drilling machines are manufactured by utilizing standard quality material keeping in mind the latest requirement. Also, these machines incorporate within the up to date technology.

Although the drilling machines are designed with the agenda to make a cylindrical hole, it also allows you to perform many other essential operations with ease like tapping, boring, reaming, lapping, trepanning, grinding and spot facing. At the construction sites, drilling tools are required to be hired so as to raise the productivity and efficiency of work. Drilling Equipment Hire endeavours the company with relevant ease and benefits.

Listed below are few advantages of Drilling Equipment Hire:

1. Reduced Cost and Maximised Productivity:

Drilling Equipment Hire enable the companies to fulfil their job within a fixed budget and also allows to reduce the overall cost incurred as you do not need to pay for the maintenance cost. Therefore, hiring benefits you and enables a higher level of productivity and allows you to complete the project on time. A proper compact hire supplies you with the up to date drilling machinery and also enables the workers to complete the scheduled tasks on time with ease.

2. Customised Planning for Payment:

At present, the hirer offers various hiring plans which enable the construction companies to select the machinery depending upon their budget and requirements. Drilling Equipment Hire provides you with flexibility and delineates the exact cost of hiring the machinery at a specific time period. This is certainly not the case if you go about purchasing the drilling equipment.

3. Disposal with Ease:

Once the construction companies are done with the compaction or utilization of the drilling machine, the machinery can be returned back to the hirer. This way, the construction companies have nothing to fret over regarding where they must store their equipment and how much cost must be incurred to maintain it over the course of a certain project.

4. Prevent Wastage of Additional Money by Hiring the Equipment for a Short Span:

Hiring a drilling equipment prevents you from wasting money on purchasing the equipment which you will not use for a longer duration. If your construction project requires the drilling equipment for a shorter duration then the equipment is liable to be idle afterwards, therefore Drilling Equipment Hire is a better option than purchase.

5. Get Latest Up-to-date Technology:


The hiring market is a competitive market and incites the hire companies like Eros Hire Tools to offer recent up to date machines that can help you to get the job faster with better efficiency.  

4 Reasons Why Tools and Equipment Hire Is Better Than Buying Them
Mon, 08 Jan 2018

The use of tools and equipment has made our life easier as these tools help us do things faster and with more efficiency. For everything we do, we need a machine or equipment. If you are planning to start a home project, you will require using various tools and equipment for doing the work. You may not know about all the latest machines which can be used for the project and buy them all is just not possible for you. The best and the only way is to opt for tools and equipment hire.

Here are the few reasons why you should go for tools and equipment hire instead of buying them:

More Flexibility in using the various tools:

Tools and equipment hire gives you a lot of flexibility as you can hire only a few tools for a particular span of time. Any project requires a lot of machinery, you can hire them as per their usage and then return them. And, then you hire the next set of equipment and return them accordingly. So, this gives you the flexibility of only using the tools which you require at one point in time.

You get to use the latest make and models of the tools and equipment:

Opting for tools and equipment hire always gives you the option of using the best machines made with the latest technology. Moreover, the company professionals also give you expert advice on which machinery would be the best suited for your project and accordingly guide you in hiring them. This will enhance the efficiency of your work and that too for a little amount of money.

You only pay for the duration you hire the tools for:

The best part about partaking in the decision of tools and equipment hire is that you only pay for the duration you use the tools for. Once you are done using them, just return them and hire the next set of tools. The amount of money you spend here is way less than the amount you had to spend if you bought the equipment for your project. And, here you have the option of different machines if you are not satisfied with one make or model. This is the best way to save money and spend the same on something else.

You get good customer service:


The companies hiring out tools and equipment provide very good customer service. This is in terms of helping the customers in choosing the best equipment and running the machines in their optimum way. They send a replacement of the equipment if there is a damage to it while they are being used and they also do the maintenance and repair. So, you will not have much of downtime when your work is in progress. The moment there is a machine breakdown, just inform the company hiring out the machines and they will send the replacement as soon as possible. 

Make The Most of Your Money With Tools and Equipment Hire
Tue, 12 Dec 2017

Tools and equipment hire has long been in practice for many good reasons. Whether you are a builder, contractor or an individual, rental tools and equipment is the best bet for you. For this is the most cost-effective way to go about your work. Hiring the equipment gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of spending money, equipment maintenance, storage, and using the latest make and model of the machine. Moreover, the tools and equipment hire company gives you expert suggestion on the best machine required to get your work done. They also offer you help in running the machines smoothly and efficiently for maximum utilization of it.

Here are a few reasons why tools and equipment hire is the best way to go about your work with the least amount of liability.

Cost Effective:

Hiring tools and equipment is always the cost-effective way. You do not need to buy the equipment and spend a lot of money. You pay only for the duration you use the tools for, which is much lower compared to the actual cost of the machine. You may not need a particular machine equipment for the whole year, so hiring it is the best solution at the time when you need it. You will return the machine after you are done using it and hire the next equipment you require for your work.

No Hassle of Maintenance and Repair:

Tools and equipment hire saves you from the hassle of machine maintenance and repair. The tool hiring company will take care of all such things. You only require to use the machine and continue with your work and keep all the worries about the repair work on the company hiring out the equipment. With tools and equipment hire you also save yourself from the hassle of storage. You do not need to store all the machines and equipment you use during your construction or building work. So, you will save on the space as well by hiring the tools.

No Downtime for Machine Repair:

There are times when you are in the middle of using an equipment and it breaks down. All you need to do at that point in time is to contact the tools and equipment hire company and ask for a replacement. The company hiring out the equipment will send you the replacement machine immediately and also take back the damaged one. This will help you to curb your downtime.

You Get the Choice of the Latest Tools and Equipment:


When you buy a machine for a particular building or construction work, you will need to use it for years unless you spend a lot of money to buy the latest version of the machine every year or whenever the latest model is out in the market. The tools and equipment hire companies give you the option to hire a particular make and model based on the latest technology at a minimum amount compared to the actual cost of the machine. 

Tools and Equipment Hire in Aylesbury Will Prove Value for Money
Tue, 05 Dec 2017

Tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury are popular among contractors, builders, and even individuals. For they serve the purpose without spending much as compared to buying the items. You can hire tools for commercial projects, individual projects and for projects of all sizes. If you adopt a measured approach by opting for a combination of buying and renting the equipment based on the time duration you require the tools for. You can avoid investing in heavier and expensive equipment and opt for rental tools to save yourself from spending that extra buck.

There are many agencies who offer various types of Tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury. Let’s discuss the types of rental tools offered by Eros Hire, which you can avail for reducing the cost factor for your project.

Access Equipment: Eros Hire offers an array of access equipment for hire. These are Access Towers, Ladders, and Powered Access. Whether you need this equipment for a short time or just want to get familiar with their use, you can happily hire these tools.

Tool Hire: You can choose from this wide range of equipment, Cleaning and floor care, Borer, Breaking and Drilling, Diamond Drilling and Cutting, Fixing tools, Grinding, Cutting and Dust Extraction, Heating, Cooling and Drying, Leisure, Wood and Metal Cutting, Woodworking, and sanders. And, be sure to get these at the best possible rate.

Power and Welding: Then there are Generators, Lighting solutions and Welding Equipment available for your use. Whether you need them for short frame of time or for a longer duration, you will get their help always. You will also get their expert help on how to run a machine and how to maneuver it.

Building and Site Works: You can also choose from Boards, Trestles and Steps, Concreting and Compaction, Painting and Decorating, Pipework and Plumbing, Pumps, Road Safety, Roofing and Site Equipment, Surveying and Safety Equipment. Just talk to them about your requirement and they will help you with the best tool available in the market.

Gardening: If you are fond of maintaining a beautiful house garden, this-this is the place for you. You can choose tools for Gardening and Landscaping, Trimmers and show off the lovely garden in your house.

Lifting Equipment: The lifting equipment such as Lifts and Trolleys are also very useful for your project and buying them is not a good idea. Rental tools and equipment help in reducing cost.

Excavators and Plant: Finally, if you require anything in the domain of Diggers, Hydraulic Post Augers, Dumpers, Skip Loaders, Forklifts and Tele Handlers, you are at the right place to hire the best equipment in the market.



From Compact construction Tools and Equipment Hire in Aylesbury to landscaping equipment rental, this is the easiest and the most available solution for your tools and equipment sourcing needs. This will prove value for your money and let you focus only on your core competency. So, hire the equipment and focus on doing what you do best. 

Reasons to Partake in The Decision of Pipework and Plumbing Hire
Wed, 29 Nov 2017

Pipework and plumbing equipment assist you to clear potential amount of water that gets accumulated in a particular area. The pipework and plumbing equipment range from pipe cutting equipment to pipe threading equipment. Pipework and plumbing equipment also help to clear drains and unwanted blockages. Other pipework and plumbing tools available are pipe cutters, pipe blenders, and wrenches. For all these purposes, Pipework and Plumbing Hire tools can come to your rescue. No matter what material the pipes are made up of whether steel, gold or copper, you can easily bend them effortlessly with the pipework and plumbing tools. Partaking in the decision of Pipework and Plumbing Hire calls for a great idea as it can help you in your home amelioration project or various other professional plumbing service projects which you might take up. Hiring tools are much better than buying them individually because of the following listed reasons:

Pipework and Plumbing Hire makes you pay less:

The best part of partaking in the decision of Pipework and Plumbing Hire is that you do not have to pay the entire cost of the tool. You will only have to pay for the duration you utilize the tool. Once you are done with the work, you can easily return the tool to the company you hired the tool from. By partaking in the decision of hiring you can save a lot.

If you opt for Pipework and Plumbing Hire then you can hire a lot of tools depending on your requirements:

As the cost factor for tool hire is less as compared to buying them, you can hire a variety of tools depending on your budget and requirements. Moreover, the experts will assist you in handling the particular tool you hire. They can also suggest you what particular tool you will require for the work and they may also train you on how to handle and use the tool effectively and get your work done.

You will not incur maintenance cost or storage expense:

The best part of opting for the Pipework and Plumbing Hire is that you will not have to go through the hassle of maintenance or storing the tool if you buy. The company that will endow you with the equipment will offer you the best quality tool and up to date serviced equipment. Therefore, this will assist you in achieving better performance and efficiency at work. Also, you will not have to worry or fret about finding an apt storage space for the equipment if you partake in the decision of hiring them.



Pipework and plumbing tools at Eros Hire are available at justifiable rates. They provide you with the best equipment in the best range depending on your need. They do understand the need for the hour and offer you the plumbing or pipework equipment at the time of urgency. Therefore, you don’t require to fret when you encounter an urgent situation, just call them up and rely on them for the best service and equipment. Hire the tools and equipment you need and return them when you are done. 

Top 3 Benefits of Access Tower Equipment Hire
Tue, 21 Nov 2017

One and foremost industry that doesn’t stop functioning is the construction business. With continuous and ardent efforts for amelioration and development, most of the construction businesses remain busy around the clock. They primarily tackle one project after the other or simultaneously work on distinct ones. Therefore, the construction industries are the ones who require the assistance of Access Tower Equipment Hire. Access Tower Equipment is the mobile units and lightweight equipment that offer an effective and easy solution for those who are constantly looking for a completely secure platform to conduct their basic work at a definite height. Moreover, construction companies are not the only ones that require this equipment, homeowners also search for the same so as to accommodate their short-term renovation needs or building requirements either just by opting for a construction expert or by doing the job individually.

To successfully fulfill an industrial or construction project, you definitely require hiring the right Access Tower Equipment. When it comes to the selection of the right kind of Access Tower Equipment for construction, you are provided with two options either to purchase the required tool or hire it. A number of small and large enterprises have banged on to the thought of Access Tower Equipment Hire since the hiring companies can reap the many benefits of hiring the tool. With the boom of construction and industrial sectors, there has been a huge demand for equipment and tools that are in good conditions. Go through the listed reasons as to why the companies opt for hiring an equipment:

Cost Effective:

Mostly all kinds of heavy equipment and tools are expensive that involves an additional expense for maintenance and repair. Therefore, if you choose the option for Access Tower Equipment Hire, you are sure to get the best set of equipment at justifiable rates. Hence, you don’t require to put a colossal portion of your budget in purchasing the product. Moreover, you can decide the time span for which you require the Access Tower Equipment and then return the equipment to the hire company once the job is done.

Time Effectiveness:

Access Tower Equipment Hire assist you to save a lot of energy and time. If you own the equipment, then you will have to allot some time for repair and maintenance, which means that the ongoing work needs to be halted for the time till the equipment is available again. Therefore, if you partake in the decision of hiring the equipment, you don’t have to fret over repair and maintenance, thus you will not need to halt the work.

No Hassle Regarding Storage:

One of the main reasons as to why the companies prefer Access Tower Equipment Hire over ownership is a storage issue. If you own the Access Tower Equipment then you require to store them in a secured and safe place since leaving the particular equipment outside might lead to relevant damage. To store the purchased equipment, you either need to hire a safe or a hire a well-ventilated space. However, if you just hire the equipment you will not have to think about its storage.


The above three listed points are the top reasons to consider for partaking in Access Tower Equipment Hire. Moreover, to hire an equipment, you can call on to Eros Hire, a leading name in the equipment and tools rental industry guaranteeing you the best tools and equipment hire at the most competitive rates. 

4 Advantages of Gardening Tool Hire
Thu, 09 Nov 2017

Having a beautiful and captivating garden is always a delight. Neatly done plants and bushes always catch the attention of the viewer, as it makes them feel relatively good when viewed from a glance. Keeping the garden up to the mark makes it look perfect. To maintain the garden there are different types of big sized and small sized gardening tools. The small-sized gardening tools are like the weeding fork, garden fork, cutter, trowel, pruning secateurs, gardening gloves to name a few.  The big sized gardening tools are like electric and petrol hedge trimmer, hydraulic post hole borer, petrol aerator, lawn rake, stump chipper, cultivator, wood chipper, renovator and much more.

If you have a small garden and you want to maintain the garden well then you require to put in some time and efforts. For this, you must partake in Gardening Tool Hire.

Here are few reasons why you must partake in Gardening Tool Hire instead of squandering money in buying the same.


1.Gardening Tool Hire is cost-effective: To maintain the quality and beauty of the garden, you generally require making relevant efforts which can be done with a variety of tools and machines. An essential reason for partaking in the decision of Gardening Tool Hire is its cost. The gardening tools can be hired for a specified span of time which you need to return as soon as the time span is over.

2. Maintenance of the machine is not required: There are a lot of gardening tools that require continuous maintenance to keep them fully efficient. Maintaining the gardening tool ameliorates the level of performance of that specific tool. Therefore, partaking in the decision of Gardening Tool Hire saves relevant money and hassle of gardening machine maintenance. 

3.You do not have to make space for storing the gardening tools Storing the gardening tools calls for a big trouble. When you do not have enough space in your home to store the tools, then it is not a wise decision to purchase the machinery. Therefore, hiring is the right decision which you can make. Gardening Tool Hire is simply the best decision which you can make if you are concerned about the storage space.


4.The companies which hire out gardening tool can guide you well regarding which tool is most efficient and best for you: : If you do not know much about the gardening tools then it calls for an unwise decision if you go for buying the tools. You may not know which machinery might be best for your garden. Therefore, the gardening tools hiring company can guide you from start to finish regarding which gardening tool you must hire. They also assist you to demonstrate and guide you on how to use the particular tool which you have hired.

So, if you have a small garden or a big one, you can choose to hire the gardening tools from a good and reputed company like the Eros Tool Hire. You can completely rely on them as they are one of the best, endowing you with the best gardening machinery.

5 Benefits of Tools and Equipment Hire
Fri, 03 Nov 2017

Tools and Equipment hire has been in practice since ages. For all the benefits it offers. Whether you require tools and equipment hire for individual projects in your house, business or you need them for various industrial work, it is always the best way to go about this. Hiring tools and equipment is very much cost effective for you. The main reason is that you do not need to pay for the entire price of the machines and the equipment. You only pay as you go and only for the duration you utilize the machines for.

There are many benefits of tools and equipment hire. Here I am mentioning a few.

1.You will get the machinery of latest technology: : Tools and equipment hire is always beneficial as you get to hire the latest products in the market for your project.The agencies offering tools and equipment hire always keep the latest machines in their kitty. So just hiring them is what you need to do to finish your project effectively.

2.You pay as you use them: If you need the equipment for an individual project, you will no longer need it once your project gets over. So wasting so much money on buying such a machine is not a good idea. You just pay as you use them and for the time you use them. 

 3.No hassle of maintenance: If you are opting for tools and equipment hire, all you need is to use them to carry out the project. There are many machines which require regular maintenance, and doing that on an individual basis is a lot of hassle. The maintenance part would be taken care of by the company hiring out the machines if you hire the machines from them.

4.No hassle of storage of the machines: You will also not need to store the machines once you finish using them on your project. You will not have to make room for storing the tools and the equipment you hire. Let the companies hiring out the machines take care of the storage of the products while you just utilize them for your work.

5.You get expert help:There are many situations when you will not know how to use a particular machine, especially when it is the latest version. The companies offering the tools and equipment hire will send in professionals to your location along with the machines to train you on how to use them.

Tools and equipment hire has always been beneficial for individuals, industries, as well as construction companies for bigger commercial projects. If it is a bigger project for commercial purpose, if you hire the tools and equipment, you can focus on your core competencies rather than wasting your time on their maintenance and other such lame factors. Let the companies offering the tools and equipment hire to take care of the up gradation of the existing machines, their regular maintenance, storage and all the other things related to the machines.


Benefits of Floor Sanders Hire
Mon, 23 Oct 2017

You might marvel over the thought that what can be the benefits of  Floor Sanders Hire, the apt answer to such a question lies in the particular model or type of floor sander that you are aiming to hire depending upon your floor. With passing days, it is quite difficult to conserve the originality, newness, and freshness of the floor, especially if you have a wooden floor in your house. A wooden floor very easily evades its shine and lush. You might find it utterly tough to maintain the look of the floor at home for a long time. Scuffs, stains, dust, and dirt lessens the actual look and feel of the wooden floor. Any homemaker or a native of the home would dislike residing in a home with an unimpressive floor. Getting a replacement of the wooden floor with a brand new one can be a pricey deal. However, by hiring tools, you can regain the glossy, shiny and classy look of the floors in your house within your budget.

Advantages of floor sanders hire

Well, let’s rise to the question – What are the advantages of floor sanders hire?  Let’s acknowledge the economy factor. Whilst it is expensive to have a floor smeared with carpets which include its maintenance cost.It is considerably cheap to partake in floor sanders hire to get a polished floor all over again. However, you might even ponder over the thought that whether hiring tools provide a long-term solution or not as spending money again and again in the treatment of the floor.You must be well assured that “Eros Hire’’ tools endure you with refined tools serving you with the right deal to provide long-lasting glow bestowing you with a feel-good impression.

