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Protecting Rental Tools and Equipment from Theft

Theft of tools, equipment and machinery at construction sites continues to rise and has become a major concern among those who rely on rental tools and equipment. Unguarded construction sites are easy targets, since they lack in security. Thieves in such sites have easy access to the tools, equipmentt and machineries and since there is no one to look after the tools and equipment, the thieves can easily take away whatever they want.

The major reasons why rental equipment are at a greater risk of theft include:

  • Companies offering tool hire often do not make efforts to step-up the physical security of the tools and equipment
  • Implementing security features on the rented tools and equipment such as purpose fitted locks on engine covers, etc. often increases the cost for the renters (especially for equipment that are rented for a short period of time), so they do not bother much
  • Rental equipment is often left unattended at the job site making it even moiré vulnerable
  • Thieves often pose as clients and steal the equipment they rent

In order to keep the tools and equipment protected, the tools hire companies and the renter must work together. Even of the tools and equipment are insured, theft might result in increased insurance cost in the future. Therefore, necessary security measures must be taken to prevent theft of the rental tools and equipment.

Here are some ways in which the renters and rental companies may prevent theft:

GP Tracking

By using the GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking technology, the renter and the rental company can keep an eye on where and how the tools and equipment are being used. The technology allows text messages to be sent to the registered parties the moment the equipment is moved from the jobsite or the engine is started out of the working hours. Geo-fencing is another similar technology that allows you to create a virtual perimeter around the construction site, which will notify you about any unauthorised movements after the working hours.

Security Camera

Not all the tools and equipment are hired; the construction company may also own a few tools or equipment. By installing a security camera on the jobsite, the construction company can keep an eye on the tools and equipment and keep thieves away. Security cameras can store videos and can be monitored live on the web.

Employ Security Guards

Employing an experienced and armed security guard during the afterhours may help keeping the thieves away. Remember, thieves mostly target unguarded jobsites. Installing signs such as `You are Under Surveillance` can also keep the thieves away.

When hiring tools and equipment, the renters must ask about the security measures taken to protect the equipment. Make sure you rent from companies that are protective of their equipment, since it will ensure peace of mind for you. Renting from a company that uses advanced security systems will also help you keep the operation costs low. So hire wisely and stay away from the hassles of rental equipment theft.