Types of floor sanders

You can opt for varied types of floor sanders for hire, considering your floor type. For instance, you can go for palm sander, orbital sander, belt sander 100 mm, triangular sander, floor sander 200 mm, random orbital sander, floor edger sander 180 mm, floor sander and edger and disc sander/polisher 7. You can make the right utilization of an apt floor sander and get it delivered safely to your abode and say goodbye to your ageing and tired floorboards that spoil the overall look of your home. By hiring, you spend less over maintaining a floor. You can transform the look of your home in two or three days. 

Get quick results by hiring tools

You can go for the most advanced and latest floor sanders hire, to get the best, effective and quick results. If you are a contractor with the requirement of a huge number of floor sanders hire on a daily basis, you may get some discounted price on offer too. Having an access to the best equipment and tools will no longer be a hassle, especially when the maintenance of the tools and equipment would be taken care of by the company renting out the tools. You can just focus on using professional quality equipment and tools that are perfect for your home, industry, office, and commercial use.




5 Reasons WhyGenerator Hire is Important
Wed, 11 Oct 2017

We call upon or puddle on generator hire tactics on different occasions, when the main power or other power sources are unobtainable or inadequate. You’d be surprised to know that most of the homes and almost all the industries and market sectors quarry on the decision of generator hire to be an essential part of their back up strategy.

Why is Generator Hire important?

1.Backup power for your residence

Nothing is worse than being a victim of an unexpected power cut. Having a home power back up is essential, no matter where you reside. Therefore, partaking in the decision of generator hire can prove to be a critical and lifesaving source for both standby and primary power. A diesel or petrol generator can assist people to get back to their respective work instantly on witnessing power cuts.

Standby power for industries

Despite the size of the industry, we at Eros Hires recommend office or business owners to take the decision of generator hire to keep the businesses running on encountering events like apower cut. Diesel generators assist to back up essential files in case of an unexpected power failure. Industries should never risk losing important files. Therefore, contact “Eros Hire” for renting a diesel or petrol generator today.

3. Interim power failure in a construction site

Contractors work on several buildings where the main power is not connected. Diesel or petrol generators are generally the only source of power which is available. Without a proper power backup, contractors will not be able to proceed with their daily chore. Power failure can also lead to issues with timescales. The inability of the contractors to power their tools might lead to a delay in completing their task. Therefore, taking the decision of generator hire is advisable.

4. Farms require all-time power

There are many places that require permanent power like farms. A farm without a diesel generator can be categorized to be a farm which is at risk. Diesel or petrol generators are too essential in sectors related to agriculture. Without a diesel or petrol generator, many crops which are farmed can be spoilt, leaving the farm and the owner of the farm lose a great deal.

Concerts, exhibitions, and events

Most of the extravagant concerts, festivals and events require diesel generators in case of an unexpected short circuit or power failure. Diesel generators in such cases come as an ultimate rescue as it is used to power the sound systems & lighten the large rigs.

Beinga reputable Tools and Equipment Hire Company in the UK, ‘’Eros Hire’’ offers various kind of generators in accordance with your work. We offer the largest and best selection of diesel and petrol powered generators that are suitable and apt for all industrial, residential and commercial use. Our wide range of generators is 2KVA super silent generator, 3 KVA super silent generator, 3.5 KVA generators, 4 to 6 KVA generators et cetera. Eros Hire promises to do all the felicitous measure so as to fulfil your power requirements. Therefore, call us and reveal us your needs and we will provide you with a valuable solution.


3 Reasons Why You Should Opt for aCompressor Hire
Fri, 22 Sep 2017

A compressor is a machine used to increase the pressure of air or other gas by compressing it and reducing its volume. A compressor supplies air or gas at an increased pressurefor various purposes. Compressor forces the air or gas into a storage tank and increases its pressure by compressing it with more and more supply. Compressors are widely used for various purposes be it for personal, professional or industrial use. Compressors increase work efficiency and safety and that is why a compressor hire is so popular across industries.

Use compressor for personal use

You can use an air compressor for having increased efficiency while performing small tasks in the house. This includes inflating the tires of your vehicle, inflating balloons, airbrush painting or even for cleaning purposes. The best thing is to opt for a compressor hire instead of buying it. You can use the device only for the duration you require it for. Hence, the amount you spend on a compressor hire is just a fraction of its original price.

Use of a Compressor makes the work of your small business more efficient

You can use an air compressor for converting power into potential energy which is stored in the pressurized air. You can use it for inflating tires or in a manufacturing plant to provide power to various pneumatic tools. Pneumatic tools have gained popularity for the safety they provide in comparison to electrically powered tools. Compressor hire can save you from the inconvenience of machine maintenance and its regular servicing. You can just use the machine for having an increased


Compressors play a significant role in industrial use

Compressed air is used in industries for powering machines and tools as it doesn’t generate heat. This provides a safer mode of operation as well as a reliable source of power. Air compressors have become the lifeline of manufacturing as well as production industries. They are used for powering machines, ejecting finished products from the machines, controlling valves in industrial units, packing products, and increasing overall production efficiency. The list of theusefulness of a compressor is endless as it is one of the indispensable machines which is used almost everywhere for its effectiveness.


Compressor hire is a better option than buying the whole equipment. If you require the use of compressor for a short span of time, hiring the device will be more cost-effective. You will only pay for the duration you use the compressor for, which will merely be a minimum amount in comparison to the price of the compressor. If you run a small business setup or a manufacturing unit, a compressor hire will also be beneficial for you as the maintenance work and regular servicing would be done by the professionals from the company you hired the compressor from. As a business person, you will be able to focus fully on what you do best instead of putting your time and efforts on something peripheral.


3 Steps to Follow If You Require Pressure Washers
Wed, 20 Sep 2017

The rains lashing outdoors not only damages plans for the vacation, they also ruin the car or your bike. Cleaning those means you have to go to your nearby mechanic. They will use scrubbers to wash away the dirt and grime. This will leave you with a clean vehicle and some uneasy scratches over that lovely paint. Some mechanics might choose to clean up using high-pressure washers. These equipment let out a high-pressure stream of water that can remove the dirt without any changes to the surface of your vehicle. You will have to reward them handsomely for a particularly easy task. You should choose to rent out the equipment yourself so that you can do the same at a fraction of the cost. Some steps that you must follow while renting the equipment

Rent to learn

You should start with a simple pressure washer. This should be optimally from the rental companies offering pressure washers on hire. Choose their most used products as these would be regularly used by people like you. This is a smarter way to know that for similar tasks that you intend to use the equipment for, what are generally the good ones. You will learn to optimise the pressure and flow rate depending on the surface you use them on. Simple trial and error will help you master the basics comfortably.

Rent to check

Renting a good pressure washer is also about the space it consumes. Usually, companies will be designing them to occupy less floor space. For a regular car and bike washer, the size will not vary tremendously. Check out the ones that can fit snugly into your garage without disturbing anything. Ideally, look for that unused nook where this equipment can be stored cleanly for the time you keep it for. This will save you from that extra worry on how to store them and occupy that unused space as well.

Rent to reduce hassle

Most rental companies rent out the equipment at a fraction of the cost of its original price. You can get a hands-on experience regarding such equipment. Besides, you will be able to understand the usage pattern of the equipment and the complexities without having to worry about anything else. You could very well gauge the ones that fit your purpose. Also, you could check which ones are great to handle as well without having to shell out the full amount to buy them.


A good pressure washer can help you not only remove dirt and grime from your vehicles but also help in cleaning window panes, sunroofs etc. These are fairly versatile equipment that is handy around the house. You should contact rental agencies like “Eros Hire” in your locality that rent these out. Eros Hire has some great, affordable rates on their range of equipment hire. They are a trusted name in the business with a great following among the regulars. Contact Eros hire to help smooth out your equipment rentals in a jiffy.

3 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Gardening Tool Hire in Buckinghamshire
Mon, 11 Sep 2017

Gardening and landscaping is an important factor in making an area beautiful. You can either start with the small patch of land in the backyard of your house. However, you will need to put in a lot of efforts in creating a beautiful garden. However, you cannot do it with just bare hands. You will require a lot of tools and equipment for creating the best garden landscape in your area. And, you cannot buy each and every tool that you will require for the purpose. The best way to go about it is going for gardening tool hire in Buckinghamshire.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of gardening tool hire in Buckinghamshire.

1.Pay as you use the tools: The best part of a gardening tool hire is that you do not have to pay for the entire cost of the tool. You will only pay for the duration you use the tools for. Once you are done, you can return the tools to the company you hired them from. You will save a lot of money compared to buying the tools and using them for gardening.

2.You can hire a lot of tools: As you can opt for gardening tool hire in Buckinghamshire, you can hire a lot of tools and equipment from the company. As the cost factor for tool hire is less compared to buying them, you can hire a variety of tools and create a beautiful garden in the backyard of your house. Moreover, the company professionals will also help you on handling a particular tool. They also suggest you on what tools will you require for the work.


3.No maintenance and no storage: The best part of opting for tool hire is that you do not have to go through the hassle of maintenance of the tools. The company offering the gardening tool hire in Buckinghamshire will take care of the servicing part and always keep the tools in their best conditions. This helps in achieving more efficiency and better performance of the tools. And, you also do not have to worry about finding an appropriate storage space for the tools.

Gardening tool hire in Buckinghamshire is popular among the people for the ease it provides them. So, if you are thinking about transforming the land in your house into a beautiful garden, you should not wait anymore and approach the companies offering gardening tool hire in Buckinghamshire. Check out the rates of the tools and the equipment, and hire the items to create a lovely garden. You can water the plants every day and work on landscaping or trim the extra growths of the plants during the weekends once you hire the tools. A beautiful house with a beautiful garden will surely lift your mood and make you happy. And, you can achieve all this by spending just a little amount on the tools and equipment hire for the garden. 


3 Important Tips on Tools and Equipment Hire in Aylesbury
Thu, 07 Sep 2017

 Tools and equipment hire in Aylesburyare a common practice in the construction industry as well as for small projects on the domestic front. For this provides a lot of convenience to the people who hire the tools and equipment for only the duration they need these items for and they return them once the work gets over.You can also opt for the delivery and pickup of the items by the company professionals on a pre-decided date and time.  So, you will not have to go through the hassle of carrying the tools and equipment and you can just focus on the core work.

There are many benefits of tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury. The most important one is that you do not need to spend so money to buy this set of tools and equipment. You will need a lot of tools and equipment for various work during your lifetime. You cannot keep buying all the stuff every time. Moreover, you will not have so much of storage space to store these machines, tools, and equipment. So there is no point buying them when you are not going to use them regularly. The best option is to opt for some good companies offering tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury and you pay them only for the duration you use them.

There are many companies offering tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury. However, you should keep in mind a few factors while choosing a company offering tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury. 

1. Quality of the tools and equipment: It is important to check the quality of the tools and equipment before you hire them. Good quality of machinery will give you more efficiency. Moreover, the quality of the work done would be better if you hire good quality tools and equipment.

3. Cost Factor: Cost factor plays a significant role while choosing a company offering tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury. You can get a rate quote with your requirements from different companies and accordingly choose the one which suits your needs the most. It is always good to do some research in the market before hiring the tools and equipment in Aylesbury.

Tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury will maintain its glory for all the benefits and usefulness it offers the clients. Moreover, you can hire different tools from different companies based on their quality, price, and availability and pay them accordingly for the time and duration you use them for. Companies offering tools and equipment hire in Aylesbury will continue its growth path for all the benefits they offer. Moreover, these companies also come up with certain offers and discounts during different seasons so the people can make the most of it.


Usefulness Of Roofing Equipment HireTo Make The Perfect Roof
Wed, 23 Aug 2017

A roof is the top most covering of a building. Roofing is an important part of any building construction as the roof will ensure protection against various weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, heat, storm, snow, wind and much more. The roofing needs to be done in a proper way. And for that, the right set of roofing tools and equipment need to be used to get the desired result.There are many companies in the market offering roofing equipment hire along with all other construction materials. 

A whole range of roofing equipment and tools are used to get the perfect roof for residential as well as commercial construction.Whether you are new in the roofing domain or you are a veteran, you can go for the entire line of roofing equipment hire. 

The entire line of roofing equipment is divided into various sub categories. These are general roofing tools, pre-inspection and post-inspection tools, moisture detection tools, roof removal as well as roof cleaning tools. The various roofing equipment is ladders, brushes, wall brace, roof tear off tools, blades, roofing knives, magnetic sweepers, hammers, nails, vents, safety equipment and much more. Many companies have come up offering cost effective roofing equipment hire. 

However, there are many uses of roofing equipment hire instead of buying them. 

Cost Effective:Roofing equipment hire is always cost effective as compared to buying all the tools and equipment. Roofing needs an entire line of equipment to create the perfect roof. Hiring the equipment will always cost you less.

No maintenance required:If you opt for roofing equipment hire, you do not require to spend time and money on maintenance of the tools and equipment. You will have the luxury of only using them. And you will return all the tools once your project gets over.

Pay for only the time the tools are used for:No roofing project continues for all throughout the year. So you will not require the roofing equipment once your project finishes. And you will also not require all the tools together. You can hire the equipment as you require them and only for the duration you need them. So, you just pay as you go.

The roof needs to be perfect to give you the desired results such as providing protection from various weather conditions. So if you are going for roofing equipment hire, hire the best line of equipment to make the perfect roof which can withstand all weather conditions. You should also compare the rates provided by various roofing equipment hire companies in the market. You should also find out about the quality of the tools and equipment offered by various companies. If you do the market research properly, you will be able to hire the best of tools and equipment at the most affordable rates while without compromising on the quality of the materials on hire. So, whether you are a new or an experienced roofer, hire the roofing tools and equipment and only pay for the time they are used for.

Welding Equipment Hire in Marlow and Their Various Usage
Thu, 17 Aug 2017

MIG Welding: MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding is also called Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). It is the most commonly used type of welding. This is used to join metals such as steel or aluminum etc.

TIG Welding: TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is used to create fine joining of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum etc. This process creates high-quality finish and therefore require expert hands to carry out the task.

ARC Welding:This process is called Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) or Stick welding. This form of welding is used for joining and repairing heavier and thicker metals.

Resistance Welding:Resistance welding is mainly used in the manufacturing industry for joining various metal sheets to create different shapes. The heat used for this process is generated by passing current and creating heat upon the metal area to be joined.

Oxy Acetylene Welding: This is also known as Oxy-fuel welding or Oxy welding. In this form of welding, a flame is created by mixing oxygen and acetylene. This flame is used to melt the metals for joining them or to cut them into parts.

The process of welding needs to be carried out by professionals so as to adhere to all the safety measures. You can employ professional welders to carry out the task of welding at workshops. There are a lot of welding equipment hire companies in Marlow who also provide skilled welders along with the welding equipment.

There is a wide range of welding equipment available in the market to carry out various welding processes. The best way is to go for welding equipment hire in Marlow to avoid the hassle of maintenance of the machines. Welding equipment hire also saves you from the high cost associated with buying these machines. Moreover, you can hire the required tool only for the required durationand return it after the job is done. So, you pay for only the duration in which you utilize the equipment for joining different metals. Welding equipment hire in Marlow is a cost effective method in comparison to buying the equipment.

3 Benefits of Forklift Hire in Manufacturing and Warehousing Industry
Thu, 10 Aug 2017

Forklift is a vehicle which is used to lift, move, and stack heavy industrial materials from one place to other. Forklifts are mainly used in the manufacturing, transportation and shipping industry for moving the items and for their warehousing purpose. Forklifts come with a weight capacity, it should be operated within its permissible weight limit.This is to avoid any accident as the centre of gravity keeps changing while the materials are being lifted and moved. The manufacturing, warehousing and transportation industries thrive on forklift hire for their day to day operations. 

Forklift trucks can be segregated as per the load capacities and a variety of forklift trucks are available in the market for hire. Forklifts can run on a variety of fuels. There are electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, LPG forklifts for example. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of forklift hire:

1.Operator assistance: Forklift trucks require expert hands during operations to manoeuvre it through narrow and edgy corners in the warehouse. The advantage of a forklift hire is that you get an operator or a driver assistance along with it. Only a professional can drive the equipment efficiently through the storage bays inside a warehouse and turn the machine to other directions with the heavy materials on its forklift.

2.No hassle of maintenance:Forklift hire saves you from the hassle of equipment maintenance. This heavy duty equipment requires proper maintenance and servicing, to be able to function effectively and offer optimum performance. The company who hires out the tools and equipment will take care of all the maintenance work. You can just opt for a forklift hire for the time duration you need it for and then you can return it once the job gets over.

3. Cost effective:A forklift hire is always cost effective compared to buying the equipment. There are many companies in the market who offer forklift hire at a very nominal rate to the manufacturing and warehousing industries. There is a variety of forklifts available, you can choose one based on the capacity, speed, fuel efficiency, and the material lifting height. The company hiring out the equipment will also assist you with choosing the forklift with the right capacity.

Forklift hire plays a crucial role in the manufacturing, warehousing and transportation industries where they require to lift and move all the heavy materials and packages from one place to another. You can also check out the rates of forklift hire from various companies who hire out tools and equipment for all types of material handling. However, you can opt for a good quality forklift hire from the companies hiring out tools and equipment such as “Eros Hire”. They hire out all the good quality tools and equipment at an affordable price. Whether you require a forklift for a small and short term project or you need a forklift hire for the longer term, you can turn up to them for the best quality forklifts.

4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For aTool Hire
Mon, 31 Jul 2017


A tool is used to perform a task. A tool can be an object or machine which can be held physically tocarry out a task. A tool can also be a software which can be used in gadgets to make our life easier and simpler. However, here we are going to discuss about the physical tools which are used to perform a job faster and with more accuracy. We are going to discuss about the tools and equipment used for cleaning and floor care, breaking and drilling, diamond drilling and cutting, heating, cooling and drying, and tools used for fixing things. Tools are used for executing and facilitating all types of job. So, the need for tool hire has increased manifold over the years.

There is a wide variety of tools available in the market, buying them all is not possible. Whether you are an individual or a business house, a tool hire is always a good option for you.


1.Saves time: Tool hire has become a lot easier nowadays. You can choose the required tool for your job on the internet and hire it via their website or mobile app. You can also opt for a pickup and drop off of the tool if it is really big and heavy and inconvenient for you to pick up one from the tool hire company.

2.Spend less money: Tool hire is always a good option as you cannot buy each and every item you require to perform a job. You only pay for the tool which you hire and only for the duration you use it for. There is various tool hire companies in the UK such as Eros Hire, they offer all sorts tools on hire at the most affordable rate.

3.Hire the required tool:Tool hire is a good option as you can hire only the required tool. You can also make sure that you can hire a tool which is in good condition, and well maintained. Tool hire saves you from the time and efforts which go into themaintenance of tools and equipment.

4.No storage required:You should opt for tool hire as you will not have to arrange for the storage of the tools. You can hire the tools for a stipulated amount of time and return them when you have performed the required task. Storing them has always been a hassle as it requires space. You also do not need to worry about keeping them safe and secure.

Tool hire is an easy way to get a job done while not bothering about its actual cost, storage, and maintenance. The professionals of tool hire companies also help you with selecting the right tool for the required job. They also help you with ademonstration on how to use a specific tool.So if you want to make a garden, you can opt for all types of gardening tool hire. If you are in the process of home improvement or construction, you can go for all the related tool hire. The idea is to make your life convenient with a tool hire from professional tool hire companies.

3 Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Mini Dumper Hire
Wed, 26 Jul 2017

Mini dumper used for carrying materials and moving them to a nearby location. This is generally used in construction sites. Mini dumper has the advantage of being smaller in size as it can be manoeuvred through narrow and uneven alleys. There are varieties of mini dumpers available in the market. Construction companies or landscaping companies hire mini dumpers of different load capacities to meet various functionalities of their work. Mini dumpers can be powered by a battery, petrol as well as diesel. There are electric dumpers also, which makes very little noise while they are in action. The electric mini dumpers are preferred for hire when there is a work going on indoors. The ease of handling mini dumpers, make them very popular for hire among the construction companies.

Here is why mini dumper hire has become a preferred choice among construction and landscaping companies:

1. Smaller size: Mini dumper hire is very common and in high demand among construction companies for carrying loads from one corner to the other and the ease of handling it offers. The sturdy quality of mini dumper also makes it apt for hire for carrying and moving building materials. Mini dumper comes with various load capacities; it starts from 1 ton – 3 tons. Their compact size makes them the preferred tool in carrying loads and materials. They can be used for carrying garbage.


2. High performance: A good quality, heavy duty mini dumper offers very high performance while transporting the materials on the uneven and rough surfaces of the construction sites. Though they are smaller in dimension, they still offer an exceptionally good performance. They are built with high performance and sturdy material to meet and improve the requirement of their performance at the rough terrain of the location. For all these functionalities, mini dumper hire has become so popular.


3.Multi-purpose functionalities nowadays, with innovations in the constructions industry and the various requirements of high-performance tools and equipment, many multi-purpose mini dumpers are launched in the market. They provide excellent grip on the ground, hence avoiding a trip off. They are sturdy enough for being used for long hours. They come in rust free quality and can be used under various weather conditions.

Various mini dumpers are available in the market for hire. You can choose one according to the performance capabilities required for the job in your construction site. There are self-loading mini dumpers, which requires little manual help to manoeuvre it in the construction site. This ensures a smooth operation experience. The hydraulic mini dumpers are popular in the current market for its exceptionally high performance in terms of load capacity as well as smooth tipping mechanism even on the varying surface conditions. They are very easy and convenient to operate as well as you do not have to compromise with its performance quality. Moreover, they require little maintenance. Though you do not need to worry about the maintenance if you hire a mini dumper, this would be taken care of by the tool hire company while you enjoy the benefits of using a mini dumper.

Trolley Hire and its Benefits on Various Industries
Tue, 18 Jul 2017

A trolley is a frame or a basket with two or four wheels and is made of metal. Trolleys are used for transporting heavy goods over a short distance either by pushing or pulling them. Trolleys are used in airports or railway stations, manufacturing and warehousing industries to carry goods. They are also used in the hotel industry to carry food and other items. However, there are many types of trolleys available for transporting loads of various weight. Trolleys come with various weight limits specified by the manufacturer. The weight limit should not be exceeded while carrying goods to avoid an accident.

Trolley hire has many benefits for its range of utility. You can hire trolleys for industrial purpose as well as for carrying a few loads. “Eros Hire” offers a large range of good quality trolleys on hire. They have a dedicated team for the maintenance purpose of these trolleys.

Let’s take a look at which industries benefit more for hiring trolleys:

1. If you are a store owner, you can hire good quality trolleys to make your customers’ shopping experience more comfortable. Trolleys are designed to be able to carry loads of various weight, shapes, and sizes. You will not have to go through the hassle of repairing any of the damaged trolleys. For, the trolley hires companies to take care of maintenance and repair all the damaged trolleys.

2. There are times when due to increase in demand, you may require to put more trolleys into work. This may be a seasonal requirement such as Christmas season. During that time there is a huge increase of goods flow to the stores as well as there is an increase in buying goods at the stores. Both the manufacturers and the store owners will require an additional number of trolleys to meet the need. Hiring them just for the season is the best option.


3. During Holiday season, the train stations or the airports would require extra trolleys to help the travellers carry their luggage more comfortably. They would also require number of trolleys to meet the demand for only a short span of time. Hiring trolleys for the short duration of time is anyway a better option than buying them.

4. Trolleys are used for carrying heavy goods in the manufacturing industries. These trolleys are used for carrying the manufactured goods before they are loaded into the trucks. The companies using the trolleys should abide by the load carrying limit so as to avoid any kinds of accidents.

5. Hotel industries also require using trolleys for various purpose. They use them for carrying food for serving their guests. They also use them to carry laundry in bulk. They can also hire trolleys instead of buying them. The trolley hire company can take care of all kinds of maintenance and repair while the hotel staffs can focus and remain dedicated to serve their guests.

Trolley hire has helped many industries. And, these come at a cheap price for everyone to be able to hire them to serve their purpose of carrying goods comfortably and conveniently.

3 Reasons For a Mini Digger Hire For Excavation Purpose
Thu, 06 Jul 2017

Diggers are used for digging into the soil. They are used for construction work or wherever excavation of soil is required. Mini diggers are used for performing small tasks such as gardening and landscaping, where you need to clear a land of all the unwanted things such as weeds, stubs of trees etc. Machine based excavation is needed for small as well as big projects. However, mini diggers are used for small projects where there is a limited space availability and it is inconvenient for the bigger machines and tools to move around in that space. If the place, where the excavation is going to take place is small you cannot use a big and heavy digger for the work. Moreover, you can use a mini digger to dig holes to be used for various purposes. You can also dig a channel, a pit or a drain with the help of a mini digger.

Here are the reasons why you should hire a mini digger for your project 

1.Mini digger makes for the best tool for undertaking small projects: For its versatile functionality, a mini digger is used for performing many small tasks within a very short span of time. The compact structure of mini diggers makes it the tool of choice for performing many useful tasks such as digging or levelling land.They are best suited for small projects as you can utilise such a machine for various productive tasks where the project area is limited.

2.Mini diggers are used for maintenance work You can use a mini digger or mini excavators for maintenance work. A mini digger is an all-purpose machine which is capable of performing various tasks by using different attachments on them. If the mini digger is operated by an experienced operator, a lot of useful tasks can be performed quite efficiently within a limited space and in a limited span of time.

3.Mini diggers are used when there is a space constraint Mini diggers are best used for performing tasks when there is a space constraint. This machine can be used in the limited available space between two buildings. It can also pass through small gates to the required place where the work would be done and you do not need to make any special arrangement for that purpose.

Mini diggers are helpful for various work. If you plan a mini digger hire, you should get it from a reputed machine and tool hire company such as “Eros Hire Tools”. They are into this trade for very long and they understand the requirements of their clients perfectly to suggest them on the best tool to be used for the required job. They provide you with a well-trained operator to operate the tool or the machine hired by you. They have a range of diggers on hire with various sturdiness such as 0.8 ton, 1.5 tons, 3 tons and 5 tons. You can choose the one considering all its

4 Benefits of Gardening Tool Hire Instead of Buying Them
Mon, 26 Jun 2017

A beautiful garden is always a viewer`s delight. The neatly done plants and bushes not only makes the garden look good, it also makes you feel good when you look at your own garden. Maintaining the garden is very important to make it look perfect. There are various types of small sized gardening tools, such as cutter, weeding fork, trowel, garden fork, pruning secateurs, gardening gloves and many more. The big gardening tools and machinesinclude electricand petrol hedge trimmer, log splitter, tracked wood chipper, cultivator, rotovator, stump chipper, lawn rake, petrol aerator, hydraulic post hole borer and many more.

If you have a home garden and you do the gardening work in your spare time, you can buy all the small gardening tools which come cheap in price. However, investing in all the big machines and tools doesn`t make for a good idea.

Here are the reasons why you should opt for gardening tool hire instead of investing on buying them:

1. Tool hire for gardening is cost effective: Maintaining the beauty of a garden requires a lot of efforts as well as the use of a lot many varieties of tools and machines. The first and the most important reason for gardening tool hire is its cost. Hiring tools and machines is always a cost effective way and doesn`t require you to spend a lot which usually happens when you buy them. You can hire the tools for a specified span of time and return the items once you are done with them while only paying for the time you have used the tools for. Moreover, you can hire only the specific toolswhich are required for performing the particular tasks in your garden at a particular point of time, instead of the whole lot.

2.Machine maintenance is not required: There are many types of machines which require regular maintenance to keep them fully functional and efficient. For maintenance improves the performance level of the tools and the machines, which is a time consuming process. Gardening tool hire saves you from the hassle of machine maintenance.

3. The tool hire companies guide you to choose the correct tools and use themeffectively: If you are a novice in the field of gardening, you may not know much about the various gardening tools. You may not know which machine to use for which purpose. Gardening tools hire company staffs guide you in choosing the correct tools to perform the required job. They also demonstrate you how to use a particular machine effectively.

4.You do not have to make room for their storage: Storing the gardening machines is a big problem when you do not have adequate storage space in yourhouse. If you hire the tools, you can simply use them and return them the moment you are done with the work. Hiring tools saves you from being concerned about their storage as well as keeping them safe from theft.

So, whether you have a small lawn in front of your house or you have a big garden, just hire the gardening tools from a good reputed company such as "Eros Tool Hire" and enjoy the beauty of a well maintained and a resplendent garden.

Do You a Professionals or a Floor Sander Hire Will Do
Thu, 08 Jun 2017

Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance to your home. It also increases the value of a property, but in order to make it look gorgeous they need to be maintained to some extent. As hardwood floors age, they tend to lose their shine due to the regular wear and tear. Refinishing the floors with help of floor sanders can help you restore the lustre of the hardwood and make it look like new.

Some benefits of floor sanding are:

• Makes old floors look beautiful and shiny

• Improves the property value by making the floors look well maintained

• Improves the safety factor by preventing crack and splinters

• Sanding improves the strength of the floor, thus making it long lasting

• Sanding eliminates small crevices and holes which may be the home of insects and termites, thus saving your house from pest infestation

However, one question that almost all homeowners ask is whether they should hire a floor sanding professional or get it done themselves. The answer is – it depends. If you are confident about your skills, you can go ahead and do it yourself. However, before you get started you need to choose the right floor sanders hire Buckinghamshire. A variety of floor sanders are available in the market, so you need to choose one that suits your needs. The wrong floor sander can leave chatter marks making the floor look ugly. Therefore, consider the type of floor you need to sand and then hire the right floor sanders.

It is good to have a certain level of training before you start sanding the floor. But you need not enrol in professional floor sanding classes. The staffs at the tools and equipment rental company would help you understand how floor sanders work and how to get the best results. They will also help you choose the right equipment, so that you get the desired results. You can also check out the floor sanding tutorials available on the Internet. The point is – you can’t afford to make mistakes while sanding the floors, so you need to be prepared well. 

Some benefits of DIY floor sanding include:

• Cost saving: you need not shed off your hard earned money to hire professionals. Yes you need to hire a floor sander, but they are available at reasonable rates. So you save a considerable amount of money.

• Satisfaction: Everyone wants to make his/her home beautiful and you feel even more satisfied if you can make it happen yourself. The compliments that your family and friends give looking at the renewed floor will surely make you feel proud and satisfied.

• Experience: You get to earn a lot of experience by doing things yourself and empower others as well. So it is wise to try your hands at DIY home improvements jobs such as floor sanding.

However, if you are too busy or are not confident about your DIY skills, then you must hire professionals. Make sure you work with the right professionals to ensure the best results.

5 Tips on how to get the best welding equipmenton hire in UK
Mon, 29 May 2017

Welding is an intrinsic part ofvarious industries such as Aerospace, Ship Building, Vessel Manufacturing, Power Generation, Oil and Gas Industry, Semiconductor and many more. Welding is used to join same or different metals together to form various shapes. Different types of welding methods are used for making different kinds of joints required in different industries; from small scale to large scale industries.

Many industries (small, medium or large scale) decide on hiring welding equipment for a required job to be done. The reason being, they can hire only the required welding equipment which they need for a short period of time. Welding equipment is also hired for domestic use as the requirement for the machine is for a short span.Equipment can be hired for any duration of time depending on the requirement. Hiring tools is helpful as this saves the user from the hassle of maintaining or repairing the tools.

Here is how to choose the best welding equipment hire company in UK:

  1. The quality of the tools and equipment: Hiring a good quality welding equipment is of utmost importance. The better the quality, the more effective it is to get the job done. A good quality, high performance machine provides more precision at work.
  2. Variety of equipment on offer:You should check the variety of equipment available on offer before settling for the most suitable one to get your job done. You may need one for small welder for your domestic use or a heavy duty welder for commercial purpose; the required welding equipment should be available with the hiring company for your grab.
  3. Demonstration for operating the tools: With the technological advancements, there are many varieties of welding machines with latest techniques which came into the market. You may not be fully aware of the way to operate them on the job. The equipment hire company should demonstrate you or train you on how to operate the machine to get optimum performance.
  4. Cost of hire: The hiring cost of the tools is also a very important aspect to check for before hiring. You can check and compare the rates offered by various companies before choosing the right equipment for your work.
  5. Customer support: A good customer service ensures that if you face any problems while using the hired equipment, they would send a technician immediately at the site to fix the problem.

Eros hire tools UK is well known for offering a wide range of high performance welding tools and equipment on hire for a variety of purposes. The range of machines includes MIG welders, AC/DC TIG inverter welders, Plasma cutters, Stick welder, Stud welder, Diesel and Petrol welder generator and many more. You can choose the suitable tool or equipment to get your job done in the most effective way.They have gained a large range happy and satisfied customers base for offering the best welding equipment on hire at the most affordable rate.

Here is What Things You Can Do with a Mini Digger Hire
Mon, 22 May 2017

Are you a DIY enthusiast looking forward to take up innovative projects? Then you sure need to rent various tools and equipment quite often. Most of the DIY projects require lightweight tools and equipment such as floor sanders, staple guns, etc. However, there are some projects that require hiring heavy equipment such as mini diggers.

Mini diggers are the most versatile piece of equipment used by professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. However, people are not aware of the many tasks that a mini digger can perform. So if you are considering a mini digger hire, here are some tasks you can accomplish with the mini digger:

Digging Holes

This is one of the most common tasks for which a mini digger is used. Whether you want to dig a fire pit or dig the base of a building, a mini digger can be very useful. Remember, a mini digger can dig a hole up to a certain depth only, so determine how deep you need to go before hiring a mini digger. The digger can also help you move the displaced earth.

Remove Stumps and Landscaping Elements

If you need to level a land by removing the landscaping elements and tree stumps, you need to hire a mini digger. A mini digger will help you get rid of the rocks, gravel, stumps as well as the scrubby brush.

Digging Trenches

Gone are the days when you needed to dig a trench using a shovel. A mini digger hire can help you get the job done quickly and easily. However, you need inspect the soil before you start digging to make sure there are no utility lines and that the trench does not cave in.

Sewer Line Repairing

If the sewer lines are not buried too deep inside the earth, a mini digger can help you reach the lines and get the problems fixed easily. Make sure you map out the utility lines and other obstacles that may come in the way of digging. Also determine how deep you have to go to reach the sewer lines, to make sure you hire the right kind of digger. You can also use a mini digger if you need to install water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and other water features in your yard.

Installing a Pool or Hot Tub

Homeowners often hire professionals to get a pool or hot tub installed in their yards. However, you can save considerable amount of money by doing things yourself. A mini digger can help you get the job done smoothly without professional help. However, it is recommended that you consult with the experts or refer to DIY pool installation videos.

Plowing Snow

A number of attachments are available that can be used along with the mini digger to perform a range of tasks. If you need to plow the snow in front of your house, use a blade attachment with the mini digger. However, it is recommended that you use the mini digger carefully, since it can lose traction in icy conditions.

You can get a wide range of tasks done by hiring a mini digger. So what are you waiting for? Hire a mini digger and get the jobs done quickly and efficiently. 

Tips to Ensure You Work With the Right Plant Hire Company
Wed, 10 May 2017

People are now more prone to hire heavy equipment than buying them. Tools and equipment are being hired by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts and this is due to the many benefits that the tool and equipment rental has to offer. Rental tools and equipment allow people to accomplish their jobs successfully without increasing the costs

Excavator machines are one of the most commonly rented equipment because they can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you need to dig a piece of land or demolish the walls, drain out mud from the pool or lift heavy objects, an excavator machine can help you do a lot of things. However, in order to accomplish the job smoothly, you need to have the right attachments for the excavator machine. Therefore, you need to know what kinds of attachments are available and what attachment would be required for your project.

In this article we will discuss about the excavator attachment that you might require hiring along with the excavator hire:

1. Bulldozer Blades

These are horizontal bulldozer style attachments that are used to push or level material. For instance, if you need to level a heap of earth or push the removed earth into the hole, you will require hiring the bulldozer blades along with the excavator machine. Bulldozer blades are often required at construction sites where levelling is an important task.

2. Hydraulic Hammers and Breakers

A breaker is a type of percussion hammer that is used to demolish concrete walls or other structures. It can also help to dig through rocky lands. Just fit a hydraulic hammer or breaker with your excavator machine and you can break through anything that comes in your way. So whether you are building a house or preparing the land for some other type of construction, hydraulic breakers can make things easier.

3. Augurs

Augur is a type of drilling attachment that has the capability to extract the drilled material. It is very useful when you need to dig small holes through the earth. Since it extracts the drilled content, you need not put in extra effort to remove it using buckets.

4. Thumbs and Grapples

Removing heavy items such as logs, boulders, etc. can be very difficult. However, with the right attachment you can get things done without too much stress. Thumbs and grapples when attached to the excavator machine, they can lift heavy objects quickly and easily. So there would be no more delays and you can accomplish your job quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking forward to hire an excavator make sure you hire the necessary attachments along with it. Not only will it help you save money, but it will also save a lot of time. Assess your specific needs and hire the required attachments. The staffs at the tools and equipment hire company may also help you determine what attachments would be suitable for the project that you have undertaken.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Digger
Thu, 04 May 2017

One if the most useful and basic machines required at a construction site is a digger. Diggers are available in a wide variety of sizes, so they can be used for residential as well as commercial projects. However, you need to measure the size of your project to decide what would be the ideal size of the digger that you would require for accomplishing the job smoothly.

There are a few more things that need to be considered when hiring a digger. They are:

Consider the Area that needs to Be Dug

Consider the area that needs to be dug. The digger that you hire needs to suit the dimension of the place that needs to be worked upon. Make sure the digger is not too large or too small for the area. In both cases you will have to put in extra effort to get the job done.

Consider How Deep You Need to Go

The depth needed to achieve depends on your goals. If you need to establish the base of a construction or build a swimming pool, you need to go deep within; whereas if you only need to dip holes to plant trees you need not go that deep. The type of digger you need depends on the depth you want to achieve. Make sure you do not hire a machine that proves to be inadequate for the job. Determine the bucket size of the digger depending upon your specific needs.

Consider the Condition of the Ground that Needs to Be Dug

Before hiring a digger it is important to consider the type of terrain and condition of the area that needs to be dug. If the surface is rugged and rough, you need to hire heavier machines; while if the ground is soft enough then a mini digger would be sufficient to accomplish the job. Hiring a mini digger for digging a rugged surface can be dangerous. Not only will you waste your time and money, you may have to pay extra money if the machine gets damaged.

Moreover, there might be optical cables, gas pipes, power cables, etc. running under the ground. So you must carefully inspect the ground that needs to be worked upon.

Consider the Estimated Time Taken to Complete the Job

Another factor to consider when considering a digger hireis the time period for which you need to hire the digger. The rental rates depend on the time period, so you may be able to estimate the cost of digger hire if you know for how long you need to hire the machine.

When hiring digger, compare the rental rates from multiple tools and equipment rental company. This is to ensure that you are able to hire a digger at the most reasonable rate. Remember, the right digger can make things easier but the wrong one can make things worse. So understand your needs and hire the right digger to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Hiring an Excavator
Fri, 21 Apr 2017

Excavators or heavy construction equipment that are used to dig or move large objects. It is basically needed to prepare the land before the construction starts. It has two major parts – the driving base and a boom arm with an attachment designed for digging. An excavator machine is generally used on construction sites and is one of the most expensive equipment, which is why construction companies often lease or hire these machines. However, mini excavators are also available to help people carry on with day-to-day activities such as landscaping, preparation of agricultural, and others.

Excavators, whether large or small, can be used for a wide range of tasks that include:

However, no matter for what reason you need an excavator or a mini excavator, hiring is often more feasible than buying. The major reasons for hiring an excavator are:

Whether you need to perform small-scale tasks such as digging, garden construction, agricultural site preparation or perform large-scale tasks such as those at the construction site, an excavator can make things easier. A wide range of excavator machines are available at the local equipment and tool hire companies, so you can choose one that suits your specific needs. Moreover, if you work with a reputed tool hire company, you will also be provided with a pick-up and drop-off (of the equipment) service. So you will have to face zero hassles.


Excavator machines are very expensive and the maintenance is expensive as well. Therefore renting an excavator makes more sense than owning one. Hiring is more beneficial if you need the excavator for a short period of time or need it temporarily. The cost of hiring an excavator depends upon many factors such as the size, model, the duration it will be used, the location and the additional services offered. Mini excavators tend to cost lower than full-sized excavator.  If you rent the accessories from the same tool hire company, you can save some more money.

High-Quality Equipment

No matter type of project you have undertaken, you need a high-quality excavator to accomplish the task quickly and efficiently. Tools and equipment hire companies offer the most advanced and high-quality equipment to get a competitive advantage over their competitors. They also employ highly skilled technicians who are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Tool and equipment hire companies upgrade their fleet every now and then, so you can rest assured that you will get the best equipment at the most reason rates. 

Professional Training

Most tool and equipment hire companies provide professional training on the use of the machine, so that you can use the machine safely. By getting accustomed with the equipment, you can use it efficiently and troubleshoot small problems.

By hiring an excavator, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently without spending a fortune. So if you need to prepare the site for construction or build the garden, consider hiring an excavator machine.

Tips to Get Started With a Loft Conversion
Wed, 12 Apr 2017

When it comes to adding some extra space, the first question that pops up is – whether you should go for an extension inside or outside the home. Generally extending space inside is much cheaper (and less of a hassle) than building an extension outside the home. In fact, loft conversions are the most profitable extensions that homeowners can choose. This is because ‘loft conversion can increase the value of your property by up to 20 percent’, according to a recent research by Nationwide Building Society.

Therefore if you have an unused loft space to your house, it is wise to convert it into a useable space to add some extra space within your home. However, loft conversions are not as easy as they may sound. So you need to have a plan. Here is how you can get started with your loft conversion planning:

Can You Convert Your Loft?

Generally you can easily convert your loft without taking any permission from the authorities, but it is a good idea to check whether you have all the permissions or not. Moreover, the loft may not be high enough to be converted into a room or office. It is best to take some professional help at this point and get the loft area inspected. There are a number of things to be considered such as:

Is the Space Liveable?

If you are looking forward to converting the loft into a room, then you need to consider some more things, which include:

What kind of Furniture You Need

No matter what you create out of the loft – a kid’s room, an extra bedroom or an office, you place some furniture to make the room complete. Ready-made furniture might not be a choice since lofts have weird angles and corners. Custom-made furniture are the best choice, since they are made depending upon the available space. Hire some professional bespoke furniture designers and plan out what kind of furniture would be appropriate for the new space.  Some considerations when choosing the furniture:

Another important consideration is whether you can take up a DIY project or you need to hire professionals. By hiring professionals you can get the job done quickly but the budget would be a bit higher; whereas if you choose to do it yourself, you can lower the expenses but the time taken might be a longer.
If you have decided to convert the loft, consider the above factors and plan accordingly.

Protecting Rental Tools and Equipment from Theft
Fri, 28 Apr 2017

Theft of tools, equipment and machinery at construction sites continues to rise and has become a major concern among those who rely on rental tools and equipment. Unguarded construction sites are easy targets, since they lack in security. Thieves in such sites have easy access to the tools, equipmentt and machineries and since there is no one to look after the tools and equipment, the thieves can easily take away whatever they want.

The major reasons why rental equipment are at a greater risk of theft include:

In order to keep the tools and equipment protected, the tools hire companies and the renter must work together. Even of the tools and equipment are insured, theft might result in increased insurance cost in the future. Therefore, necessary security measures must be taken to prevent theft of the rental tools and equipment.

Here are some ways in which the renters and rental companies may prevent theft:

GP Tracking

By using the GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking technology, the renter and the rental company can keep an eye on where and how the tools and equipment are being used. The technology allows text messages to be sent to the registered parties the moment the equipment is moved from the jobsite or the engine is started out of the working hours. Geo-fencing is another similar technology that allows you to create a virtual perimeter around the construction site, which will notify you about any unauthorised movements after the working hours.

Security Camera

Not all the tools and equipment are hired; the construction company may also own a few tools or equipment. By installing a security camera on the jobsite, the construction company can keep an eye on the tools and equipment and keep thieves away. Security cameras can store videos and can be monitored live on the web.

Employ Security Guards

Employing an experienced and armed security guard during the afterhours may help keeping the thieves away. Remember, thieves mostly target unguarded jobsites. Installing signs such as `You are Under Surveillance` can also keep the thieves away.

When hiring tools and equipment, the renters must ask about the security measures taken to protect the equipment. Make sure you rent from companies that are protective of their equipment, since it will ensure peace of mind for you. Renting from a company that uses advanced security systems will also help you keep the operation costs low. So hire wisely and stay away from the hassles of rental equipment theft.

Why Hiring Industrial Tools is better than Buying
Tue, 04 Apr 2017

Industrial tools are commonly used in a number of fields. Today, it would not be an overstatement to say that industrial progress is built on these industrial tools. Over the course of human history, man has built and invented a range of different tools that has aided in carrying out extensive tasks in a simple and easy way.

Now, you might need industrial tools for carrying out your work. Now, when you do, there are two options for getting those heavy tools- you can either buy them or you can hire them. So, which is the best option for you? This is something that most people often spend a lot of thought on.

Hiring Industrial Tools – The Right Option

In most cases, hiring tools is the right option. There are a number of tools that can be hired –from Excavator Hire to Power Tool Hire. There are professional companies who would help you hire the best tools and that too at affordable prices.  Now, let us take a look at some of the benefits of hiring industrial tools.

Hiring Tools is More Cost Effective

Let us take an example. Suppose, you have got a contract and you need a digger truck to complete the task. If you are involved in the field, you would probably know that digger trucks are expensive. So, if you require the digger for a few days, you wouldn’t want to buy a digger. In such cases, Digger Hire is the better option. 

Apart from that, there is also the cost of maintaining the tool.  Large equipment takes a lot of money to be maintained. On top of that, if you are looking at vehicles or other such tools, you would need to pay the salary of the technician who would maintain and operate the tool. These things are avoided when you go for tool hire.

Hiring a Tool is Faster

When you are looking to buy a power tool, you need to go through a long process. You need to compare different product, choose the right product and then place the order. However, when you go for Power Tool Hire, all you need to do is get in touch with the company and you get the tool. So, it is faster and more convenient to get tools on hire.

There are a number of tools that you can hire. You can get Access Tower Hire or even Plant Hire, from the leading companies. There are a number of companies who would offer you such services.
Eros Hire is one of the leading companies in UK that offer tool hire services. They have the widest range of the latest and the most advanced tools. Their prices are also some of the most competitive in the market. So, get in touch with the leading companies and get the best industrial tools for hire, without any hassles

Safety Measures to be Taken When Using Welding Machines
Mon, 03 Apr 2017

Welding machines are required by professionals and DIY enthusiasts for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. While welding machines can fix things in a nick of time, welding exposes people to many hazards as well. So in order to ensure that you or your workers are safe while working with the welding machine, here are some safety measures that need to be taken:

Read the User Manual

The user manual contains the details about the important safety measures that need to taken when working with a welding machines. Everyone using the welding machine must read the manual carefully. In case the manual gets lost, look for an online copy; if it is not available online, ask the manufacture to provide a duplicate copy.

No Part of the Skin Should be Exposed

If any part of the skin is exposed while working with the welding machine, it can get severely damaged due ti the effects of the ultraviolet and infrared rays. So it is important that you cover up properly before using the machine. Avoid keeping matches or butane lighter along with you when working with a welding machine since they can catch fire quickly. Avoid wearing clothes with cuffs, since they can catch sparks. It is best to wear flame-resistant protective gear. The modern day protective gears are lightweight and are easy to carry, so you need not worry. Wear full sleeved clothes, protective gloves, eye-wear, boots, etc.

Weld in a Well Ventilated Area

Welding gives out toxic fumes which can pose varieties of health hazards. If you weld in a confined space, the toxic fumes get accumulated and make breathing difficult. So it is best to weld in a well ventilated space. If you need to weld in a closed space, make sure exhaust hoods are installed that will remove the harmful fumes and provide enough fresh air to breathe.

Avoid Seeing the Light Directly

Watching the flash with naked eye can be very painful and the discomfort can last for hours. Wear welding helmets with proper filter shade to protect the face and eyes from the light. Wear safety glasses that are provided with side shields and ear protection to ensure double protection.

Take Rest between Welding Sessions

You can feel fatigued due to the heavy helmet and the protective gear, so it is wise to take rest between welding sessions. You may also feel breathless due to prolonged exposure to toxic fumes. It is recommended that you relieve your neck for some time and breathe some fresh air. Hydrate yourself at regular intervals to ensure you can carry on for a long period of time.

Use the Right Machine

Last but not the least; you must use the right welding machine for the best results. Whether you buy or hire a welding machine, you need to choose the right welding machine. Make sure it is properly maintained and serviced to ensure safety and get the best results.

Following the safety measures is very important to ensure quick accomplishment of the assigned tasks. Keep the above safety factors in mind and complete you job quickly and efficiently.

Should You own or Hire a Welding Machine
Thu, 30 Mar 2017

Do you need to fix the staircase handrail? Has the garden fence come out from the edge? A welding machine can be the answer to all your dilemmas. A welding machine can quickly help you fix broken metal elements. However, choosing the right welding machine is crucial for the success of your project. Another important decision that both the DIY enthusiasts and professionals need to make is, whether rent or buy a welding machine.

The decision depends on the rate of utilisation of the equipment. As a general rule of thumb, if the equipment does not get utilised for at least 60 to 70 percent of time, it is best to rent it. Therefore, if you need a welding machine for fixing minor things, it is best to hire one, whereas professionals might consider buying one. But renting a welding machine can help the professionals to some extent as well. Let us explore the factors that you need to consider to decide whether to hire or buy one:

Utilisation Rate

As mentioned above assess the rate at which the equipment will be utilised. If it is higher than 70 percent, consider buying the equipment, whereas if it is lower consider renting one. Another factor that must be considered is whether the exact equipment that you are looking for is available or not. If it is not you can temporarily rent the available equipment to keep the project going on and then you can decide whether to buy or rent, once the desired equipment is available in the market.

Work Volume

This is especially for the professionals. If there is a sudden hike in the volume of work, you can rent a welding machine. Renting is more suitable than buying in this scenario, because you can control the sudden hike in expenses and keep the project going on; and you never know whether the same work volume will continue to remain the same or it will go back to normal. In case, you see a surge in volume for a long period of time, you can consider buying the equipment.


As you must know every project is different and the needs are different as well. So, one equipment that is suitable for one project might not be suitable for the other. So if you have variable needs, it is best to rent than buy, since you can rent the suitable equipment and then return it once the project is accomplished. This lowers the overhead costs and ensures you have the right equipment for every individual project.


Last but not the least, you must consider your financial condition. Buying is often more expensive than renting, because you have to meet the upfront costs and keep up with the on-going costs for maintenance, repair, etc. Therefore, it is best to compare both the options and then decide which one is financially more suitable for you.

When deciding whether to hire or buy a welding machine, keep the above factors in mind and make an informed decision.

Add Life to Your Room by Creating Wall Patterns
Tue, 14 Mar 2017

There are many ways in which you can add life to your room – by changing the placement of the furniture, adding colours to the space, or planning a complete make-over of the room. Painting designs on the walls is an easy and inexpensive way of adding glamour to your room. Painting on the walls is easier than you think; you can draw random designs and patterns on the walls or use stencils to create the patterns of your choice. However, there are a few steps that you need to follow to make stunning designs and give your room a complete new look.

Here are some steps that you need to follow to create patterns on the walls:

Prepare the Wall

Start with cleaning with the wall. Use a microfiber cloth and a solution made from mild soap and warm water to clean the walls. In case there are wallpapers pasted to the walls, use a wallpaper stripper to get them removed quickly and easily. Let the wall dry if you have used the soap solution to clean it.

Prepare the Area and Get Prepared Yourself

Place some newspapers and drop cloths on the floor just below the area where you need to draw the patterns. This will make sure that the floor is not damaged in case of spills and drips. Keep the paint brushes or paint sprayers ready. Wear protective gear such as gloves, painter`s smock or old clothes, etc. to save your clothes from the paint. Keep the stencils handy, if you are using them. Paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint before you start drawing the designs and patterns.

Start Drawing Patterns

Start drawing the patterns on the wall once the base paint is dry. If you want to create something unique, try some random patterns. Colourful waves are a great way to make your room look vibrant and inviting. Abstract designs are great for rooms that don the modern minimalist look. You can draw anything you wish to and this includes stripes, geometric shapes, typographic designs and more.

If you are not too confident about your artistic skills, you can use stencils. Place the stencils on the wall and hold it firmly. Use a paint brush, paint roller, or a spray painter to paint on top of the stencil so that the designs get etched on the walls. Start from one corner and then keep moving towards the other. Apply as many coats as you want to make the designs look prominent. Remove the stencil carefully, so as not to damage the patterns drawn on the walls.

Clear the area once you`re done and allow the paint to dry. Hiring the painting supplies is a good option, if you are looking forward to take up a home renovation project such as this one. You can hire the equipment for as long as you want and return them once you`re done. This not only makes the project cost effective but also ensures you do not have to worry about maintenance, repair and storage of the painting equipment; since you will not taking up such projects too frequently.

Benefits of Using a Garden Roller
Mon, 06 Mar 2017

Having a hard time maintaining your garden? Get a garden roller on hire. Garden rollers can be used for a multitude of tasks that range from maintenance of the garden to seeding a new lawn. They look similar to small steamrollers that are rolled across grounds. Garden rollers are used to level the soil and improve the overall appearance of the garden along with preparing the garden/ lawn for seeding.

Several varieties of garden rollers are available in the market; however, the manual rollers that are filled with water are the most popular. People have varying opinions about whether one should use a garden roller or not; however there are many benefits of using garden rollers. Some common benefits are:

Create an even look for your garden

The garden/ lawn tend to become bumpy with the onset of the spring season. This is because as the snow melts, it pushes the soil towards its direction of flow. Moreover, the uniformity of the garden is often damaged by insects and rodents. If you have children playing on the lawn, you can see a lot of bumps on the surface. However, you can quickly bring back the garden in shape by rolling the soil with help of a garden roller.

Roll before and after sowing seeds

Whether you are establishing a new lawn or want to grow your own kitchen garden, a garden roller can make things easier. Eliminate the low spots and clods of soil before sowing the grass seeds. This ensures healthy growth of the grass. In case you are growing plants, a quick roll up after sowing the seeds make sure the seeds are in contact with the soil which accelerates germination. Once the sod is laid, the roller pushes it deeper into the soil to ensure better growth of the roots.

Maintenance of the lawn grass

Garden rollers can also be used for mowing the grass and maintain an even and uniform look. Lawn mower rollers are available in the market, which can work both as mowers and rollers.

People often worry about maintaining their gardens and lawns, but with the right equipment in hand, the tasks become much easier. However, there are a few precautions that you must take to ensure a lush green and flourishing garden.

Garden rollers should not be used too frequently; you must restrict the use especially during summers. Too much stress on the grass can lead to dead patches. Rolling wet soil can also be harmful; make sure the soil is moist before rolling. Don`t choose a roller that is too heavy since it can harm the garden/ lawn. If you have trouble choosing the right garden roller; take help from the professionals.

Hiring a garden roller can be the most economical way to maintain your garden; hence if you have decided to take up a garden maintenance project this year, hire a garden roller without a second thought. Maintain a manicured garden and improve the overall appeal of your property!

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Powered Access Equipment
Wed, 01 Mar 2017

In order to ensure the success of your project, you need to hire the right equipment. Whether you need a scissor lift, cherry picker or any other powered access equipment, it is a must that you choose the right equipment. Not only does the right equipment ensure quicker accomplishment of the job, but it also ensures the safety of your workers.

Project managers often make mistakes that lead to workplace injuries, delays, and higher cost; hence by avoiding the following common mistakes associated with powered access equipment rental, you can ensure the success of the projects:

Not Assessing the Potential Hazards

Project managers often fail to evaluate the potential hazards associated with access equipment, which result in workplace related injuries such as falls, electric shocks, tip-over, contact with overhead objects, etc. Oftentimes there are several hazards present at the same time; hence it is essential that you assess the hazards and take necessary measures to ensure safety and security of the workers.

No Training before Embarking on the Project

Providing appropriate training to the workers is important, before embarking on any project that involves the use of access equipment. Training must cover important issues such as potential hazards, rescue plans, introduction to new features of the equipment (if any) apart from the general working principle and precautions to be taken.

Failing to Assess the Project Requirements

Project managers should assess the requirements of individual projects; even if they are of the same nature of the previous projects. Consider the working conditions and specific project requirements, in order to hire the right equipment. This also helps you find better alternatives at lower costs. Remember, no two projects are the same, so by using the same equipment as that of the previous projects, you might be elevating the risk factors. Newer models are introduced frequently and technology advances at a greater speed than you can imagine; so take advantage of the advanced machines and provide a safer working condition for your workers.

Failing to Assess the Needs Regarding the Reach of Access Equipment

Access equipment are specifically required for projects where the workers need to reach a specific height to get the job done; hence assessing the needs regarding the `reach` is very important. A lift with a longer reach than what is actually needed can result in a tip-over; whereas a lift with a shorter reach can result in falls. Hence, project managers must first assess the specific requirements regarding the reach of the lift and then hire the right equipment.

Not Comparing Rates from Different Rental Agencies

Apart from meeting the deadlines, it is important to accomplish the job within the projected budget. Hiring access equipment from a rental agency without comparing the rates from several other agencies might result in higher project cost. Hence it is a must that project managers get quotes from a number of equipment rental companies and compare them to hire the equipment at the best rates.

By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes you can ensure safety and security of your workers and accomplish the work within the pre-set deadline. Hence keep the points in mind when hiring access equipment for your next project.

Choosing the Right Paint Sprayer
Mon, 20 Feb 2017

If you are looking forward to applying a new coat of paint to the walls inside the house to give your house a new look, choosing the right sprayer is very important. The obvious advantage of choosing a paint sprayer over brush is that it helps you accomplish the job quicker and creates lesser mess. However, a paint sprayer is not always the best choice; especially when you need to paint a small area.

Hence, depending upon the type of the painting job, you need to choose the right paint sprayer. Several types of paint sprayers are available in the market and each one is designed to paint certain surfaces; therefore before choosing a paint sprayer, make sure you know what type of surface you need to paint. The most common types of paint sprayers are:

The major factors to consider when choosing a paint sprayer are:


The amount of pressure provided by paint sprayers differ based upon its type. So depending upon the scope of work and the kind of paint you will be using; you need to determine how much pressure would be enough to accomplish the job quickly. Another consideration is the speed; if you need to complete a painting job very quickly, then a sprayer with high horsepower (unit to measure the pressure offered by the sprayer) would be the best.


The next important consideration is the volume of the paint sprayer. Volume means how much paint the sprayer can hold at a time; this also determines how many times you need the refill the sprayer to complete the painting job. So if you are painting the entire house, a sprayer with a high volume would be a good choice; whereas for small painting jobs a sprayer with small capacity would be good enough.

The Right Spraying Tips

A variety of spraying tips are available which can be attached to the front side of the gun. The type of tip you need depends upon the kind of paint you are using and the type of surface you are painting. The power of the paint sprayer must also be considered when choosing the spraying tip.


High quality sprays cost higher; so when choosing paint sprayer determine what kind of budget you have. The good news is that you can keep the expense under control by renting a paint sprayer. This means you pay for the sprayer only for a specific period of time and you don`t have to worry about maintenance, repair and storage as well.

By painting or staining the house yourself, you can save a lot of money and by choosing the right paint sprayer you can save a lot of time. Hence, it is worth investing some time to choose the right sprayer since it can considerably increase the quality and speed of the painting/ staining job. If you have any problem choosing the right paint sprayer, the staffs at the local tools and equipment store or rental agency can help you.

Tips to Keep the Basement Clean and Dry
Mon, 13 Feb 2017

Basement is the most utilisable yet the most overlooked area of your house. The basement can be turned into an extra room or can be used as a storage space for extra things that you can`t afford to get rid of. No matter how you decide to utilise the area, it is a must that you keep the basement clean and dry. Moisture in the basement can cause structural damage or damage the things stored inside it. The dampness in the basement leads to growth of mould, mildew and fungus and can also cause several health problems.

In order to keep the basement clean and dry, here are a few things that you can consider doing:

Installation of gutters and downspouts

Flooding caused due to heavy rain or melting snow can make the basement damp, hence it is a must that you install gutters and downspouts to direct the water away from the foundation structure. The downspouts must be installed at least 5-feet away from the main structure to ensure there is no water damage. Also make sure the gutters are clean so that water can flow out easily.

Use water proof paint

Humidity inside the house often condenses on the cold surfaces such as the walls and causes the walls to weep. For instance, if you dry your clothes in the basement, the moisture from the clothes adds to the humidity and the amount of moisture increases. To prevent the walls from coming in contact with moisture, paint them with a water proof paint. In case the walls have already been painted, re-touch the damaged areas with water proof paint to keep the walls safe.

Use a dehumidifier

If the basement has been flooded or there is excess humidity in the area, you can use a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier absorbs the excess moisture from the space making the area dry. Therefore, you can first dehumidify the area and then paint the walls to make sure there is no internal damage. Make sure the excess moisture is expelled through the floor drain. You may consider hiring a dehumidifier from a local tools and equipment rental shop, if you need it temporarily.

Insulate pipes

If you have cold pipes running through the basement, then the condensation dripping can contribute to the water problems. Hence by insulating the cold pipes with help of foam pipe insulations you can prevent the condensation dripping. Foam pipe insulations are easily available and can be installed easily.

Proper ventilation is a must in order to keep the basement clean and dry. If the basement has not been used for a long time, you can consider using an air scrubber to purify the air and get rid of the bad odour. Remember, water and moisture can severely damage the foundation posing risk to the entire structure; hence it is a must that you try and keep the basement dry. It is a must that you maintain the basement, whether you use it or not.

After Party House Cleaning Tips
Tue, 31 Jan 2017

So the New Year party at your place was a great success; but now that everything is over all you are left with is with hangover and loads of mess all around your home. Overflowing trash bins, spills, cups and plates everywhere, empty boxes and what not. Cleaning after a party might seem overwhelming but if you plan things well, you can get it done without too much hassle.

The main trick is to handle things one by one; say for example you start with washing the plates and then move on to cleaning the kitchen and then to the other rooms. This ensures you get the work done efficiently without feeling stressed. So break work into small and manageable chunks and then get started. Here are a few tips that will help you get the house cleaned quickly. Before you start cleaning, you`ll need lots of bin bags, cloths, wipes, etc. So keep them handy.

Start With Cleaning the Floor

Pick up the glasses, plates, cups and put them inside the dishwasher. Load the dishwasher to full capacity before operating it. Next, look for broken glass since it can hurt you, your kids, and pets. Use a dustpan and brush and sweep off as much glass as possible. Look for tiny shards that might be left away on the floor; wrap everything in a newspaper and throw away. Pick up the empty boxes, wrapping papers, confetti, etc. and dispose with care.

Look for Spills

You need to take care of spills and stains immediately to make sure they do not damage the floor or soft furnishings. Blot up juice, excess coffee, and then use a cool soapy mixture to treat the stain. Do not rub too hard, since it can discolour the surface. For red wine stains, cover it with salt, leave for some time and vacuum. Pour a small quantity of white wine on the treated stain. For oily food stain, cover it with a generous amount of talcum powder and leave overnight. Brush off or vacuum next day. If the stain is not removed completely, use a light stain remover.

Pressure Wash

If the floor has become too dirty with stains, spills and dirt, you can consider pressure washing. Pressure washing will help you get rid of all the sticky dirt and restore the look of the flooring. Pressure washing equipment are available for rent at the local tools and equipment rental company; so hire one that is suitable for your cleaning job.

If you had decorated the walls with balloons and ribbons, it is time to take them down. Hire a ladder and careful take down all the decorations. Ladders are available in variety of sizes, so chose a one that suits your needs.

You can consider taking help from friends to get your house cleaned. If you have children, involve them in the cleaning work. Start cleaning the house as soon as the party is over, since the longer you take to clean, the more damage will be done.

Quick House Painting Tips Give Your House a New Look
Tue, 31 Jan 2017

Regular maintenance is necessary to make your house look good. Giving your home a make-over at least once in a while is also necessary to increase the overall appeal and value of your home. However, painting may be stressful as well as cumbersome. Therefore, before you embark on a house painting project, there are a few things you need to know to perfect the art.

It is easier to get the house painted by hiring professionals, but what if you don`t have enough budgets to hire a service? You cannot only save money by painting the house yourself but you will also feel proud. Here are some quick tips which will help you master the techniques and achieve a professional like finish:

Choose the Right Paint Type

Paints are available in two types – oil-based and water-based. You must choose the right type of paint to get the desired finish. Make sure you buy branded paints over cheap quality paints to ensure the best outcome. You also need to determine how much paint you will need. Consider the amount of area to be painted and then calculate based on the measurement - one gallon per 350 square feet of surface area.

Get Rid of the Flaws

Use fine grit sanding papers to get rid of the dirt and oil from the walls. Sand the walls horizontally from the baseboard to the ceiling to even out the flaws. Do not exert too much pressure while sanding, since too much pressure can damage the wall. Sanding prepares the wall so that the adhesion between the new layer of paint and the wall is good.

Do You Need a Primer?

You need a primer only if:

If there is no such condition, you can paint the walls directly after sanding.

Choose the Right Painting Equipment

Having the right kind of painting equipment is necessary to ensure professional quality finish. You need to choose the equipment depending upon the type of paint used, the area to be painted and your specific painting needs. Hiring painting and decorating tools is the best option, since you will be painting your home only once in many years.

Finish One Wall before Moving to the Other

Finish painting one wall, before moving on to the other. The house painting pros will roll the wall immediately before staring the next. This helps them get a flawless look. Another quick tip: cover the paint bucket, tray and container when switching between brushing and rolling to prevent the paint and tools from drying.

Painting is the easiest way to give your home a complete new look, but it might seem a tough job. With the right equipment and plan, you can quickly paint your house and achieve a flawless finish.

Tips to Choose the Right Circular Saw
Tue, 17 Jan 2017

Circular saws are one of the most versatile and useful tools for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. A circular saw is a powered saw that uses a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut a variety of materials that include wood, metal, plastic, and more. Circular saws can either be hand-held or mounted in a machine. In order to get the best output and accomplish the cutting job safely, you must buy or rent an appropriate circular saw. The right kind of circular saw not only ensures precision cutting but also ensures safety of the user; so here are some factors that you must consider when buying or renting circular saws:

Choose the Right Style

Circular saws are available in a number of styles and these include:

Depending upon the working conditions, type of task that needs to be accomplished and the material that needs to be cut, you need to choose the right style. The style will also depend on how comfortably you can use the circular saw.

Safety Blade Guard

The blade guard covers the saw when it is not in use. It retracts to expose the blades when in use. The blade guards ensure that the saw cuts the intended materials and nothing else. When buying/renting a circular saw, check how the blade guard operates. Make sure it operates smoothly and does not make you feel awkward while using the saw. If the guard needs to be raised manually make sure it is smooth enough so that it does not harm you or other users.

Choose the Right Features

The latest and most advanced circular saws are available with a number of advanced features such as electric brakes, shaft locks, laser guides, bevel stops, and a lot more; so it is must that you choose a saw with all the features that make the cutting job easier. But remember never buy a saw with features that you would seldom use. A circular saw with extra features might sound interesting but it would mean you have to pay for features that you wouldn`t use. In case of rental, you will have to pay higher rental charges. So make a wise choice.

The Right Blade Type

The key to precision cutting is the right kind of blade. Different types of blades are available for different applications, so you need to know what kind of blade would be most suitable for you. The most common types of circular saw blades include:

Keep the above factors in mind when choosing a circular saw for the best results. If you still have trouble choosing a suitable saw, talk to the staffs at the tools and equipment rental company or the dealer; they will help you choose a saw suitable for your specific needs.

Winter Equipment Care Tips
Wed, 11 Jan 2017

Winter is already here and you have surely prepared to keep yourself, your family and your pets warm and cosy inside the house. You even prepare your car for the winter season, so why leave out the tools and equipment that help you get so many things done in no time. You need to take special care of the equipment (of all kinds) during winter since they tend to get jammed due to the freezing temperatures. Snow, wind and ice can cause serious damage to the tools and equipment, so it is a must that you take special care to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Here is how you can take care of the tools and equipment during winter:

Care for Tools

These tips will help you keep the tools in good working condition:

Care for Equipment

This is how you must care for the equipment during the winter season:

If all this seems too tough, you can opt for tools and equipment rental. By hiring tools and equipment, you need not worry about maintenance, since you hire the required tools/ equipment for a specified period of time and then return it to the rental company. It is the responsibility of the tools and equipment rental company to take proper care of the tools and equipment to ensure they offer optimal performance and efficiency.

Renting is often a better option if you need a tool or equipment only for a short period of time since you don`t need to invest in its maintenance and repair. If you already have a set of tools and equipment, the above tips will help you take good care of them; but if you need some more tools and equipment, consider hiring them from a reliable and reputed tool and equipment rental company in your area.

Reasons to Trim and Prune Trees
Wed, 04 Jan 2017

As winter sets in, it is time to prune the trees and shrubs in your garden. Pruning not only makes the yard or garden look beautiful and well maintained but it also aids healthy growth in trees and shrubs. Pruning refers to the method of sawing off limbs and it should be a part of the regular garden maintenance programs. You can either get in touch with professionals to get the job done, or get it done yourself.

Pruning is not a tough job, so you can easily hire gardening tools and prune the trees and shrubs yourself. You just need to know which tools would be required, since pruners are available in a large variety of sizes. If you are still thinking why you need to invest in a pruning program, here are the reasons why:

Maintain the Aesthetics

Overgrown trees or out-of-shape shrubs make the garden or yard look ugly; by pruning them you get rid of dead limbs and the limbs that grow at a faster rate. Regular pruning ensures the trees and shrubs maintain good shape, making the garden look beautiful. It also enhances the overall appeal of the home and increases the value as well.

Healthy Growth

Proper pruning makes the roots stronger, which means the tree can withstand harsh weather conditions. Stronger roots also mean the overall growth of the tree would be healthy throughout the year. new branches with come out making the trees and shrubs look fresh and lush green.

Improved Fruit Production

Any type tree that produces fruits benefits immensely from pruning. By pruning, you get rid of the dead limbs which are susceptible to insect infestation and disease. This means you encourage healthy growth and it automatically means better fruit production. The growth of spurs is improved which ensures better fruit production for the following year.


The most important reason for pruning trees is safety. Dead limbs become weak and fall off easily and cause harm to people and their properties. If someone else is hurt on your premises, you can get stuck in legal hassles. Heavy limbs can cause cracks on your home or break vehicles. Dead limbs running over electric wire So in order to keep people and their properties safe, you must prune trees regularly.

Disease Prevention

Trees often get diseased and it spreads very quickly. By pruning the limbs you can stop the disease from spreading. If left unattended the entire tree can die; so pruning not only eliminates the disease, it also saves the tree.

Pruning once in a year is generally recommended and the best time to prune trees is late winter, early spring or just before the tree begins to open the buds.

Trees provide a number of benefits to human beings and the environment; so in return you should give back the love. Regular maintenance can aid healthy growth and make them fresh. Well maintained trees make the house look good and increase the overall appeal of the property. So call the professionals or hire gardening tools and maintain the trees and shrubs regularly.

Holiday Lighting Safety Tips
Thu, 08 Dec 2016

With holidays just around the corner, it is time to give your home a brand new festive look. Festive decorations include colourful lighting, wreaths, trees, flowers and more. However if not handled with care, decorations especially the ones with electrical components can create safety hazards or cause fires. According to sources more than 80,000 people are treated in the hospital every year for injuries such as falls, cuts and burns during the festive season.

So you must be very cautious when lighting up the yard or the Christmas tree. Festive lighting are very easily available at local stores or from tools and equipment rental companies, but you need to make sure they are used properly and with utter care. Here are some safety tips that will help you keep your home and family members safe during the festive season:

It is often difficult to act fast when an emergency strikes; so make all preparations beforehand. Know how to use the fire extinguishers; have emergency phone numbers with easy reach and know what to do in case of a fire. Festive lighting rental can make life easier; but in order to make the holidays even more enjoyable, you must adhere to the safety guidelines. Read the user manuals to understand how to use the lights and other electrical decorative items.

Lighting candles around the home is also a ritual during Christmas and other festive events; so you should be extra cautious when you light the candles. Place in secured places and keep children and pets away. Blow off the candles before leaving home. Avoid placing candles close to wires and lighting, since wires catch fire very easily.

Follow the safety guidelines and make your holidays even more fun. Teach your children about the safety measures and talk to your neighbours about mistakes they might make when decorating their home. 

Wish you happy and safe holidays!

Christmas Equipment Rental Tips
Thu, 24 Nov 2016

With the holidays just round the corner, it is time to gear up and get ready for partying. You can participate at one of the local Christmas celebrations, but you can also organise a private party with your friends and family. There are two advantages of a private party – you will have no strangers and you can plan it in your own way.

If you want to invite your friends and family and have a gala time, you need start the planning right away. Talking about party planning, most people think about the number of people they are going to invite, the theme of the party, the invitation cards, food, etc. but they often tend to overlook another important aspect – setting the space. In order to set the mood and create the perfect ambience, you need to have the right equipment. For instance, a Christmas party is incomplete without a well decorated Christmas tree and lots of lighting inside and outside the home. So just after you have completed making the invitee list and finalised the invitation cards; you should start considering Christmas equipment rental.

To make your Christmas party successful, here are some equipment you can’t do without:

1. Lights – lots and lots of lights!

Whether you want to deck up your home or decorate the Christmas tree, you need lots of lights. Buying can often be more expensive, so you can consider hiring party lights. Most tools and equipment rental companies would include Christmas equipment in their fleet, so get in touch with a local company to check what kind of lights are offered and what would be the cost of hiring them. If you decide to hire lights compare the rates from multiple companies before deciding.

2. Leisure Equipment Hire

Parties are no fun without some barbecues, live bands and dancing! But how would you set in the mood? It’s easily – go for leisure equipment rental and you’ll be all set to invite the guests. Get a barbecue grill on hire; lounge chairs (if you don’t already have them); lawn umbrellas and set up a small stage and install a music system, a microphone and other necessary equipment. You will all these at the local tools and equipment rental company, so there is nothing to worry about.

3. Generators

Yes, hiring a generator is important. If you install lots of lights, music systems, and other equipment; it might be difficult to fulfil the power requirement with the existing electric system. So hiring a generator would be advised to lower the load on your residential electric system. Evaluate what equipment you would require and the power requirement and hire a generator accordingly.

If you require small home improvements to be done before organising thea Christmas party, you can hire the required tools and equipment and perform the task yourself. Renting tools and equipment has a number of advantages; so if you plan to organise a party at your home start preparing in advance to avoid the last minute rush and get the desired equipment without any hassles.

Tips to Choose the Right Generator for Your Needs
Wed, 16 Nov 2016

Whether you have experienced a sudden power cut or you need extra power to support the decorations for your house party, choosing the right generator is crucial. A wide range of generators are available in the market, but not all are suitable for your specific needs. So you need to make some considerations to ensure you hire the right generator.

The most common types of generators available for rent or buying include:

Hiring a generator is often wiser than buying one, since you need a generator temporarily most of the times. When you are looking for a generator, you need to rent a generator of the right size. This means the generator should be able to support all the devices and appliances you need to run. So to help you hire the right generator; here are some considerations that you must make:

If you are hiring a generator for the first time, you might find it difficult to calculate the figures, so it is advised to take professional help. The staffs at the tools and equipment rental company would be able to help you calculate your requirements and choose the right generator. But for this you need to make sure you work with the right generator hire company.

Choosing the Right Generator Hire Company

No doubt there are many tools and equipment hire company in your area, but not all offer the best services. So it is necessary that you do your ground work well to make sure you work with the best generator hire company.

Make a list of all companies that offer generator hire. Perform online review to check the reputation of the company. Next consider the level of service offered. Choose a company that offers a wide range of generators for hire; this ensures you will have a number of options and you can easily find one that suits your needs. A good generator hire company would offer additional services such as repair, maintenance, etc. Moreover, look for a company that offers emergency services; so in case the generator stops working or shows signs of malfunctioning, you can get it fixed right away.

A good generator hire company would have specialised team to help you get started with operating the generator. Different types of generators use different mechanism, so you need to know how the generators work to ensure maximum efficiency. Remember, the success to any event or your comfort depends on the right generator. So calculate the numbers properly and make sure you hire the right generator to cut out disappointments and work with the right generator hire company to have peace of mind.

Safety Tips for Construction Sites Make the Site Safe for Workers and Others
Tue, 08 Nov 2016

Construction projects involve laborious works which means you need to depend on heavy machinery to get work done. While there are many advanced machinery to help you get the project accomplished quickly and easily, you need to make sure the tools and equipment work safety and they are being operated properly. If you are embarking on a construction project, you need to comply with the safety standards; but there are several other factors that you need to consider as well.

To help you make the construction site safe for the workers as well as the others, here are some factors that you need to consider:

Choose the Right Construction Equipment

Construction projects involve a wide variety of tasks, which means you need machineries of varying powers and capabilities to get the project accomplished.  However, powerful machineries tend to cost more, whether you are buying or renting them. In order to keep the costs under control, project managers often buy or hire machines with lower capabilities and try accomplishing heavy duty works that they are not designed for. This leads to several accidents and mishaps that not only injure workers but also result in delays. So it is necessary to choose the right construction equipment.

Prepare the Site

Preparing the site before starting the construction is vital for the safety and success of the project. Placing road safety equipment such as barrier planks, cones, road signs, etc. around the construction site is important to let people know that work is in progress and entering the site might be dangerous. Moreover, you may also have to level the ground to allow smooth operation of the construction equipment. 

Hiring Trained Workers

Only trained workers can handle the complicated tasks that are involved in a construction project. Minimum level of skill and training is required to be able to operate the various tools and equipment. So it is necessary that the workers are examined well for their skills and then given the responsibilities. 

Worker Safety Equipment

No matter how well you prepare the site, it is always recommended that the workers are provided with appropriate safety equipment to avoid accidents and injuries. So the workers must wear safety gear and protect their eyes and ears as well. Proper safety gears will ensure they do not fall or slip or harm themselves while working. 

Understand the Potential Risks

Understanding the potential risks will help you come up with appropriate safety plans.  So it is a must that you scrutinise the site well and note down the potential dangers. You must also make the workers aware of the dangers, so that they can keep themselves safe.

Remember, you might get into a lot of trouble (due to legal hassles or project delays) if the construction site is not safe enough. So in order to make sure the project is completed quickly and easily, you need to keep the safety factors in mind. Understand the scope of the project and design a safety plan accordingly. 

Maintain Your Garden with Gardening Tools Hire
Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Pruning and trimming your garden is necessary to maintain the aesthetics and encourage healthy growth of the plants and bushes. Overgrown bushes often make your garden look clutters and ill maintained, so it is necessary that you get them trimmed quite often. But that does not mean you need to trim them every week. Bushes and shrubs are of many types and depending upon their type they can grow up to fifteen to twenty feet tall.

Trimming bushes at the right time will not only make your garden look beautiful; but it will also save you a lot of time and effort. Overgrown bushes also have the risk of pest infestations and producing fewer blooms and flowers. Moreover, some bushes can be trimmed at any point of the year; but for some there is a specific time when it needs to be trimmed and pruned. So it is important that you know when to trim and prune the bushes.

Start from the bottom; cut back the oldest and largest branches first. Next trim from the top to maintain the shape; but do not go overboard since it can kill the bush or shrub. Do this every year to maintain the shape and encourage healthy growth from the base. It is ideal to trim a bush or shrub during early spring; you can get some professional advice if you have confusions.

Choosing the Right Trimming Equipment

Just as it is important to trim and prune the garden, it is very important to choose the right gardening tools and equipment. Special trimmers and pruners are available to get the job done, but you must choose the right tool to accomplish the work effortlessly.

By choosing the right trimmer or pruner, you can avoid hurting the plants and complete the task quickly. Moreover, you can find tools and equipment that use variety of fuel to offer maximum efficiency and performance; so you can choose one that suits your working conditions.

If you are not a professional buying gardening tools can be a bad investment; instead you can hire gardening tools and get your work done without breaking your bank. You can find the best suited gardening tools and equipment so you need not worry. If you don`t have a great idea about which trimming and pruning tool would be best suited for your task, the staffs at the tools and equipment rental company can help you. But make sure you hire only from the best rental company, since malfunctioning tools and equipment can pose a large variety of risks.

Moreover, you will want to accomplish the tasks as easily and quickly as possible; so by hiring from a reputed company you can ensure that you get well maintained tools that do not let you down in the middle of your trimming project. So if you have overgrown bushes in your garden; it is time that you consider trimming them. Look for the best gardening tools on hire and get started on your trimming project.

Holiday Home Decorating Tips
Wed, 05 Oct 2016

Once again it is that time of the year when you can feel the happiness and merriment in the air. You just have a month or two in hand, so why not start the planning right away! No we are not talking about planning the vacations; we are talking about decorating your home to reflect the festive mood. By this time you already know that you can save money with homemade gifts; and decorating your home doesn`t either need you to break your bank.

So we will help you get every inch of your home into the festive spirit with the following cost-effective holiday decorating ideas:

Create a Holiday Calendar

Remind yourself every day about the happy times that are coming soon by creating an advent calendar. Find and old frame and paint it with a metallic colour. Print out numbers (representing dates) using an online template; you can find many online. Hang the numbers onto the frame just as they appear on the calendar and decorate it with ornaments and decorative pieces.

Make a Bow Wreath

Holiday decoration is incomplete without a wreath. But since the holidays are yet to come a floral or foliage wreath will not be suitable. Instead try to make a bow wreath; this is not only easy but it will go easy on your pocket. Buy multicoloured bows made of ribbons or other materials (which would stay for a long time) and stick them on a wreath made from wire and foam. Hang this on the main door and remind everyone that the holidays are almost here.

Show off Your Festive Spirit

The best way to do it is by putting up decorative lights inside and outside your home. Decorate the patio, the garden and the main entrance of your home with colourful decorative lights and light them up as soon as the sun sets down. This will not only make your home amazing, but it will cheer up everyone who passes by. The best thing - you need not worry even if the local stores didn`t start stocking up decorative lights. You can hire them from a local tools and equipment hire company. You can find a large variety of lighting on hire; so you can choose the ones that will make your home look lively and cheerful.

Deck-Up the Interiors

Look for fun chair toppers that resemble Santa`s cap, reindeers, Christmas trees, etc. You can even make them at home without much effort. Place a vase filled with festive foods such as walnuts, cranberries, kumquats, etc. and along with a scented candle placed in the middle. Add some colours to the interiors by turning the pillows into presents. Use holiday coloured ribbons and tie a bow around the throw pillows. To make them look gorgeous you can add some more embellishments such as rhinestone pins, small decorative pieces, etc. Place some poinsettias on the coffee table to set in the holiday mood!

It is high time that you start your preparations right away. So start singing the carols and deck-up your home to reflect the festive spirit!

Things to Consider When Hiring a Generator
Fri, 23 Sep 2016

Whether you are planning an outdoor event or taking up a professional project, chances are you would need a power back-up. Hiring a generator is often the best way to supply power to the tools and equipment that you require to get the tasks accomplished successfully.

People are often stuck with one question – whether to hire or buy a generator. Hiring is often better than buying if you need a power back-up for a short time period. Depending upon your needs, buying a generator can be quite expensive and if you don`t require it for a long period of time you will also have to take the pain of repairing, maintaining and storing it in a safe and secured area. However, even if you choose hire a generator; you must make the right decision to make sure you get the job done without complications.

To help you hire the right power equipment, here are some things that you need to consider:

Consider Your Load

Before starting your hunt for the right generator, you need to assess your needs and requirements. Make a list of the tools and equipment that would require power from the generator and determine how much power id required by each of them. Some electrical equipment might require more power to get started than the specified wattage. Once you have the numbers, start looking for a generator that offers power slightly higher than what you require.

Noise Considerations

While it is important to hire a generator that meets your power requirements you also need to consider the amount of noise that it makes. A noisy generator can create disruptions for your and people around you. This is even more important if you are hiring a generator for an outdoor event; a loud noise can spoil the event.

The good news is that most of today`s advanced generators are sound proof and work more or less silently. So if you have decided to go ahead with a generator rental, choose from the latest models.

Think About the Run Time

Generators use some kind of fuel to run – so you would require deciding whether you need a petrol powered generator or a diesel powered generator. Another important thing to consider is the run time. While some generators can run for two to four hours; other powerful ones can last for an entire day. So you need to choose a generator depending upon your specific needs. Make sure you have extra petrol or diesel so that the generator keeps working.

An important note: in case you need to refill the generator; make sure you do not fill it while it is hot. Allow some time to let it cool down before you fill it.

If you are hiring a generator for the first time, chances are you might not know which generator would work best for you. But there`s nothing to worry. You can talk to the staffs at the tools and equipment rental company and ask them to help you choose the best generator.

Tips to Prepare the Yard for Winter
Fri, 16 Sep 2016

As the temperature start to fall outside, it is time to prepare the yard for winter. In order to maintain the yard, and help winter plants grow, there are some things that you consider doing.  Fertilisation, raking, pruning, mulching and cleaning are some of the common tasks that every homeowner must perform to allow the yard to thrive during the winter season.

You can hire a landscaping professional to get the chores done, but there is another cost effective way of getting it done – ‘Do-It-Yourself’. Taking care of your own yard will give you a sense of pride and will also help you save a significant amount of money. But not all tasks are as easy as picking up the leaves from the yard; you might require some specific gardening tools and equipment to accomplish the tasks smoothly and efficiently. But there’s nothing much to worry about, you can rent the tools from a local tools and equipment rental shop. The staffs at the rental will also help you choose the right tools and operate them safely.

In order to help you prepare the yard for winter, here are a few quick tips:

Keep the Yard Clean

As winter approaches, the leaves start to fall making the yard look cluttered. In order to keep your yard clean and tidy, you can mow over them and turn them into nutrients for the yard. You can rent a lawn mower at an affordable rate from any local tools and equipment rental shop. But if there are too many leaves, raking would be a better option. People often spend an entire day raking leaves and then disposing them; to make things easier, you can rent a leaf vacuum or blower.

Prune the Trees and Shrubs

Pruning trees is important so that they can grow well as spring arrives. But pruning can often be difficult since trees grow in odd areas and reaching the high branches can be difficult. A wide range of pruning tools are available, so you can choose one according to your specific needs. However, buying a chainsaw can be quite expensive; so consider renting one instead. If you are unaware of how the chainsaws work or how to operate it, you can ask for a demonstration from the rental staffs. They will help you learn how to operate the tools safely.

In case you have to remove a tree altogether, it is best to hire professionals since a lot more risks are involves. You can injure yourself or damage your property if you can’t fell the tree properly. But you can surely take care of all the other aspects of preparing the yard for winter.

With so many tools available, it might sometimes become overwhelming to choose the right one. So take help from the professionals, since a low grade tool will take longer to get the work done; whereas a high power tool (than what is required) might pose various risks. So work with the right tools and equipment rental agency and prepare the yard for winter without hassles.     

Tips for Professional Floor Sanding
Wed, 07 Sep 2016

Too much dirt and grime due to heavy traffic and regular wear and tear can make the wooden floors look old and boring. But that should not make you frown; you can make the floor look like new with help of a floor sander. Hiring sanding professionals is obviously an option, but if you want to save money and do things yourself it is quite possible by hiring a floor sander.

However, you need to know how to do it correctly to ensure you don’t harm the surface further. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you sand the floor and make every corner of the home sparkle:

Preparing the room

Decide the direction of sanding depending upon the condition of the floor. If the floor is flat, it is best to sand up and down the boards` grain; if the floor has a thick layer of paint or coating, then start across the grain (at 45 degrees angle). Repeat the process in the opposite direction and then along the grain to finish the process. Reduce the coarseness of the sandpaper as you progress. 

Ideally you would need a heavy-duty drum sander, heavy-duty edging sander and corner sander. You can get all types of sander at the local tools and equipment rental store, so you need not worry. Get all the other necessary things such as sandpapers, equipment cleaners, etc. Make sure you open the doors and windows and wear protective gear to save yourself from the dust.

Preparing the floor

Check the floor thoroughly for protruding nail or screw heads. If there are any, nail them inside the surface before you start sanding. If you find loose floorboards, nail them down. Check every corner of the room and make sure it is dry.

Preparing the sanding equipment

Preparing the sanding equipment is crucial to get optimal results. If you are doing it for the first time, ask the personnel at the rental store to help you understand how to prepare the equipment and how to use them safely. Remember, if you fail to prepare the equipment, you can damage it and the result will never be satisfactory.  You can also check the Internet for resources that teach how to prepare and use the floor sanding equipment.

Start with the drum sander, then move on to the edging sander and finally the corner sander, Make sure you hold on to the sanders firmly to get the best results. 

Cleaning the Floor

Once you are done, clean the floor. Sweep the floor and then vacuum the floor to remove all the dust and debris. You can also wipe the surface with a damp sponge (make sure it does not have too much water) since too much water can damage the floor. 

Remember, some stains such as those caused by pet urine cannot be removed even by sanding the floor. In certain cases, replacing the floorboards is the only option left. So evaluate the condition of the floor to decide the treatment.   

Tips to Increase the Profit for Your Business
Wed, 31 Aug 2016

Increasing profit margins is one of the most challenging tasks for businesses that use heavy tools and equipment to accomplish their jobs. A large portion of the profit goes into maintaining, repairing and replacing the tools and equipment. For businesses that depend on the use of various tools and equipment, cutting costs can be difficult but by following some simple rules, they can reduce the cost of equipment significantly. 

If you have been struggling to reduce the overall operational cost of your business, here are some tips that will help you achieve the goal:

Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance of heavy machineries is crucial to improve the longevity. Since heavy machineries perform tough tasks the rate of wear and tear is much greater compared to any other kind of tool or equipment. So it is important that the tools and equipment are inspected on a regular basis to check the signs of damage. The earlier the damages are inspected the quickly they can be repaired, thus preventing expensive repairs.  It is also wise to hire skilled and qualified maintenance engineers who can maintain the machines properly to prolong the equipment life. Some damages are permanent and they cannot be repaired. If you find any such damages, it is best to get the tools and equipment replaced at once.

Proper maintenance also reduces the chances of accidents, thus saving you from the liabilities of bearing the medical costs of the injured employees and paying compensation for the damages.  

Hire Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment hire is a great solution when you want to reduce the overall cost. By hiring tools and equipment, you cut out the costs of ownership; this means you do not have to worry about storage, maintenance or repairing of the tools and equipment you hire. Moreover, by comparing rates from different tools and equipment rental companies, you can hire them at rock bottom prices (even though you must be careful about not hiring damaged or malfunctioning tools and equipment). 

Inspect the tools and equipment thoroughly before hiring. If needed ask the personnel from the rental company to give a demonstration of how to use the equipment. This will help you understand whether it is working with full efficiency or not.  

Buy Only When Required

Evaluate your needs first and then decide whether to buy or rent. The wrong decision often leads to increased operational costs. There are some tools and equipment that you require on a regular basis. It is often better to buy such tools than hire. Compare tools and equipment from various manufacturers and buy the one with the maximum efficiency.  Also make sure the tools and equipment you own are stored safely to avoid theft.   

When comparing tools and equipment, check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It is best to buy from ones that provide the longest warranty; so any issues that come up will be taken care of by the manufacturer without you having to spend anything from your pocket.

It is possible to reduce the overall operational cost of your business, if you know how to do it. So follow the above tips and maximise your profit margins.  

Tips to Use a Wood Cutting Saw Safely
Tue, 23 Aug 2016

Whether you run woodworks business or you are a DIY enthusiast looking forward to create masterpieces, you need to have the right wood cutting tools and equipment. The right wood cutting equipment will slice up anything from wet lumber to dense hardwood and you will need to put in less effort to get the jobs done.

Choosing the right equipment is important not only for a precision cut, but also to ensure safety. Poor quality or poorly maintained saws lead to severe accidents that can even claim lives. So whether you are buying saws or looking for wood cutting saw rental, you need to:

Wood saws are available in a wide range of categories – battery operated, electric or petrol/ diesel operated saws. So you need to choose the best suited wood cutting saw, depending upon your working conditions. 

Safety Tips for Using Wood Cutting Saws

In order to accomplish your project successfully and use the saw safely, here are some tips that you must remember:

Inspect the Saw

Check the saw properly before use; make sure it works properly to minimise the risks. If you are renting a saw, ask for a demonstration before you sign the contract. Check the blade for damages and replace instantly if you find any. Inspect the cord for cracks or make sure the battery is fully charged. Make sure all the parts are working properly and well in place.

Proper Blade Placement

Avoid placing the blade too deep since it can give rise to a number of problems. A deep setting exposes too much blade, which can cause injuries and there is a probability of binding and kicking back. Moreover, for precision cutting, the blades need to be set in the proper position.

Wear Protective Gear

Splintering often occurs when you use a wood cutting saw; so it is necessary that you cover your face and eyes to avoid injuries. You should also wear protective gloves to save your hands from cuts and wounds. Read the safety instructions on the manual carefully before using the saw.


If you are a DIY enthusiast and have taken up a wood cutting project for the first time, it is necessary that you get proper training to avoid mishaps. Get professional help and read the user manual thoroughly. If you have any problem operating the saw, get back to the manufacturer or the rental company immediately.

Safety should be your first concern; when using wood cutting equipment. You must follow the guidelines on the user manual and make sure you know how the saw works. In case you have any problem, get professional help immediately.

The right wood cutting equipment can help you create masterpieces, whereas the wrong equipment can end up creating a lot of problems. So know your requirements and get the right cutting tools and equipment.

Quick Tips for Proper Use of Rental Equipment
Fri, 19 Aug 2016

Now once in a while who doesn’t like to feel self-sufficient? The odd jobs that you never really do in your day-to-day routine! If you’re in for a Do It Yourself (D. I. Y.) project for your garden space or making something for the living room, you might be needing machines that you don’t own and frankly, unnecessary expenditures if you’re not in that line of work.

So, what to do? Hire some workers to get it done? But then, why call it a D. I. Y. project if someone will do it and you’ll simply pay for their handiwork? Again, you may not be looking for mechanical machines for your little project but for a large scale project. 

You’ll need bigger machines, smaller machines for each of your hired construction workers. You might be looking for air tools, compressors, nailers, backhoes, generator, concrete, tiles, manlifts, forklifts, airlifts, painting equipment, trench rollers, skid steers, bobcat loaders, etc.  Now, it will be heights of illogical if you buy equipment that are used in a large scale construction just for one single project. During those times, we use the other option: RENTAL EQUIPMENT. 

There are several companies who buy equipment and put it up for rent. However, you wouldn’t get to just stroll in and hire tools and equipment which are for rent. You would need credit/debit cards for billing your rent and an identification proof, i.e., driver’s license, etc. Following are a few tips which would help you guide through proper and safe usage of rental equipment.

Why bother with machines which won’t exactly be using? Ask the people who are working at the rentals to know what tool and equipment should be hired. You might just end up taking the last one and the next man who comes in is the one who really needs it. Also, unnecessary hiring of tool and equipment will make you lose more money than required.

Read the user manual by heart. Tools can be extremely dangerous if one is unaware of how to use them correctly. Ask an employee from the equipment rental company of how to operate the machines if you are having problem decoding the user manual.

Be alert for any sort of damage on the equipment, warning sounds or lights. 

Look out for any sort of unguarded equipment which has a moving part/s. Unguarded tools often end up causing accidents to the one who is operating them.

Check the maintenance log of the hired tools and equipment. Unless they have properly been kept with good oiling, they will cause hindrance to your work.

It is prudent to check if the loading capacity of your lifts. The lift will end up causing casualties if the load is more than their capacity.

Make sure that emergency exits are there if working in a large construction site. First aid box should be kept close for any sort of injuries and protective gears must be worn, like helmets and gloves, to ensure safety.

Lastly, make sure that the equipment you just hired isn’t the wrong equipment for the job.

Happy construction!

Should You Own or Rent Drilling Machine
Fri, 22 Jul 2016

A large variety of drilling machines are available with varying capabilities to help professionals accomplish various tasks. But no matter what kind of drilling machine you are looking for, you will have to choose between owning and hiring drilling equipment.

When it comes to owning or hiring, there are number of factors to consider since one solution does not fit all requirements. To make a smart choice, here are some factors that you need to consider:

How long do you need the drilling equipment?

First and foremost, you need to determine the time period and frequency for which you need drilling equipment. If you are a specialised drilling contractor, then buying a drilling machine is more feasible than renting one. But if you are a professional who needs a drilling machine once in a while, renting can be a better option. Renting a drilling machine is a cost effective solution and helps you avoid the hassles of storage and maintenance.

Inspection and Maintenance

In order to ensure maximum efficiency and highest performance of drilling machines, you need to hire skilled engineers who are able to inspect and maintain the drilling machines thoroughly. This means, you will have to hire specialised people; so you must determine it would be possible for you to bear the additional hiring extra people.
Equipment rental providers have in-house teams who look after the machines to ensure they are in good working condition, so if you consider hiring drilling equipment you can just use the machine and leave the rest on the rental company.

Response Time

If you are a professional looking for drilling equipment, it is necessary that you consider the response time to your clients. If you own the drilling equipment, you can get started immediately; however if you consider renting equipment then you must make sure that you have access to the machines quickly. To ensure this, you need to work with a reliable and reputed tools and equipment hire company that can ensure a fast turn-around time.

Whether you are an individual or a professional looking for drilling equipment, you must evaluate all the options well before deciding whether to rent or buy equipment. If you choose to hire equipment, then you must choose a tool and equipment hire company that offers top quality drilling machines. This will ensure safety and quick accomplishment of tasks.

When choosing a tools and equipment rental company, you must look for the below things:

No doubt there are a number of tools and equipment companies, but choosing the right one is the key to success. Do your homework well and work with the right company to get the best value of your money. Get rid of all your stress and make the most of your drilling machine rental.

Safety Tips for Working at Height
Mon, 18 Jul 2016

Working at a height involves more risk than working at ground level. In order to ensure the safety of the employees and workers, businesses must ensure that they adhere strictly to the safety guidelines and use proper equipment for accomplishing the task. Falling from a small height can also lead to fatal injuries, so it is necessary to be very careful when working at a height.

Whether you are fixing windows on a high commercial building or repairing the roof of a residential apartment, here are some safety tips which will ensure you accomplish the task safety:

1. Proper Planning

In order to ensure safety, proper planning is crucial. It is necessary that the job co-ordinators analyse the site to determine the kind of equipment that will be required and what level of safety would be necessary. It is also necessary to train the workers before embarking on the project or hire workers who are already experienced in working under such challenging conditions. Make sure the workers are well accustomed to work with the equipment they will be using to minimise risks.

2. Use Proper Equipment

Depending upon the type of project undertaken, it is necessary to hire or buy the right kind of access equipment. A large variety of equipment are available with varying capabilities, so you need to choose the one that is appropriate for the nature of work. Engage highly qualified engineers to evaluate what kind of equipment would be best for the job – cherry pickers, ladders, or other kinds of access equipment. 

If you are hiring equipment, make sure you hire them from a reliable tool and equipment hire company to ensure you get safe and well maintained equipment. 

3. Use proper Safety Equipment    

No matter how well trained or experienced the workers are it is always best to use proper safety equipment when working at a height. If you need to work at a height temporarily, you can consider hiring the safety equipment. A large variety of safety equipment such as full body harnesses, etc. are available so that you can choose the best suited one. You can take help from the professionals at the equipment hire company as to what kind of safety equipment you should hire depending upon the nature of work.

4. Have a Rescue Plan

Accidents can happen any time, no matter how well prepared you are. So it is necessary that you have a rescue plan in place before you start the work. Familiarise the workers with the rescue plan, so that they can act instantly in case of an emergency. Have a rescue and medical team ready who can act quickly in case something wrong happens. Erecting safety nets is crucial if the workers have to work at a considerable height.

Ensuring a certain level of safety is important to ensure safety of the workers who risk their lives to get the projects accomplished. So use the right equipment and make sure you have taken enough safety measures to keep your workers safe from mishaps. 

Checklist before Hiring Equipment
Wed, 15 Jun 2016

Tools and equipment hire has made lives easier. Whether you are an individual or a professional, tools and equipment hire offer a number of benefits. You can make use of the tools and equipment without making hefty investments and you also need not worry about maintenance and repair. In case of heavy equipment, you need not worry about storing them or transporting the equipment from one place to the other.

However, before hiring tools and equipment, you must check them thoroughly to ensure you get the best tools and equipment for the money you spend. Oftentimes people make decision based on the description provided by the tools hire companies, but it is always best to inspect the tools and equipment personally to make sure there are no discrepancies. Mostly the tools hire companies provide photos, detailed descriptions and even customer testimonials, but these can be misleading at times. So it is best to try the required tools and equipment, before hiring them. 

Here is a quick checklist for inspecting tools and equipment before hiring:

Manufacturing Date

Before hiring tools and equipment, check the manufacturing dates. You should try to hire the latest tools and equipment, since modern versions are more efficient and are energy efficient as well. So compare tools and equipment from a number of companies and see who offers the latest versions.


Since the rental tools and equipment are used by a number of people, they need to undergo extensive maintenance to upkeep the condition. Not everyone handles the tools and equipment with care, so the chances of wear and tear are high. If you hire tools that are not maintained or repaired in time, you might be taking a lot of risk.  Ask the tools rental company, how frequently they check the tools and equipment and get them repaired. 

Test Drive

Just in the manner you would test drive a car before buying it, it is necessary that you test the tools and equipment before you hire them. Ask the company staff to operate the tools and/or equipment in front of you, so that you know they are working properly. In case you are hiring mechanical equipment, check the levers, joints, etc. and if you are hiring electrical equipment check the wiring, circuits, etc. in case of heavy equipment, you might need some professional help to make sure you hire the right equipment. 

Read the Safety Guide

All the tools and equipment come with instruction manual and safety guides, so read them carefully before using. Reputed tools rental companies make sure they provide the safety and instruction manuals along with the tools and equipment to ensure safety of the users. 

By following the above checklist you can make sure you hire the best tools and equipment and get the best value for your money. In case you find something wrong, you must get in touch with the rental company immediately. Get the tools and/or equipment replaced or repaired by the rental company immediately, to ensure safety.

Heavy Equipment Rental Tips to Avoid the Scams
Mon, 06 Jun 2016

Tools and equipment rental has made life easier for many people. Whether it is about DIY projects or professional assignments, equipment rental can considerably lower the overhead costs and help people to accomplish their jobs quickly and efficiently.

However, just as in case of any other rental like apartment rental or car rental, a number of people are out there to con the potential customers. So you must be very careful when hiring tools and equipment, especially when hiring heavy equipment for construction work or other projects. to help you stay away from equipment rental scams and rip-offs, here are some things that you need to consider before signing the contract:

Rent in Person

There is no doubt that the World Wide Web has made our lives easier, but oftentimes it can lead to troubles. This is especially true when you are hiring or purchasing things. So it is always good to rent heavy equipment in person. It can be tempting to rent online, since it is much easier and the rates are cheaper as well. But in many cases, you may not be allowed to see the actual equipment and its condition. Oftentimes unscrupulous people will also communicate with you through third parties, so that you can’t reach them directly.

These are signs of potential scams, so work with tools and equipment rental companies who have physical existence and allow people to walk into their office to check the tools and equipment they are considering to hire.

Advanced Payments

Many equipment rental companies will ask you for huge deposits even before you decide which tool or equipment to hire. Be aware of such companies, since in case you decide not to hire from them or you don’t get approved, the money will get forfeited. Moreover, it is best to work with companies who allow you to pay using credit cards, since you can take necessary actions whenever needed. Also, avoid paying any upfront money. 

Check Agreement Thoroughly

It is also necessary that you read the agreement thoroughly before signing it, especially the fine prints since these are places which hide the extra costs. Often tools and equipment companies provide rock bottom rental rates to attract customers and them design the contract/ agreement in such a manner that it adds hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra to your rental bill. So take time to read the agreement carefully.

Find Reputable Dealers

It is always best to work with licensed and certified dealers, since you can track them in case anything goes wrong and take necessary actions against them. Most licensed and certified dealers work according to a code of conduct and adhere to strict rules, so chances are you won’t face bad situations.

While tools and equipment hire can make life easier, it can also bring in several complications. So it is necessary that you choose the right dealer and make an informed decision. By preparing well, you can accomplish your projects efficiently and make the most of the money you spend.

Rent Pressure Washers from Cheap Tool Hire Companies to Clean Home Exteriors
Mon, 06 Jun 2016

Keeping the exteriors of your home clean is necessary to upkeep the aesthetics of your home. You can hire professional cleaners but that can cost you a lot of money. Regular cleaning of the exterior might not be possible, but it is recommended to get the exteriors cleaned every two years to maintain home in pristine condition.

If you are willing to take up a DIY house cleaning project, the first thing that you will need is a pressure washer. A wide variety of pressure washers are available and their capabilities differ to a great extent. So before starting the cleaning project, read the documentation provided with washer to confirm it is appropriate for the job. Hiring a pressure washer is the best option since you will need it only once in a year or two. There are a number of cheap tool hire companies that offer variety of cleaning equipment at affordable rates, so you can easily get a pressure cleaner on rent.

Tips to Clean the Exterior with Pressure Washer

In order to make sure the exterior is dirt free, there are a few things you need to consider; they are:

• Choosing the Right Tool: You need to make sure that the cleaning equipment you choose is capable enough to clean the exteriors. Choose the capacity carefully depending upon the area that needs to be cleaned and it must also be able to dispense cleaning agents to ensure better cleaning.

• Preventive Measures: When hiring a pressure washer, you must enquire about the safety guidelines and ask for a demo to make sure it is in good working condition. Before starting the cleaning project, you must take certain preventive measures such as wearing protective gear, keeping children and pets at bay, emptying the area to be cleaned, etc. One more thing that you need to take care of is choosing the right pressure setting. A low pressure setting would be good enough to clean the home exterior. Choose the cleaning agent carefully. 

• Know How to Handle Pressure Washers: You must be confident enough to use pressure washer, since mishandling can result in accidents and severe injuries. If you are uncertain about handling pressure washer ask a professional to teach you or hire a professional to get the home exterior cleaned. Safety comes first, so you need to be very careful when using pressure washers. Read the instructions written on the documentation thoroughly to understand the working principle before using.

DIY projects can be very exciting but you need to prepare yourself well to avoid accidents and mishaps. Check the nozzles, screws and other parts thoroughly before using the pressure washer. Improper usage can lead to high pressure water blast that can damage your property considerably and harm you as well.

With a plethora of pressure-washing equipment available in the market, cleaning your home has become easier than ever. With the right knowledge and preparation you can accomplish the home exterior cleaning project successfully!

Most Commonly Hired Tools and Equipment
Mon, 23 May 2016

Taking up a DIY project has become easier than ever. Now you don’t have to worry about buying expensive tools and equipment to accomplish a DIY project. Whether you are spring cleaning your garden, painting your home or doing some maintenance work, you can easily find a tool hire company and hire all the required tools and equipment. Most tool hire companies offer well maintained tools for hire at the most affordable rates. So you can hire tools whenever required without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.  

Some of the most common types of tools and equipment hired are:

1. Cleaning Equipment: Keeping your home and office clean is very important. So cleaning equipment are one of the most popular equipment to be hired. Pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners are some cleaning tools that are hired by both domestic and commercial clients.

By hiring cleaning equipment from a good tools hire company, you can save a lot of time and money and ensure that your job gets done without hassles.

2. Chain Saw: Chain saws are very important tools, especially during the winter and fall season. Chain saws help you trim trees, cut fire woods and trim hedges. Chain saws can be very expensive, so it might not be possible for you to buy one; especially when you don’t need it all round the year. 

The good news is that a variety of chain saws are available at all tool hire companies, so you can hire one that best suits your needs.

3. Cooling and Heating Equipment: Cooling and heating equipment are necessary for your home as well as office. In order to make sure you stay comfortable during summer and winter, it is necessary that you have efficient heating and cooling equipment. Being able to hire heating and cooling equipment is specifically beneficial for commercial clients, since they need high power heating and cooling equipment which are both expensive and tough to maintain. Check out the various tool hire companies to find the best suited heating and cooling equipment.

4. Cordless Drill: This is one tool that you will require all round the year. Whether it is about tightening brackets, fitting new lights or hanging a new wall painting, you will need a drill every time. By hiring this useful tool, you can ensure you get all the things done in no time. Since these tools are powerful tools, you need to make sure they are maintained well. By hiring the cordless drill, you can make sure that all the repairing and maintenance is done by the tools hire company and you make use of it whenever required.

There are many other types of tools and equipment hired by companies and individuals, but the ones mentioned above are the most popular tools hired from the tools and equipment hire companies. Tools hire companies have become very popular, since you can hire all kinds of tools and equipment whenever required. So think no more! Take up DIY projects and get things done yourself! 

Features of a Good HoleBorer Tool
Tue, 17 May 2016

If you`re planning a project that requires lots of postholes, a good hole borer is essential.A post hole borer is an equipment popularly used for fencing, along with a tele handler or a skid steer to drill post holes into rock or earth. This equipment can be a big asset for you for a lot of home improvement projects.

However it is very important for you to understand the safety measures of a hole borer well in advance before you start using it.A post hole borer usually has rubber tyres that are extremely durable, hence it’s easy to move around the device and dig holes where you need. 

No matter how convenient it is for using while investing in a post hole borer, there are few features to keep in mind. The below mentioned tips may help you with the process of choosing a good hole borer along with making the hole-

1. The design of the machine should have an ease of operation. Any machinery should at first be convenient to use else it may just lie in your basement useless.

2. A good hole borer generally is combined with hydraulic power along with a reverse action.

3. It should be extremely safe to use and should always be clubbed with an anti kick back.

4. The cutting tips should be of extremely good quality to tackle heavy duty digging.

5. Pay close attention to locations and mark the exact centers of the holes with stakes. It’s nearly impossible to move or reposition a hole once you’ve started boring, so it’s important to begin in the right spot.

6. Operating a power auger calls for eye and hearing protection, as well as gloves and sturdy boots. But the biggest hazard by far is posed by underground power and gas lines. To prevent that danger as well as the nuisance of severed television cable and telephone lines, simply call the utility companies of borer tool hire to have underground lines marked before you dig.

7. Before you begin, also call a building inspector to determine necessary posthole depths for your project and to find out if you need a building permit. They’re generally required for fences and decks.

8. You may not have many auger choices at smaller rental stores, but if you go to a larger outlet or a home center that lets borer tool hire, you’ll have to choose between a two- or one-person power auger head, as well as select the correctly sized auger itself.Remember, the larger the diameter, the tougher it is to handle the machine.

Always make sure that you do your research properly before investing in order to ensure a value for money product. Also ensure that you do a proper background research from the company you have chosen to buy the hole borer and check with their after sales service. All these measure undertaken by you shall ensure a hassle free experience in digging holes.

Tool and Equipment Hire Safety Tips
Mon, 09 May 2016

Are you a DIY pro? Do you enjoying doing things yourself? Then tools and equipment rentals is the perfect solution for you. Equipment rental have a lot of benefits over owning, but to make sure you make the most of the rented you need to work with the best tools and equipment rental company.

Not only individuals, even companies renting tools and equipment must work with companies that maintain a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure the safety of the renters. But even though the rental companies take all kinds of measures to make the equipment safe, you must also follow necessary safety measures to make sure there are no accidents or injuries. Here are a few equipment safety rules that you must follow:

Choose the Correct Tool

It is very important that you hire the right tools and equipment. Hiring a tool/ equipment with higher or lower power than required can both be a mistake. Oftentimes, a higher power tool/ equipment is tough to handle and results in accidents or injuries. A low power tools can be insufficient for the job and you have to put in a lot of effort to get the job done.

Have Enough Training

Before hiring tools and equipment, you must ensure that you have enough training to use the tools. This is especially important if you are hiring heavy duty tools and equipment. If you feel you don`t have enough experience, you can ask the rental company staffs to provide the necessary training and guidance.

Use Equipment Properly

Selecting the right tools and equipment is important, but using them according to the manufacturer`s instructions is also important. By following the user manual, you can make sure the job gets done smoothly without causing any trouble. If you don`t have enough knowledge about using a specific tool or equipment, ask for the necessary guidance. You can also refer to the online videos. 

Choose the Right Company

There are many equipment hiring companies but not all are the same. So you must perform a thorough background check to ensure they follow a strict maintenance routine and keep their tools in good repair so that they don`t pose any risk to the renters. The equipment rental company should also provide you with adequate information about how to operate the tools safely.

Wear Protective Gear

If you are willing to take up a DIY project, you must act like the professionals. Wear necessary protective gears like gloves, protective hat, shoes, glasses and all that is necessary to make sure you don`t get hurt anyway.

If you find that some equipment not working properly, report it immediately to the equipment hire company and get it replaced. In case of any injuries get immediate first aid and get medical help when necessary. Any individual or company considering hiring tools and equipment must make sure they adhere to the safety rules. So, getting your job done becomes even easier with tools and equipment hire.

Rental Equipment Mistakes to Avoid
Mon, 02 May 2016

Whether you are a construction company or an individual looking for carpet cleaning equipment, renting the necessary tool and equipment is often the best way and the most cost-effective way to make sure you get your job done. Even if you are in need of specialised tools, you can get them from a tool and equipment hiring company. There are many benefits of rental equipment such as you don`t have to buy the expensive tools and equipment, you don`t have to worry about storing them, neither do you have to worry about maintenance or repair.

It is due to these reasons; equipment rental has become very popular among individuals as well as professionals organisations. Even though renting equipment and tools is very hassle free and convenient, many people make mistakes, which means they pay a lot more than what they should and they don`t get the right equipment.

To make sure you get the right tools and the best value for your money, here are some common tool hire mistakes that you should avoid:

Not Knowing What to Rent

Not many people invest time in researching the type of tools and equipment required for a specific job. Since the options are never-ending they get confused and end up hiring tools that are unsuitable for getting the job done. In order to make sure, you get the right tools you must research about the available options and the tools that you will require to complete the job.

If you don`t have enough knowledge about tools and equipment, you can take help from the professionals. If you have already placed the order, you can double check it with the tool hire professionals before confirming it. If you find that you have placed the wrong order, get it cancelled right away and place a new order with the most appropriate tools.

Looking for the Cheapest Tools

Everyone wants to save money and get more out of less. But that does not mean, you should be looking at the cheapest tools. If you choose tools based primarily on their price, you might get inefficient and below maintained tools. Companies offering tools at rock bottom prices, offer shadier tools most of the times, so you must avoid renting from such companies. You must always focus on hiring quality tools at affordable rates. So check the condition of the tools before hiring and compare rates to get the best rates.

Not Reading the Hiring Contract

Even though there is not much that can go wrong with tool hiring, you must be careful when making a deal. There are a number of unscrupulous tools hiring companies that are always ready to con their clients to make more money. So always make sure you read the hiring contract thoroughly to check if any hidden costs are added. Read the return policies, late return policies, etc. carefully.

You need to plan everything in advance, so that you know what exactly you need and can hire the best tools. Look for the best tool and equipment hire company and get your job done without hassles.

Setting Up Your Own Woodworking Business Things to Consider
Tue, 26 Apr 2016

Setting up a woodworking business can be very profitable since wooden items, whether furniture or decorative pieces are widely popular and have a huge among the consumers. So starting a woodworking business can be a great way of making money and enjoying your hobby. 

However, just like starting any other business, there are many things to be considered to ensure smooth processing. It involves much more than creating beautiful wooden objects; it requires thorough planning and a considerable amount of investment. So if you want to try your luck by setting up a woodworking business here are some important things to be considered:

Hire Experienced Artisans

Even before you hire a retail space, you must focus on employing experienced artisans who are expertise enough to creative innovative and creative wooden objects. Based on the type of products you are willing to manufacture, you need to hire artisans with specific skill sets.

Get Permissions and Set up Your Shop

Every state requires people to get licenses and permits, based on the type of business. Know what kind of permits you are required to have to set up a woodworks business in your city or county and make sure you have all of them. 

Once you are all ready, start looking for a space to set up your shop. You can consider opening a home shop or you can also hire a retail space. Set up your shop in a location where there is enough demand for wooden objects and there is no (or very less) competition. 

Get the Right Kind of Woodworking Tools

If you are setting up a shop, you will require professional quality tools to ensure the products are of high quality and surely these tools will be different from the ones you used at home (to satisfy your hobbies). However, you will have two options – you can either go with woodworking tools hire or purchase the tools. Purchasing tools means you will have to invest a lot of money; so if that is not an option for you can hire the tools and then buy the tools when there is enough capital.

Hiring tools is much less expensive than purchasing tools, since the tool hire companies offer tools of various kinds and types at very affordable rates. So you can check out several tool hire companies and then hire woodworking tools from one that offers the best rates.

Promote Your Business

This is one of the most important steps of setting up a business. Promote your woodworking business through classifieds, newspaper ads, etc. You can also distribute pamphlets to let the local customers know about your business. There is a huge online market, so you must also promote your business online. Build a website and run online ads. The more you promote your business, the more people will get to know about it and the more number of sales you will get.

So think no more! If you enjoy making wooden items, consider setting up your own woodworking business and earn a fortune out of it.

Tips to Plan an Awesome Outdoor Barbecue Party
Tue, 19 Apr 2016

Summertime is the best time of the year and it is time to have some fun with friends and family! So think no more; organise your barbecue party and have a gala time with lots of laugh, music and of course some scrumptious and lip-smacking snacks.

It sounds very exciting, but arranging a barbecue party can be very challenging. You need to have the right setup and the right tools to cook the perfect snacks. However, it is not even as difficult as it sounds. With a little bit of planning and some help from close friends, you can organise the best barbecue party! 

Don`t have the necessary equipment to throw a barbecue party? Call a nearby tools hire agency and you will find all the necessary leisure tools on hire. Right from party chairs, barbecue grill, garden umbrellas, etc. you will get everything you want. So think no more, throw a party for your friends and family this weekend! Here are some quick tips to help you organise an amazing barbecue party:

Make a Guest List and Send Out Invitations

Make a quick list of invitees and send out invitations. You don`t need to be too much formal, if you are only inviting close friends and family. You can either invite them over phone or send them an email. Preparing the guest list is also important to plan the food and drinks, to make sure you don`t run out of supply. 

Pick Simple Yet Delicious Recipes

Being the host, you need to attend your guests as well as prepare the food. So to enjoy your friend`s company and to treat them with lip smacking food, choose some easy recipes like grilled cheesy corns, some steaks, sausages, and meatballs, etc. Also include some fresh green salads and coleslaw along with drinks. You can take help of a few friends to help you cook and serve the food to the rest of the guests. 

Check out a few tool hire agencies to see where you find the best barbecue equipment. If you have invited too many guests, you will need a large barbecue grill, whereas if you have a handful guests, a small grill will be sufficient. So check which tool hire company has the best barbecue grill for hire. Don`t forget to include some delicious desserts in your menu.  

Keep the Setup Simple

You can choose a specific theme for your party and make arrangements accordingly. But if you want to keep things on a low profile, you can keep things simple. Put some Christmas lights on the trees and plants and make good seating arrangements. To set the mood, you can arrange for some music that everyone would love.

Organising a barbecue will no more seem difficult. With the right equipment and the right setup, you can throw the best barbecue party ever! To make things more interesting you can plan some activities and pick a unique theme. So, think no more, call your friends, cook some awesome food and have the best time of your life!

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Dehumidifier Tool
Mon, 11 Apr 2016

Dehumidifiers are appliances that are used to reduce the level of humidity in the air, inside residential properties or inside commercial premises. Dehumidifiers also eliminate musty odours making the interiors comfortable and make the air healthy and safe.

Whether your house has suffered from water damage due to flood or you want to keep the products free from musty odours and moisture damage, a dehumidifier is the best option available. But what if you don`t have enough budgets to buy a new dehumidifier immediately? The good news is that you don`t necessarily have to purchase a dehumidifier, you can safely hire a dehumidifier and keep your home and products safe from the ill effects of moisture. 

Dehumidifiers are suitable for many applications like:

• Dehumidifying nurseries or rooms where elderly live.

• Drying areas that have been flooded.

• Protection of expensive equipment, inventory or products from moisture

• Ideal for home-office that are situated in the basement or loft areas, since they tend to be more damper than other areas of the home

Why Hire a Dehumidifier?

There are many reasons why you should consider renting a dehumidifier rather than buying one. The main reasons are as follows:

Take advantage of the experience of the tool hire professionals

Before you decide whether to buy or rent a dehumidifier, you need to understand what kind of equipment is best suited for your needs. It might be difficult for you to identify; so by choosing to hire a dehumidifier, you can ask the tool and equipment hire professionals to assess the situation and advice about the type of equipment that is best suited for you. 

There are two types of dehumidifiers, namely:

• Refrigerant Dehumidifier: these condense the moisture in the air and are less expensive.

• Desiccant Dehumidifier: these pass the moisture-laden air through a rotor that has adsorbent desiccant material. These dehumidifiers are much expensive but work quickly and very efficiently.

So you need to decide which one to hire.

Type of Use

The type of dehumidifier required to keep the nursery dry would be much different from the one required to dry up a flood site. You will require an industrial unit to dry up flooded areas, whereas a small domestic unit will be enough for residential use. You should hire the right kind of equipment to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness. The tool hire professionals will be able to help you hire a dehumidifier that is apt for your situation and keep your electric bills manageable.

Maintenance Costs

If you buy a dehumidifier, you will have to bear all the maintenance and repair costs. Whereas, if you hire the same equipment, the tool hire company would be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the dehumidifier. 

So no matter what the reason for hiring a dehumidifier is, you must make the right choice to keep the costs manageable. By hiring an equipment, you can ensure you get the best and most effective equipment at the best price.  

Hire the Tools You would Need to Maintain Your Garden
Fri, 01 Apr 2016

Whether you have a flowering garden in front of your home or a small kitchen garden in the backyard, it is necessary that you take good care of your garden. A well maintained garden improves the aesthetics of your home and increases the value of your home as well. So you must invest on the required tools that are necessary to maintain your garden. 

Many people think, it is enough to water the plants, but in reality it takes a lot more maintain a healthy garden. You need to trim the hedges, prune the plants and fertilise the soil along with watering the plants. Hiring professional landscapers is an option, but for that you will have to spend a lot of money. So, if you want to maintain the garden yourself, you can consider hiring the necessary gardening tools.Maintaining your own garden will not only offer immense satisfaction, you can also save a lot of money. 

A wide range of gardening tools are available for hire, so you can choose the ones that you would need to maintain your garden.Here are some necessary tools that you might require to upkeep the garden:


A rake is an essential tool required to maintain the garden and it resembles a broom. The main task of a rake is to gather all the dry leaves scattered throughout your garden. By using a rake you can easily keep your garden clean and tidy. A rake also helps to level the soil and prepare the ground for planting new crops and plants.


This is another essential tool required to maintain your garden. This tool uses high speed blades to trim and cut overgrown grasses. A lawnmower can be used for any type of area that is covered with thick grass. These are available in various power ranges and are very easy to use. An individual can easily operate a lawnmower if the knows the functionalities. By using a lawnmower to can keep your garden in shape and make it look sophisticated.

Petrol Trimmer Tools

Trimmers are required to maintain the hedges and trim the bigger trees. Petrol trimmer tools are the most efficient and are available in a wide range of lengths and sizes. Not only for domestic gardening, petrol trimmer are quite effective for professional gardening like maintaining parks, landscapes, etc. Petrol trimmer tool rental are available at a number of tool hire companies at affordable rates. The latest and most advanced trimmers are low weight and offer least vibration, so anyone can use it efficiently. Not only home owners, even professional landscapers can hire petrol trimmer tools for their professional garden maintenance projects.

So you no need to depend on professionals anymore to make your garden look fresh and well-maintained. By hiring the few essential tools, you can maintain the garden yourself and. The advanced gardening tools like petrol trimmer tools for hire offer maximum efficiency to minimise physical effort. So make your garden look like professionally maintained with the least effort from your end.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet and How
Mon, 28 Mar 2016

It is important to keep every corner of your home clean and tidy to keep the interiors healthy and safe. Among all home furnishings, carpets accumulate the maximum amount of dust, grime and pollutants. Dirty carpets not only look bad but they are also bad for your health. Apart from affecting your heath, the accumulated dust and grime wear off the carpet fibres and make it look old. So it is necessary that you clean the carpets on a regular basis.

How Often Should You Clean the Carpet?

The next question that arises is – how often should you get your carpets cleaned and how? As a general thumb rule, you should clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months either by hiring carpet cleaning professional or renting carpet cleaning tools. However, if the foot traffic is very high or there are children or pets in your home, you might need cleaning more frequently. 

Regular carpet cleaning not only retains the original lustre but also keeps the carpet free from germs, mites and dust. 

Methods of Carpet Cleaning

There are many methods of cleaning the carpets and these include:

Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

This is believed to be the best method of cleaning method and often recommended by many manufacturers. HWE extracts all dust, dirt, germs and allergens from the carpet and offer better visual results. However, if you choose HWE, you must hire professionals to avoid all kinds of risks.

Vacuum Cleaning

If the amount of accumulated dust and dirt is not too much, vacuum cleaning can be effective. Slowly clean the carpet in a back and forth motion using a vacuum cleaner. A 300 square foot carpet should take about 15 to 20 minutes to clean properly. Properly vacuuming can help you remove about 83 percent of dirt from the carpet.

Steam Cleaners

If you don`t have enough budgets to hire professional carpet cleaners, you can take up a DIY carpet cleaning project. Carpet cleaner rentals are available at affordable prices which allow you to do an emergency cleaning of your carpets. However, make sure you hire the carpet cleaning tools from a reputed tools hire company to ensure you get the latest and most advanced tools that provide the best results.

If you are not sure about the mechanisms of a steam cleaner, you can ask the tools hire company for a demonstration. The professionals will provide necessary information and training so that you can do the cleaning efficiently. A number of manufacturers recommend steam cleaning for the carpets since it penetrates deep into the fibres and brings out all the dirt and pollutants that get embedded inside due to regular walking. Since too much water is not used during steam cleaning, the carpets dry quickly.

Depending on the amount of foot traffic, you need to decide how often you should get the carpets cleaned. To ensure the best results, you must check the manufacturer`s recommendations and then choose the carpet cleaning methods.

Advantages of Equipment Hire
Sat, 06 Feb 2016

To accomplish an industrial or construction project successfully, you need to the right kind of equipment. When it comes to the right kind of equipment, you have two options – either buy the necessary tools or hire them. A number of large and small enterprises have chosen to hire their equipment from equipment hire companies since they can reap the many advantages of hiring equipment than buying them. 

The industrial and construction sector is booming and there is a huge demand for tools and equipment that are in good conditions. So why do companies prefer hiring equipment? Here are the major reasons:

Cost-Effective Option

All kinds of heavy tools and equipment are very expensive and a number of additional costs are also involved that include maintenance, repairs, etc. If you choose to hire the tools and equipment you can get the best pieces at the most affordable rates, which means you don’t have to put a large portion of your budget at stake. You can decide the time for which you can want to keep the equipment and then return them to the equipment hire company.

Time Effectiveness

Equipment hire is at the times helps you save a lot of time and energy. If you own the equipment, you will have to allot specific time for maintenance and repair, which means the work might have to be stopped for some time. By hiring equipments, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repair, thus there is no need to stop the work. 

No Storage Hassles

One of the major reasons why companies prefer equipment hire over ownership is storage. If you own the tools and equipment, you will have to store them in safe and secured areas, since leaving them outside might lead to considerable damage. You either need to hire a safe and well ventilated space or buy one to store the equipment. By hiring, you don’t need to think about storage. It is up to the rental company to deal with the storage and other hassles.

No Transportation Hassles

It might so happen that the site of construction or the ongoing project is far off from the primary location or the place where you store the equipment (in case of ownership). In such cases, you will have to deal with the transportation of the heavy equipment to and from the storage location every day, which is a burden. Transporting such heavy equipment is both expensive and time consuming. By hiring you can remove this burden; the equipment hire company delivers the equipment on site whenever required. 

No Depreciation Worries

Mechanical equipment are subject to depreciation, which means there would be considerable wear and tear and reduction in the value. By owning the equipment, you will have to worry about the depreciation, but you can get away with this burden if you hire the equipment.

One more advantage of hiring equipment is that you will have expert help at hand always. The customer service teams will provide you with hands on advice and help whenever required. So, equipment hire no doubt has a number of advantages over buying. 

Things to Look for in a Company Offering Crane Hire
Mon, 01 Feb 2016

To accomplish a large project, you need to have high performing and efficient machinery. If you are in need of any type of crane and you don’t have one, it is best to hire one from a tools and equipment hire company. But make sure you hire from a trusted and reputed crane hiring company to avoid any unpleasant circumstances since there a number of risks and dangers associated with such heavy construction machineries. 

Hiring a crane is much different from hiring a car or any other tool. So, there are many things to be considered to ensure you make the right decision. Several types of cranes are available for hire, so make sure you choose the one that is appropriate for your project. To help you make an informed decision, here are the main things to look for in a crane hiring company:

Experience and Expertise

Make sure you hire an experienced crane hire company to make sure they offer services that are appropriate as per your requirements. If you have an experienced team working for you, you can be sure that the end result will be at par with your expectations. Discuss your specific requirements and ask how competent they are to solve issues that may arise at work. Having answers to these questions will make it a lot easier for you to decide.

Safety Concerns

‘Safety’ is an important factor to consider. To accomplish a job successfully, you need to make sure you prioritize safety above everything. Most of the time, the crane hiring company will supply a supervisor who will be responsible for everything associated with the crane hire. Make sure the crane you are hiring has a good maintenance record and the supervisor is has a good past record. Also, check whether the crane owner is insured or not. 

Maintenance Programs Offered

Cranes are designed for heavy duty works which means they have to be kept in good working conditions for maximum efficiency. To ensure this it is necessary to perform inspections at regular intervals. It is also necessary to check whether the condition of the crane is compliant with the industry regulations. So it is recommended to hire from companies that offer regular maintenance programs for the equipment they offer on hire. No matter what kind of crane you are hiring, maintenance is a must for each of them.


Though price should not the deciding factor, when hiring a crane, you should be able to find a company that offer cranes at competitive prices. You must focus on the value for money you are investing. Get quotes from several companies so that you can compare the rates and fix your budget accordingly.

It is always good to do an in-depth research about the company you are considering to hire a crane. Check their past work and see whether they are licensed and insured. Preparing before hiring a crane will save you from all kinds of unpleasant situations. Choose the right crane hire company and get the maximum value for your money.  


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